What Will Be Google’s Panda/Penguin For 2013?

    January 17, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Well, here we are ten days into 2013, and Google has been rather quiet in the New Year, at least in terms of new changes to algorithms. Rest assured, however, Google will not slow down behind the scenes in working to improve its algorithms and make its search results better.

What do you want to see Google get better at in 2013? Let us know in the comments.

Of course, Google Search has been in the news early this year, with the Federal Trade Commission having settled with the company with only a couple voluntary concessions made by Google with regard to search. Meanwhile, Google still has Europe to deal with on the antitrust front, but regardless of what happens with that, Google is not going to stop tweaking its algorithms and striving for better search results.

The last two years each saw major Google algorithm changes that had sweeping effects on sites all over the web, and they just happened to be named after cute little animals. For those who lost a substantial amount of search visibility (and ultimately web traffic and revenue), there was nothing cute about them. I’m, of course referring to Panda and Penguin, though there were plenty of other algorithmic changes that didn’t get nearly the same amount of attention.

In 2011, Google unleashed the Panda update, which continues to get refreshed periodically. I’m sure you know the story. Content farms were cluttering up the search results with low quality content, leaving the better stuff buried, and pretty much invisible. Panda was designed to reverse that, or at least establish some guidelines (in addition to Google’s official webmaster and quality guidelines) on what kind of content Google wants to rank well in its search results.

The Panda update was controversial, and a lot of sites felt they were unfairly hit by it. Either way, Google sent a message loud and clear: Don’t create poor quality content and expect to rank in search results. Create useful, trustworthy content that users will be happy they found. It’s not perfect (no algorithm is, as Google will tell you), but it has arguably made a pretty big difference. There are still plenty of issues with Google’s results, but with regards to quality in depth content vs. thin, non-helpful content, I believe Panda has made a difference. I believe Google believes it has.

As the webmasters and marketers came to grips with Panda, 2011 eventually gave way to 2012, and not foo far into the year (in April, actually), Google launched another huge update with Penguin. Like Panda, it too was designed to improve the quality of Google’s search results, but this one wasn’t as much about content as it was about ways people were beating the system by violating Google’s Quality Guidelines.

Basically, Penguin was designed to do algorithmically, what Google had been doing manually for years. The penguin had a bloodlust for suspicious link activity, and a low tolerance for any kind of link schemes.

Once again, a lot of webmasters felt that their sites were being penalized unfairly, and even those that accepted their fate worked rigorously at escaping the Penguin’s clutches, possibly even going overboard in trying to clean up their link profiles, requesting that sites remove links that they would otherwise have liked to have out there, regardless of whether or not they were helping in Google.

Google’s grip on webmasters was never as abundantly clear as it was in 2012. Not all webmasters (plenty had already found other ways to diversify their web traffic), but for those who have historically relied on Google for traffic, they didn’t want any links out there that Google may not approve of. The problem was that they were getting rid of more than what Google probably did have a problem with.

Eventually, Google launched the Link Disavow tool, which lets webmasters tell Google specific links to ignore, but some feel this tool is really more of a burden than a blessing, and it’s still a hoop webmasters have to jump through to make sure they’re in Google’s good graces. Of course, Google says most sites shouldn’t even use the tool.

2012 also saw the transitions of Google Places to Google+ Local and from Google Product Search to the paid Google Shopping model, both of which have had their share of controversy among businesses.

What will Google tackle in 2013? Will we see another huge animal-named algorithm change that affects a large number of webmasters? Regardless of the name, will there be a new update that webmasters have to sweat on a month to month basis. Will mores strategies that have helped for years start working against webmasters?

Google makes over 500 changes to its algorithms every year, and makes changes every day. It’s been a while since there has been a really big one, and it seems like the big ones usually come in the first quarter of the year or so. We haven’t even seen Google’s lists of search quality highlights for the last three months of 2012 yet.

