What Would Google Have to Do to Make You Stop Using Facebook?

"Google Me" Rumor Fuels More Google vs. Facebook Discussion

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Last week, it was talk about how Facebook’s "going to war" with Google. This was based on Facebook using "likes" as relevance indicators in it’s search results. As some pointed out, Facebook has a long way to go when it comes to competing with Google in search. Bing stands to gain more than anyone, as far as Facebook improving its search is concerned.

This week, it’s all about Google "going to war" with Facebook as a social network. Just as there is little evidence to suggest that Facebook poses a serious threat to Google the search engine, there is little to support the notion that Google is a threat to Facebook the social network.

Do you consider Google a threat to Facebook?
 Tell us why or why not.

The discussion rippling throughout the Blogosphere was kicked off when Digg Founder Kevin Rose tweeted (the tweet has now been removed):

Ok, umm, huge rumor: Google to launch facebook competitor very soon "Google Me", very credible sourceSun Jun 27 02:00:29 via Tweetie for Mac

An interesting enough post, sure, but also one that caters to much more speculation than any real facts. A popular version of the speculation is that Google will do more with its profiles. This would make sense, given that this is the central hub for one’s Google account, and could be somewhat thought of as Google’s version of the Facebook Wall.

Obviously Google has other social services like Buzz, Friend Connect, Orkut, Gmail, GTalk, Wave, Reader, Docs, YouTube, SideWiki, etc. As I have said numerous times in the past, Google is essentially already a social network, and these services are connected throughout a Google ID, the one that is tied to your Google Profile. It is really just a matter of how these are connected. Another way to look at it is that Google is the social network, and each product is one of the features.

Is Google going to kill Facebook with a new announcement? Probably not. While it will certainly be interesting to see what is announced (if anything), and it might be a very good product or feature, people are highly unlikely to stop using Facebook because of whatever it is. Chances are, you already use both Google and Facebook, and I seriously doubt that will stop anytime soon (at least for any reason related to this).

Eric Eldon at InsideFacebook points to comments from former Facebook executive Adam D’Angelo, who says Google’s project is "not a rumor" and that there is "a large number of people working on it." Based on his comments, Google is modeling the project off of Facebook.

Even if he says it’s not a rumor, we still have to treat it as such until we hear word from Google, and we all know that Google doesn’t comment on rumors.

In another interesting sidestory, Matthew Papakipos, an engineer who "started and managed the Chrome OS project" is now with Facebook. One can only imagine what this means.

What would Google have to do to make you stop using Facebook? Share your thoughts here.

What Would Google Have to Do to Make You Stop Using Facebook?
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  • Ben

    What’s with Google trying to get into everyones business. I think Facebook does a great job and their trying to invade Facebook isn’t going to work. Hey where’s Google Buzz…Sorta neat at first but flat as a pancake now.

    Google can’t seem to create anything new since they created search, all they do is just rip off everything anyone else did.

    I used to worship the ground they walked on. Now, I’m thinking on switching to bing!

    OH AND BTW – Good luck, because do you really think after investing the last couple of years to build up connections with everyone I ever knew on the planet that I’m going to jump ship to google, besides my mom would kill me because she just now has Facebook figured out.

    • Chris Crum

      Not saying Google is going to kill Facebook, but I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Buzz.

      • Miley B

        Buzz will be the new AT&T social network. Unsure if they are in partners with Google, bought it from them or what, but I just left AT&T and that was the big news.
        It may be on attinteractive.com.

  • Guest

    Here should have a “like” for Ben’s comment lol

  • Shin

    Big G just have to keep Caffeine alive so I can keep using Facebook and praying they start their own search engine. Big G is a thing of the past. They are fading. Nothing original, copycat, Jack of all trades master of none, a coming failure on its own if the government doesn’t split it first. They are really abusing their power, destroying thousands of businesses with their unfair practices.

    Bing and Yahoo are the talk of the town now and what most webmasters are targeting now. So long big G. You can shove your irrelevant search results where the sun doesn’t shine!

  • http://www.clicksweeperblog.com Jennifer

    Well, for one, Google would have to have a better record than Facebook of protecting its users’ privacy. Facebook’s privacy issues are probably the one thing that would make people want to switch to a social network with better privacy options and safeguards. Given Google’s recent privacy issues, however, Facebook users might be a little skeptical that their private info is safer with Google.

    • Chris Crum

      I think Google’s adoption of open protocols would be more enticing than their privacy track record.