What’s on the horizon? What do you see in Google’s search results that need to be improved? What things do you see working that shouldn’t be? How can Google improve its search results in 2013? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • Alan

    I think google at 2013 start penalizing sites for usage of ‘and’ word. Google is not a search engine, they drop lot of nice informative and useful sites from their index. I think google will feel much more competition from bing and new players, because their search quality goes down, down and more down. In end they will search adwords, wikipedia & youtube only.

  • John

    How about stop lying? Level playing field my a$$…I do everything Google suggests for good content and avoiding anything considered bad… My site went to crap while the big boys took spots I had on first page for years overnight.

    • paul

      They did exactly the same to me. I’ve jumped through hoops to get my website back up in the ranks and no matter what i do it makes no difference. Some of Google search as got worse not better. I find it harder to search for some things They have too many ads showing stuff i`m not even looking for. At the end of the day, Google does what it likes and no one has a say in the matter. If we don’t like it then we just have to go elsewhere.

  • Alan

    In addition. If google will launch new big changes in 2013 (when LOT of webmasters still on penguin/panda penalties) it will end of this search engine. It will be google = low quality ‘something’ search engine.

  • Paddy O’Door

    I expect to see further tweaking of Panda and Penguin as they become mainstays of the Google algorithm.

    Interesting personal note: I lost a ton of traffic post Penguin, so I naturally requested “Reconsideration” for my sites to figure out what the exact problem was. Google replied there were suspicious links. I sent out hundreds of link removal notices and even paid people to take links down. A couple months later, I resubmitted my “Reconsideration” request, only to get a reply from Google that “there were no manual penalties on your sites.”

    Obviously that confirms traffic losses are not necessarily the result of human reviews but from sweeping algorithmic changes. While my sites might not be “bad” per se, they are simply not relevant according to Google’s new standards.

    That means 2013 is the year of either 1) Drastic formatting, content, and site architecture changes; or 2) Scrapping websites altogether and starting over.

    Finally, I still see spammy results in some competitive searches, so the blackhat game was dealt a serious blow but not knocked out. Watching blackhat SEOs operate exposes the nooks and crannies of Google’s algorithm that can be “gamed”. Whether or not it is advisable to push your luck at this point is up to you, but if you’re desperately in need of an edge, try and figure out why spam sites are popping up in really competitive keyword searches. Then, use that reconnaissance legitimately enhance your own rankings.

  • http://photovideos.sylviaspassion.com/ Sylvia

    OKOK.. lots BS came up and did confusing most people from Google’s “techie stuff” !

    because this PISS ME OFF always again …
    is that GOOGLE “want Thinking and DECIDING” for ME !~!

    damn, sorry, I HAVE A OWN BRAIN and I still can using this “thing” !

    technique is great TO “SOME POINT” and helpful , BUT on “a SPECIAL POINT”… this damn “all automatic” kills humans ability to using OUR OWN BRAIN and to thinking and deciding for OUR SELF !


    ” WHAT YOU DON’T USE…… YOU LOSE ” !!!!!!!

    … and when this not really stop in Future, the FUTURE GENERATIONS will be born without BRAIN maybe (haha … is sad when not take it NOW as “joke”) BUT CAN BE TRUE ,,,, SADLY !

    because we don’t NEED a Brain anymore…
    do all the Thinking and Decisions for AS already !!!

    Masses of People living already like “Programmed Robot Slaves” !

    HUMANITY BECAME “UN-NATURAL” already , not able or not ALLOWED to using our own BRAIN & MIND !!!!

    … for WHAT the Hell .. we need this thing Called ” INTELLIGENCE , BRAIN, MIND” ???

    Google is great in this … like (sorry to be so direct!) Governments and Religions since ages …!

    …wondering WHY .. gladly and finally … so many people get upset with this ???

    PS : what happen with YOU TUBE is horrible confusing and distracting and NOT ANY FUN anymore !!!!



    OR .. you will digger your own gave … !

    Wish every tough Marketer out there a GREAT YEAR IN 2013 !


    • Alan

      because it hard to control smart peoples. Google make everything to change all websites to one standard, not use tags, extra categories (which for human usability, not for bots), etc.

      Just google losing their face (and old progress) right on our eyes.

  • Stupid

    I think we can expect to see less natural results in the search, since the greed dominates this world. More Amazon results on top, since the algorithm is clearly organised around Amazon’s business ( same chair members in amazon and google, go figure.. )
    And a lot more killing of small businesses, so more unemployement in the world, thanks to a genius : Matt cutts and his team of phDs who know absolutely nothing about real life.

    • http://Nil Sule ishaka

      I like the old goggle even as i like innovations.

  • Marq

    Not only did I lose ranking and business on my sites, just like the small businesses that are now penalised, I cannot find anything anymore. Searching with google just gives useless unusable choices. I have switched to Yahoo and Bing who have not gone mad in trying to control the world. Life has become calm again. My sites also still come up in the other search engines which gives me faith in my understanding of how the net should be. Google sucks!

  • http://www.proudtobekiwi.co.nz Digmen1

    For me, Google gives high ranking to far too many directory /yellow pages type sites.

    And they need to give up on Google+ and Google Shopping and make adwords easier to use and tidy up their user interfaces eg Webmaster tools looks like no other site in the world!

  • http://www.bloketoys.co.uk BlokeToys

    As I work in the adult business, I would love to see Google making a priority out of demoting the Tube sites.

    I’m sick and tired of hearing the BS mantra from Google about original content, and then seeing hundreds of shallow video pages from hundreds of tubes with cut and paste descriptions of less than 200 words.

    Google can’t have it both ways. If we have to comply with their demands and make unique and comprehensive content, why the hell are they promoting spammy pages above everything else?!

    I would also like to see someone step in and split Google into national franchises, with less corporate control and less dominating greed. The old motto of “Don’t be evil” is well and truly forgotten, and it has become the monster of the internet.

    Thankfully it’s not just webmasters who see this now, surfers are beginning to wake up to the dictatorship too now that Bing is actually on the offensive rather than just playing the poor little helpless victim.

    I’ve pretty much given up on Google now. I get my webmaster stats from Alexa (and I PAY for that decent service too!) and I use Bing for searches. As long as people keep moving away from the corrupt and greedy giant Google things will be looking better.

  • http://www.smarterchanges.com Gerri Jensen

    Let’s organize webmasters/ web business ones to fight back against Google. We would have power if we untie enough of us. If intereted email me gjensen (at) smartechanges(dot com

  • http://www.onlyhangers.com Ron

    2012 was a horrible year with all of these updates. I do everything by the book and I’m getting slammed by the big box retailers in my niche. How in the world can search results be better with the first 6-8 spots for literally every keyword filled by big box retailers? I specialize in quality clothing hangers made in every size shape and color and in every type of material you can think of. We stock the largest selection of clothing hangers in the country. In 2011 I was at the top of the results for hangers. Today after all of these updates I sit behind Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Container Store, Sam’s Club etc. It’s ridiculous how this can be better. They are squeezing the small business guys out of business.

    • IMBack?

      Perfect example of what I am talking about (above) Ron.

  • mark

    I think it would be a good idea for google not to penalize websites for link building, but if they think sites are buying links, then just make the links have no effect on rankings.

    Google has got a lot of bad press and a lot of webmasters complaining that their panda/penguin algo is unfair. It makes sens to just ignore the links google thinks are dodgy and therefore the websites wont lose all their traffic, and webmasters wont be complaining to google that their site has been punished.

  • James

    Switched to Bing for all of my marketing, and never looked back… I also switched all of my clients, and families browsers to Bing, and recommend you do the same.

    • Buzz

      Totally agree – who wants pages and pages of results listing subpages of G’s affiliates and partners when all we are looking for is decent search results showing the people out there doing what it says on the tin. Use Bing or any other search engine as G is not going to change and the sooner it learns it from all of us the better!