  • Guest

    Because google is our overlords. an i shall follow them till the DEATH! ALL HAIL OUR GOOGLE OVERLORDS!

  • http://www.zoombits.co.uk/ 16gb micro sd card

    It’s really an interesting, I had read this article. And very nice ideas given here. t has been very nice to know about this. I suspect all these Facebook users selling their accounts to Unsocial are normal well adjusted Internet users looking to form a meaningful relationship with a couple hundred marketers.

  • Guest

    Google should consider PARTNERING with Facebook instead of trying to outdo them.

  • Roger Underhill

    Google inclusion of their voice product could eventually be the key, in that I no longer need my cell phone at work and to have multiple touch points and not just one web portal may be the future of communication. Google partner with Facebook? How about Facebook asking Google for help in the the areas of multiple lines of communication that are fast coming to the forefront of all of our lives, they may need it!

  • http://ronaldredito.org/blog Ronald Redito

    Primarily because they cater to a different market, Google cannot harm Facebook’s lead in social networking. It would be another case of Google Buzz were the buzz or hype suddenly died down.

  • Guest

    No because I use Google to search for whatever I want vs using Facebook to play games and interact with family & friends. Unless Google intends to turn itself into a gaming site there is no competition as far as I am concerned. I’m sure there are other gamers who feel the same way.

  • Guest

    The first thing google needs to do is fire Stephanie Tilenius, formerly of ebay. She is following a FAILING business model and bringing that trash to google.

    Google already has enough existing problems without starting to clone ebay’s too.

    Seriously, the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard a company do… follow a company that is more than half-dead and buried.

    Google is complete crap when it comes to fraud prevention via “customer service” and this was the first step in the beginning of ebay’s demise back in the shameful Meg Whitman days.

    Google can’t even handle google anymore, why do they think they can handle anything else?

    I’m beginning to hate google, especially over the last several months, but already have no use for facebook. They can both go away for all I care.

    Bing is starting to look better and better everyday, as they tweak and tune, slowly cleaning up old content and replacing it with the fresh and new… I can hardly wait till Bing is King! :)

  • http://toolsorter.com John W. Abert

    Considering that Google refused to reinstate our Adsense account because one of many of our sites was shut down (by us) and we forgot to remove it from their list, and then they refused to accept one of their own platform’s blogs into another new account without even bothiering to say why or what would need to be done to comply, their arrogance and uncaring attitude will NEVER win all the friends that they hope for! We have had to resort to using some of the other 120+ vendors that offer Adsense alternatives, which is fine by me!
    If they would lighten up on their Adsense rules, and start letting people know what they need to do to comply, they would have a lot more following! It’s simple customer service, which so many companies are lacking in these days!
    Instead of them “going to war” with Facebook, they would do well to look at all prominat social sites and start using the best ideas from them to make their own platform better! That includes losing the arrogance, getting rid of all the unrelevant garbage results in their listings, and making local search better. If I’m looking for a restaurant in my home town, I don’t need to see 5 million other results which have absolutely nothing to do with what I want! It shouldn’t be rocket science to come up with a search system where you can pick out your country, then your state, and then your city, to find things that are in your local area only! Other countries already have their own search engines which are limited to their own area. Why can’t we? There’s too much irrelevant garbage on Google and it needs to go!

  • Mike Bassett

    First of all, these are two different entities as far as I am concerned. Google is for reference and FB is for socializing. Facebooks head count is mis-leading. I am fairly confident there are many, many people out there that are like me, who set up a FB account only to make sure to get their name saved, and then never use FB.
    I check my FB account about once a month, because I could give carp about every second of most peoples lives.
    In the meanwhile, during that same month that I don’t check FB, I probably have used Google Search, Shopping, Image Search and Mail easily over a thousand times.

  • Guest

    I think its more a case of if you buy it they are already here!

    I think Google’s biggest threat to Facebook is its ability to “take it over” why bother trying to make your own Facebook-clone when you can simply buy the company – the ad revenue alone would make this a hugely positive move for Google.

  • Sophia

    Honestly, all Google would have to do is make the feature to add and name my business then add contacts in terms of friends less complicated, less work, less hassle, less ridiculous. Make it easier to delete accounts completely. Allow the use of webmail address with business accounts. Release my email address whenever I delete my account (thus the complete delete). Make the feature to advertise clearer from the beginning and have transparency so that I don’t have to read 100 forums to find answers that still fail in helping me resolve problems. That’s all. Google, do this and I’m there.