  • IMBack?

    I don’t think there will be anything of Panda/Penguin caliber in 2013, their updates succeeded in making the natural listings repetitive and blah, thus “enhancing” their lame Google shopping efforts (fail).

    Now I search for [keyword] + reviews and get nothing but the first 30 results coming from a handful of the same few sites and some products displayed prominently at the top of the page which I am not interested in and would never buy. So I am forced to search for product reviews elsewhere. Hopefully the other search engines will not adopt this strategy to mimic Google like they so often do.

    Google is at the stage where most big corporations get to. They’ve gotten so big they have “no choice” but to start squeezing money out of their interface and contaminating their winning formula. Decisions made by a bunch of filthy rich, completely disconnected shareholders sitting around a board room table. I’ve got news, their shopping offering will never be able to compete with Amazon and Google Plus will never be able to compete with Facebook. Period.

    Google has always been a place to find objective information from many, many sources big and small. Now they are trying to funnel traffic to their offerings and their partners thus destroying objectivity in the results and replacing it with “faux objectivity” which is paid for and in general people can easily detect. They killed linking for rankings but in doing so bottle necked access to great resources of objective and/or quality information. When you are in the business of providing quality information this cannot be a good move. People started using the internet in the FIRST PLACE to find info that was uner the radar to ESCAPE the illusion of choice provided for so long by its predecessor, television. Just because Google is untouchable now does not mean it will not change if things remain on this course, it may take 10 years but it will happen.

    Check out DuckDuckGo.com they have good natural results like Google used to. (I do not work for or promote them)

    • Alan

      I love old google as much as I hate current google at 2012 and at start of 2013!

      • Alan

        also I think what current google search created especially for larry page and matt cutts, but not for ordinary peoples.

  • http://theinternetisfun.blogspot.com/ Iam a fun guy

    when I look for webmasters tools or other stuff I go to bing.com google no longer show good results mostly

  • John

    Honestly, who cares anymore?
    Have you seen the actual “results” in Google lately?
    Yes, there are junk and spammy sites out there but I’m tired of Google attempting to dictate the direction of the internet itself with what THEY view as quality.
    Everyone is chasing their tail trying to please ONE search engine and its getting ridiculous.
    On a side note, that last butcher job they did to Youtube was also amusing.

    • Alan

      google high quality = human standards of low quality.

  • http://Mabuzi.com Kevin

    I say customer service, for such a large profitable company there is no customer service and the help forums are staffed by volunteers.

    I have seen more larger multi national companies dominating search and small business only competing by paid advertising. So a more level playing field is required.

    We all know how this is going to work out, first two pages of search results will be paid and organic search will move back.

    Google is still the best product on the market right?

  • http://www.belfast-architects.co.uk Alan

    If I had a wish it would be that Google would downgrade the listings of review and Yellow page type sites. Sites that are not themselves the business class you are searching for, but which carry a directory of those advertising etc. and links that may forward you on to what you were actually looking for in the first place. To me this is more of a nuisance than all other factors.

    Just did a Google search for restaurants in local city, not one site belonging to a local restaurant on the first page and possibly 2 on the second page. Who wants pointless results like this? Seriously, why waste time wadding through referral sites?

    I no longer use Google. Bing and many of the smaller search engines such as Duckduckgo Dogpile, IXsearch produce better overall results and are not cluttered with ads and other Google fetishes.

    As for back links, well I always thought that was the essence of the internet. Yes that can be abused, but the current setup can be abused in a more malign manner. They have created a problem greater than the one they were trying to fix.

    If you are not happy with Google switch NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alan

      agree! google is not relevant and not a real search engine anymore. It adwords and big brands and shopping search ‘script’ right now.

      • http://www.belfast-architects.co.uk Alan

        If I do a search for hardware stores, or taxi depots, or toys I do not want some neurotic’s review or yet another directory. I want what I type. Simple.

        If I want review of bridal wear then I will type reviews of bridal wear, if I want yellow pages then that is what I will type.

        Imagine going into a diner and asking for chicken and chips, and being given more menus listing reviews of the potato varieties and chicken farms and pros and cons of various types of cookers. You would consider the proprietor insane.

        Search engines should give us what we request, if they don’t they are as irritating as the owner of the above diner would be.

  • Tag A. Long

    >> Well, here we are ten days into 2013, and Google has been rather quiet in the New Year, at least in terms of new changes to algorithms. Rest assured, however, Google will not slow down behind the scenes in working to improve its algorithms and make its search results better.


    Make search results better?!

    You guys need to stop chugging the kool-ade. Any journalist with a smidgeon of integrity would have worded that more accurately, something like “which verticals will google be destroying this year?” or “How crappy will google results get this year so google can squeeze a more more pennies out of its ad layer?”.

    You guys are too much, your credibility is already lost, you just don’t know it yet, too bad.

    • Alan

      Google working very hard to find new ways to broke their serp more and more.

  • http://www.seointelbiz.com/ manohar thakur

    I think this time Google come with more visual result.

  • http://www.bikerloans.co.uk Nick

    I work in the finance industry which has always been very competitive and webmasters and site owners have had to optomise their websites to compete using link exchanges, posting on blogs etc. Many of those websites including some of mine were then penalised by Google with the Penguin update.

    In my Industry that has left behind only the very biggest names who didn’t need to optomise as they had the cash to spend in Adwords and funnily enough the guys who spent fifty quid on a website 10 years ago and haven’t bothered to update it since.

    My opinion is that the Penguin update was very harsh with many websites penalised simply for link exchanging. Those webmasters and site owners worked on the sites to keep them up the Search Engines. In my case frequently updating content and offers etc. Internet users will no longer be able to find those websites which I think is a shame for all.

  • http://www.tipsinablog.com Danny

    Good question, Chris.

    I have seen some very interesting changes over the past 3 to 6 months….

    Some of those changes were not very positive, as far as small to medium sized sites is concerned…..

    I noticed some search terms totally dominated by mainly ” ultra large” sites, even when their articles were not always the best choice…..

    My honest opinion is that, for smaller to medium sites they may need to change their approach(and their way of thinking) in more ways than they would have thought necessary, as far as their SEO practises and attitudes to SEO are concerned….

  • http://britishislesholidaylets.co.uk/ stephen west

    Googles algorithm changes have completely killed off eCommerce affiliate marketing they will reap the rewards of that which they have now sewn as they are no longer there for the small guys just the big guys with big marketing fat cheques to spend on Googles advertising.

  • krunkerton

    Stripping all suspicion of Google’s practices, as of early 2013 Google still sees links as the primary tool to rank or penalize sites. Google also judges links as the main drivers to determine a site’s quality. The method is flawed, outdated, and ignores the reality that links do not serve as competent cues for a site’s quality of content. In truth, link profiles are poor indicators to measure site quality, especially when webmasters can’t control incoming links. A correction to this huge blunder is what I’d like to see happen most by Google in 2013.

    By issuing “unnatural links” messages & manual penalties to webmasters, Google is admitting it has chosen to manually penalize your site based on the links reviewed coming to your site rather than manual review of your site’s actual content. Until Google changes this practice, they can not possibly deliver the most relevant, accurate results to its users. It’s impossible to do so when Google manually penalizes based on links instead of content. It’s the content that search users want dictating their search results.

    Users don’t want to miss out on viewing the most relevant results due to “unnatural link” penalties if a site’s content is still the most relevant. Users want the most relevant accurate results period, plain and simple. They do not want skewed results that are heavily obscured with link-based penalties.