  • http://WHINESE.COM Michael

    As a small business, my experiences with Google have been less than positive. I feel like they have discriminated against me and my websites because I am the small fish in their big pond. Customer service is non-existent in my opinion and some unresolved issues I have with them go back 2 years.

  • http://www.bidmyreno.com Thomas Krul

    Buy Facebook?

    In all seriousness, a little gestalt would help. I find Google’s different pieces too separate, and a singular brand around which to hang a community-sharing hat would also help get me to at least consider it.

  • http://www.globalwebsitecreations.com Canada Website Company

    “What Would Google Have to Do to Make You Stop Using Facebook?”

    Absolutely nothing, Why not take over the whole internet, not just the search engines….with a Googlebook!

    “Googlebook” has a nice ring to it! I’m sure it would be way more trusted than facebook. T

  • Jim

    Nothing…..I would never use Facebook or anything like it…..even if it was Google.

    I already have replaced Google with Bing b/c I view Google as the enemy now that they are trying to steal all their advertiser’s business by now selling thier own music, leads, insurance quotes, etc…..

    They have all the data and can see where the biggest profit centers are and are now going after those businesses.

    So much for being just a search engine Google! Users beware, they will break your business model if you let them.

    Switch to Facebook and Bing and show Google who’s in control now.

  • http://cghearn.com cghearn

    They would have to offer at least 25gb in a cloud-based “Gdrive”, transfer all of my existing information over from facebook, including “likes”, pictures, videos, posts, etc. Then they would need to have extremely high early-adoption rates.

    In other words, they can’t…yet.

  • http://www.visionefx.net Rick Vidallon

    Doing Business on Social Networking Sites is a Prescription for Failure

    All the hours you spend building your social networking pages for business purposes could fall by the wayside someday. Either the fad site you are using will fade or become pass

    • Sophia

      Rick I agree with you. It can be suicide for one’s business IF you completely rely on social media for success. FB and other social networking sites offer opportunities for businesses to reach an audience, typically for free, that would otherwise not exists. And heck, if I can engage people for those few precious 10 seconds everyday to get my brand in their face time and time again the work, which isn’t much now that I’m established with my social media connects, is worth it. So, yes, I’ll ride the wave until the next big opportunity comes along. To me the risk of not doing this leaves one on the outside looking in.

      I let go of Myspace nearly 2 years ago. FB could be next. But currently Google does not offer the comprehensive solution that I want in 1 place like FB. And I have my issues with both Google and FB but in the end, I’m still having access in ways that I didn’t before and thus far, apart from the couple of hours per week that I give up now to make updates, I haven’t paid a dime. So I have marketing dollars to use more flexibly where I know I’ll get the return I want faster and FB and Google work for me 24/7 to get my business name out there to a global audience.

      Years ago before getting on the social media band wagon I Googled my name and found only obits listings. A little work and now I come up on page 1 of Google in Linked in, Twitter, FB…not bad. But yea, buyer exercise common sense and transfer leads to your own control whenever possible.

  • guesswho

    In order to make me stop using Facebook, google would only have to do three things:

    1. Guarantee not to pass on information about me to third parties as Facebook is reputed of doing.

    2. Guarentee not to collect information about me from third parties as Facebook is reputed of doing.

    3. Absolutely guarantee that no one will have access to information about me, images of me, etc if I don’t clearly permit Google to do so.

  • http://www.mellowdesigns.com russ

    I think I would switch

  • Guest

    I see no need to give up Facebook or Google. I like and use both.

  • Tina

    If google provided me with one easy way to keep in touch with my friends from all over the world, I would ditch Facebook in a second! Its constantly changing and the changes are annoying and invasive. The privacy of Facebook is awful!!! I use gmail and I love it! its simple and it hasn’t changed on me in over 2 years and that a huge plus! But privacy no matter what will get invaded when people post up their images and thoughts… one way or another all that information is collected. Even google keeps record of what we search but it doesn’t use it. There are no guarantees on the internet- its an open source!

  • http://contractcoomer.com ContractCoomer.com

    Google has so many features most users currently are using. Integrating current features with a social networking giant would be of ultimate convenience. Who better to host a social networking platform than Google? I believe if Google took the best of all the social networking platforms and created their own it would wipe the others off the map.

  • http://www.desperateamateurs.com DesperateAmateurs.com

    They would need to provide a real person to talk too. I have had my account canceled on Facebook before. When I have tried to contact their department about it. It is like talking to a graveyard.