    Again, Google’s method is flawed, outdated, and ignores the reality that links do not serve as competent cues for a site’s quality of content. As long as this method remains intact, 2013 will be no better for small-to-mid size business webmasters than 2012. Google is doing users a disservice delivering results that don’t value quality of content as the determining ranking factor. Is there any virtue remaining in Google?

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/blog/ Nick Stamoulis

    ” possibly even going overboard in trying to clean up their link profiles, requesting that sites remove links that they would otherwise have liked to have out there”

    I think the release of the disavow tool pushed some site owners over the edge. Every site is bound to have a few links that aren’t so great, some of which you probably didn’t even build. But site owners got so freaked out they dumped links (or tried to anyway) that actually weren’t doing anything to actively harm their site. All they got for their panic was a smaller link profile, not necessarily a better one.

  • http://seopalbg.com/ Totio Filipov

    I would like to see Google getting better at real life help (Google Glasses). I saw they are launching an augmented reality game and I would like to see that turn into more than a game. Something that would be actually entertaining and helpful to users.

  • bill

    Unfortunately small companies and website owners all got the cold shoulder from Google and completely ignored by any Google legal teams as Google preset the state for dominance.

    Google Winning small lawsuit years ago against companies that got hit on rankings set precedence – but also Google legal had time to work around the clock to plan and prepare by putting 22 lobbyist teams in place in Washington DC

    No small business can successful take on Google due to its overall presence. Basically Google initiated a worldwide genocide of sites and traffic in favor of large companies it either invested in or had an interest or 3rd party profit model from.

    I do not think Americans will ever understand exactly what Google has done in terms of economic shift but it will eventually be felt as the common person in such countries will have to leave to maintain a certain lifestyle.

    Ive heard of 1000’s of small bloggers and companies relocating to island and tropical paradises like resorts in Vietnam – Cambodia and the beaches of Bulgaria.

    Already Mexico has 2 million ex-patriots

    If Americas best educated leaves because Google does not allow them to make money or participate – then new countries will emerge from the intellectual pool shift

  • http://www.bestnaija.com Nigeria

    LIKE A PREVIOUS COMMENT, its surprising that after G’s panda and penguin pains, spammy sites with irrelevant contents dominate results. I strongly biliv G is losing gradually.
    The way I feel? I wish I create a search engine today and sweep G from the surface of the earth. Mschewww.

  • http://AmericanDoorsInc.com Richard Cruz

    I wonder if Chris crumb even read the comments we leave I am from American doors incorporated and we have been treated wrongly by Google and it’s associates we did everything they asked and we got removed from places category I have a story to tell Chris crumb if you were ever reach us. we’ve already switched to bing but it doesn’t hurt to be on Google if they would allow it. but I’m sure as hell not going to beg them.what I can do is keep writing bad articles about them what watch out big brother is watching

  • http://www.cristao.ro/ Cristao

    I think this time Google come with more visual result.

    • http://www.rankwatch.com Rank Watch

      That’s right Cristao. I want Google to stop giving more importance to Wikipedia’s results for generic terms which they slowly seem to be doing, makes spammers struggle a lot so that they can give more relevant results from reliable sources.

  • http://www.tastythailand.com Rachel

    Most people I know who own websites were hit by Google. Like myself, they now use Bing and Yahoo for all their searches and refuse to keep jumping through all the hoops Google keeps putting up.

    As for what Google does in 2013? Who cares. I never use them anymore and have noticed more and more of the visitors we get are coming from Yahoo and Bing. They are obviously doing something right.

    • Chris

      I use DuckDuckGo.

  • Chris

    “Google will not slow down behind the scenes in working to improve its algorithms and make its search results better”

    For who, Average Joe or their AdSense sales department and multi-national companies?

    • Alan1

      google will start banning/penalize websites for usage of ‘welcome’ and ‘and’ words in 2013-2014. It most logical conclusion based on 2012 changes and updates.

  • Elane

    As of what Google does in 2013? I really don’t know. Perhaps, we will just prepare ourselves or apply more improvements and strategies on our site. In order not to be penalized again and get your site on the right track.

    As a matter of fact, that’s always I’m targeting with because I don’t want my site to be hit by Panda/Penguin update again. So far I am confident enough after experiencing the Panda Breakthrough recovery program. Its really an eye opening experience because he was able to give me an insight why was my site been hit by Panda update last September. Also, he informed me what things to do and when I did, my site bounced back and I’m ranking again.

    The most important is exhibiting that you have a high quality site, with unique content and design and most of all it has faster navigation because these are the guidelines most of the updates are looking for. So, whatever update Google will introduced for 2013 you’re already well prepared.

    • Alan1

      google is high quality MFA site. But if googlebot can analyze it, it was tanked by panda & penguin very-very deeply.

  • http://seopalbg.com/ Totio Filipov

    I have no idea what Google will come up with. I can only hope it’s not as bad as the previous updates because I got hit hard and I think it was unfair. Honestly, their security measures and algorithm updates are getting too complicated now and I wonder how they are not getting confused what they’re doing.

  • http://www.optseo.com.au optseo

    Google is Doing all this for making more money by Adwords when webstes will not be in Organic results they will try paid results

    • Asghar Paracha

      optseo that is what exactly is going on and peoples are talking about Google is doing all is for Google Adwords, looks like there is no any testing they just apply it without any testing and peoples get a lot of penalties with these disgusting updates

  • http://www.majormoneytips.com Justin

    If Google continues to follow the pattern of algorithm changes named after black and white zoo animals, In 2013 we can expect the skunk update. This will then be followed up with the honey badger update. It will be the end of SEO as we know it.

  • http://www.fullbusy.com Paul G

    What ever may be the changes from Google, i still think the content pages will be at the higher page rank. If something is changed the SEO need to be changed according to that update. Just wondering if we change our SEO tack-ticks according to Google, how about other search engines ?

  • kailey

    Google has messed up their results. I dont use them because their search is horrible. It seems only big companies can be on the top and that I thought was the point of google in the first place. I own a local business and my site dropped as did all my competitors. There is only classifieds and form sites that have nothing to do with the industry. Blah on google.

  • http://www.eemes.com Jack

    Well guys, no need to worry in terms of SEO.
    Google may come up with new updates every now and then.
    The rule is very simple here. If you are lazy then your days are over.
    The battle for 1st page in google is no more a game.
    Its all about Content strategy, more content more value, more relevance that’s what google is aiming for.
    Google doesn’t like just links. So understand the value of Content & Relevance!
    Yes many SEO’s are angry becz they just can’t get the easy way :)

  • Asghar Paracha

    I think there is no value of our comments towards Google updates, because what Google team thinks they implement, if there is some change of our suggestions then we must not be penalized by Google updates when we are doing nothing else white hat SEO

    • http://www.aboutdevice.com AboutDevice

      Yep, I’m on thesame page with You. But I think Google updates also affect those who perform white hat, It can be perfect.

  • kamal


  • http://www.gamingbuild.com/ Jack

    It seems that over the last few years there has been firm winners and losers in Google’s algorithm changes. Every loser claiming to have been unfairly treated.

    However I think in terms of SEO the playing field is definitely becoming a lot fairer. It is only right that quality content wins the day and that those wishing to make Ad strewn sites with thin content and use a poor seo strategy lose.

    Not all of Google changes will be the correct ones, but in general I think if you look as search results pre panda and penguin and compare them to today you will see a change for the good.

    SEO in my opinion has become a lot more interesting and more of skill to learn rather than just buying an automation tool that will spin and spam content.

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  • http://www.jodilynokeefe.com Nashua Indigo

    I have no idea what Google is doing but they make a mess with their results, results what has nothing to do with the keyword you search with, specially on images results you see things that has nothing to do with the one you search for. The seo tools what you use for sites on wordpress seems to have no or less effect anymore. How more you try to seo optimize your website how harder it isto rank as well.