  • SBS

    I really don’t think that Facebook is much of a threat to Google, however I do feel that Facebook poses as high competition with Google. Many companies now are switching over to facebook for advertising/marketing, etc. do to more affordable costs, and the popularity that has sparked with the social site. I also feel Twitter and youtube are major competitors for Google to be up against. Youtube was actually recently recognized as one heavy hitter receiving 1B views per minute or day (Can’t remember). However Google has more of an advantage because they are a major SEARCH ENGINE as where facebook, twitter, digg, and youtube are social/video SITES not SEARCH ENGINES. People use Search Engines all the time, and that’s including anything that could have to do with Facebook or any social media site. Anytime you search in a search engine, it probably will bring up results for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Those social networking sites almost rely on search engines to drive traffic to the site, also I’m sure these social sites are making profits from Google as advertisers will pay a pretty penny to adwords programs offered through Google if the site receives a dignified amount of traffic. ( and Facebook is up there as one of the current leading heavy hitters for traffic). So in all I don’t really feel that Facebook is much of a THREAT to Google however a COMPETITOR, for the simple fact that major search engines i.e. Google are used for results and visitors to Facebook. Of course Facebook has merged with many companies such as eharmony.com and others for people to share their experiences with those companies, which in turn brings more traffic/members/visitors/etc. to Facebook bringing in more revenue. However these companies are also ranked with Google as one of the top leading providers, so Facebook is not really too necessary for these companies to use as a market tool. Google is well established and was WAY and well when social networking was still in beta phase, including Facebook. Google calm down you don’t have to worry unless some time Facebook no longer needs/uses YOUR search engine (or BECOMES a search engine or offers a search engine option to its visitors/members w/out sponsored search through Google) as one of their sources, which I can say probably will never happen in cyber world. The same thing happened with MySpace when Facebook emerged, however Facebook won out competition with MySpace because it was safer, and recently a lot of private information has been exposed from facebook users, so that is a major turn off to people who may in fact switch to other social networking sites. Also Google not only are you the TOP search engine you offer a WIDE variety of options to people, and that’s including A SOCIAL NETWORK, your also merged with Youtube (as visitors have the option to sign in using their Google account) Facebook is still relatively NEW, even though the social site has skyrocketed. Google is a WELL established Cyber and even Household name, which of course is as always a more trusted source all together. Google your going to be just fine considering the co.’s back round.

  • Joons

    I’m hoping FB is a fad – i’ve tried twice, have been hacked once and got a ton of spam even after clicking thru those 50-60 choices for security settings – what dufus thought that was a good idea except if you wanted to reap free data from the sheeple! Suckerberg really frightens me.
    Likewise google worries me but they are ahead in my trust level but they need to do a much better job of intergrating the various apps they offer.
    Could they do a real social media site – yes – would I give it a run – yes
    I use google chrome but about to go back to Bing now it’s a more mature engine

  • M. Aragon

    Facebook is threatening to start charging fees. That would possibly work in Google’s favor. I’m debating whether to stay on there if they do start charging for using their website as fellow artists and family members are on there. I don’t like My Space – being Murdoch owned – and don’t wish to reestablish myself there.

    • Guest

      I think you are greatly misinformed and must have been caught up in the rumours and or groups discussions spreading the fear of Facebook charging.

      Facebook will not charge us to use its service – it’s not business model they have and by NOT charging us will net them greater longer term revenues through other revenue generated activities.

      Don’t fall victim to the rumours.

  • Guest

    This is simple for me in that I love Google and all the different avenues that Google has to offer. I do not personally see how facebook can be a real threat to Google as they are so different and Google seems to have less direct virus issues on their engine.

  • http://www.sudoku.co.za Sudoku

    They are already competing against each other. Google has the issue of being huge with a (arguably too) diversified business model which must take a wack to manage. And, being already that big makes it difficult to offer investors the type of growth they became use to. Facebook on the other hand is in a totally different market and highly focused.

    But yes, they are already competing for the same spend by advertisers. The Google attempts at social networking has not cut it to date, but neither does Facebook’s attempt at searching cut it for us. A bit more competition on each others line would benefit users and probably lead to interesting services being offered.

  • http://www.thebookabyss.com.au buybooksonline

    I see the two as completly different businesses that at this stage don’t even compete in their given fields and probably never will. facebook will never have the search capabilities that google has.

  • http://www.seovisions.com/ SEO Visions

    The real question to me is why Google needs to essentially copy ideas from other companies and rebrand them as theirs?

    All of that collective intelligence at Google, and very little in the way of innovation whatsoever. They either buy up companies creating innovation, or blatantly copy others and wait for the lawsuit.

  • Kopit

    I don’t see why google has to face (sic) facebook. They are not two of a kind. Each has its own field and fans and customers and so on. Unles google decides to make another program similar to facebook. But for the time being things are all right as they are!

  • Guest

    From my own experiences, I see Google as “the faceless monster”. I had a few problems with my CPC advertising with them, none of which were addressed.

    Frankly, all Facebook has to do from an advertiser point of view is be more approachable and less arrogant than Google.

    From a user point of view, if Facebook added a search engine facility that people could use while signed into their FB account, they would take a huge share of the search engine market away from Google and deservedly so.

    As a user and an advertiser, I find Google to be obnoxious and arrogant. I can’t wait for someone to kick them down from their high horse.

  • http://www.completeinternetbiz.com David

    Whatever is up their sleeves is okay so far as it is done ethically. Either way, businesses generally thrive on competition or partnership and after sometimes they will advice themselves on the best option to enhance their coexistence on the biz world.

  • http://www.green-trust.org Steve Spence

    The concept that they are even in the same playing field is laughable. I’m not giving up facebook because it’s my social network. I’m not giving up my google, because it’s my research tool. Google buzz doesn’t even come close to facebook, and facebook wouldn’t have a clue how to run a search engine / advertising engine. Their idea of advertising is retarded.

  • http://www.eztramadol.com Tramadol Man

    Facebook is a fad, google is here to stay.

  • http://TheExpertHost.com Dennis Isong

    Google can try their best but ….the way facebook is going …if the management do not bring up any unfavourable policies…Facebook will over take google…

    so google think fact….

  • Guest

    Hey, absolutely nothing. Facebook falls flat on it’s ‘face’ all by itself.
    Google doesn’t even have to be around. From it’s stupid and clumsy interface to it’s virus prone problems, the Facebook style of doing things has already been spoiled by the hackers out there. If you want to contact me and get new gossip, phone me or email me.
    I may delete you though :-)

    • Kelly

      Facebook gives me all sorts of stuff for free, just like Google.

      but google doesn’t have games
      Google’s adwords are very hard to create and Google has a nasty, restrictive policy on ad sites that facebook doesn’t have
      Facebook has a free Ecommerce store, google doesn’t
      Facebook has far more useful applications than google does
      Facebook encourages 3rd parties to develop useful aps that interface with facebook, google doesn’t

      Google has a long, long way to go before they’ll beat out facebook,and one of the things they’re going to have to do is revamp the way their treat their advertisers as well as open up application and game development to 3rd party vendors. I don’t see that happening.

      Google is Apple – good sofware/products but propitiatory
      Facebook is Windows and IBM – good software/products and wide open to anyone that wants to develop hardware or software that works with the core product

      • http://asylum-et.com/ Asylum

        I see where you were going with your analogy but Windows is proprietary software and they do not go to any length to make it easy for just anyone to develop applications for it. You would need to use another proprietary Windows app like Visual Studio, Borland or something of that nature. Although there are some free alternatives for writing applications on windows, it is not MS making them nor are the Windows specific such as Qt framework. Linux on the other hand, most distributions are open source and you can use something as simple as a text editor to create functional applications without much more than a compiler included with the OS.

  • http://twitter.com/slainson Suzanne Lainson

    I’ve been online since 1993 and have participated in virtually every type of online community: BBSs, usenet groups, mailing lists, comment boards, MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. What gets me to try out any of them are quality discussions/connections with my professional peers and those I’d like to meet. Since my professional worlds have included media, marketing, technology, and entertainment, I’m usually trying out a new site or form of communication fairly early in its history. I’m never in the first wave, because I don’t have the time, but once there is a critical mass of my professional peers, I’m there.

    So if Google can put together a desirable professional community for me, I’ll readily jump on board. I don’t actually want the world there — just the people I want to share ideas with. By the time the world is there, it’s usually time to move on to something else.

  • ghostgem

    Google win’s for me, because Google doesn’t disable your account for no reason without warning!!!!!

    • http://asylum-et.com/ Asylum

      I would have to say facebook. If google agrees to pay me 20k a year I’ll say google. Other than that both google and facebook have account banning issues. Google banned me because I received to many clicks on my ads in their adsense program. No warning or description and it was actually totally the opposite. When I inquired they said sorry we can’t tell you exactly why we did it but you were committing fraud. When I made assumptions as to what that meant I viewed my server logs and so forth. Provided proof to them that there was no fraud.. The replied with oh so sorry, we are keeping all the money you earned but here is your drained account back.

      Facebook however threatened to ban my account because I had to many friends request me over to short a period of time. An equal joke but they did not steal anything from me and when I responded to them with discontent they lifted the restrictions on my account. I have not heard back from them since.

      Overall neither is even on the same playing field. Google may have delusions of grandeur with all their little side BETAs but they are nothing more than a search engine. Facebook is a social meeting place.

  • http://femtobeam.com femtobeam

    Facebook, Google and Microsoft will all grow as the Internet grows and the competition is for the free time of people. They are all integrating with one another and the race is quality use with declining prices and with as many options, choices and control as people want. At the heart of them all is functionality and when something goes wrong and is not fixed, people move.

    Most people use them all, they do not choose only one. For business applications, Microsoft has the edge. For social networking Facebook has the edge. Google would be wise to integrate with these two, which now work seamlessly with one another and ride the same growing wave of broadband and cloud life together.

    The problems they all face are man in the middle attacks on their users and the game the telcos and carriers play…havoc… with no controls on advertisers, or regulations on Net Neutrality to force them to comply with consumer speeds.

    At this point, only Microsoft has a large enough footprint to build and operate their own network, so security will be their domain. Facebook has become a way of life. One thing about Google, though is it’s price. Zero. As long as it has this it will grow and empower the poor. The only problem is…users cannot sell anything when their business information is being used by advertisers selling products and supporting Google. It is an advertiser supported medium and it’s advertisers would see an exchange of commerce as competitive from millions of users buying and selling to one another.

    Watch for a horse catching up with the others… Craigs List!

    • http://blogfendi86.blogspot.com fendi_scropio

      yeah, i agree with your point that said Google threat on facebook. I really comfortable when using Google to looking for information and other else. For me, Facebook just only to fulfill my leisure time with my friends,chatting and so on. I admit that Face book also can make a money to with their advertisement, i think people just looking in that just want to make a bug for looking a followers. Someday, Maybe Facebook will be same as friendster. Before, friendster very popular in my country, but now people just not interested to choose that.

  • http://www.tamisiumextractors-hi.com MauiGreenDragon

    Return to your indigenous roots to rid yourself of the poison of the “one world” internet trap! Soon it won’t matter if you choose any of the options unless you “tag” yourself to access the internet.



    You cannot serve GOD and mammom (money)
    This is only the beginning of the “enslavement” of the whole world.

    Choose wisely!

  • http://chicagovipescortservice.com Chicago VIP Escort Service

    Google is a better match to take over LinkedIn. People use Gmail for business and Facebook for pleasure. They need to think business social.

  • http://autopaintstore.blogspot.com morgandy

    May be one of factor google must make easier way how to manage blog from mobile phone such as Java system that is so friendly most of user segment facebook does.

  • http://www.worthingwebdesigns.co.uk/ Web Design Chap

    Seriously?! Google as a search engine, and facebook by design as a Social Networking Platform, can only be envious of one thing: Each others user base and large volumes of web traffic.

    To surmise that the two are ‘at war’ is going a little too far. It would be akin to comparing a gigantic heard of grazing buffalo to the worlds tallest skyscraper. Whilst each has a place in on the planet, the two are (currently) so different, they don’t have similarities at this time, certainly not ones which would put both websites them “at war!”

    They can only be enviable as websites by their design – ie that they are both exceedingly big, busy and popular. I use both websites and couldn’t imagine giving up one for the other.

  • Bogo

    … is to get all of their apps in one place.
    It’s as simple as that.
    I’ve been using Google and Face for a long time and what I don’t like about Google (not talking about search engine) is that their apps are not integrated into a single environment such as Facebook.
    I’d like to have it all in one place in a neat package, easily accessible throughout the whole system.
    I can’t imagine why this hasn’t been done by now.
    Google has everything – mail, chat, wave, buzz, picassa, orkut, docs etc.
    Just put it together people.

  • http://www.websitetemplates.bz Website Templates.bz

    These are just two extremely POWERFUL e-monsters. So of course they fight(((
    I can’t see serious rivalry between them, nothing can replace google as a search engine, and facebook will always stay as an entertainment\business site

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