What Was Worse In 2013 – Yahoo Mail Or YouTube Comments?

    December 29, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Google and Yahoo are two of the biggest tech firms around. They service millions of users everyday with products ranging from email and search to video and news. In 2013, they also became some of the most hated companies in tech.

People hate change. Yahoo and Google tried to implement some changes into their flagship products and in the process made just about everybody super angry with them. In the spirit of the impending new year, we should take a look at who had it worse and what both companies can do to fix it.

What did you hate more in 2013 – Yahoo Mail or YouTube comments? Let us know in the comments.

Yahoo’s troubles began in June when it forced users over to a new Yahoo Mail that delivered ads based on the content of their emails. While it seemed like a simple upgrade, many users were stuck with countless errors and bugs that made Yahoo Mail unusable for some users. In fact, our first story on the matter attracted over 700 comments – most of them angry.

While you could easily dismiss the problems plaguing Yahoo Mail as something that happens to all upgraded services, it became evident over the next six months that this wasn’t a simple problem. Yahoo continued to see complaints a month after users were forced to switch to the new Yahoo Mail with many users saying they were jumping ship. One in particular said they would be fine if Yahoo Mail actually let them opt out of receiving ads, but found that the process wasn’t as easy as it seemed:

“Also, though there is a supposed procedure available for users to opt-out of receiving ads; when I tried to opt-out of all advertising, it did not work correctly, and gave me a message something like: You have successfully opted out of receiving ads from 84 providers, but the process failed with these 16 companies”

In an attempt to smooth things over, Yahoo introduced a new Yahoo Mail design in October to address many of the problems users were having. They also threw in 1TB of storage as a sign of good faith. As it turns out, however, you can’t make everybody happy and the changes that made Yahoo Mail look more like Gmail angered people even more. Case in point – our story on the Yahoo Mail update received over 450 comments and most were negative again.

Putting the final nail in the coffin, Yahoo Mail suffered continued outages earlier this month that left many people without any way to access their messages. Yahoo blamed the outages on a “hardware problem in one of [their] mail data centers.” With this latest outage, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer got involved and issued an apology on behalf of the entire company.

Now all that sounds bad, but is it bad as what YouTube did to its commenting system earlier this year?

Back in September, YouTube announced that it was integrating Google+ into YouTube comments in an attempt to clean things up. The intended goal was to bring the good comments to the top while pushing what you usually see on YouTube to the bottom. It’s a good idea, but the path to hell is paved with good intentions.

In early November, the new YouTube comments went live and with it, users were forced to sign up for Google+. Google figured that people would be a little less vulgar if their real names were tied to comments, but Google may have not anticipated how much people hate Google+. It’s not that it’s a bad service – it’s just that many people feel that nobody uses it. YouTube creators were especially angry with the change as they felt the new commenting system harmed the community interaction with their videos.

While you could argue either way on the merit of requiring a Google+ account to comment on YouTube videos, you can’t deny that it opened up an entirely new way to spam YouTube videos. While the original intended goal of the new system was to cut down on spam, we saw in the days following the update that users were spamming videos with ASCII art of a stick man named Bob and his army of tanks and helicopters devoted to destroying the new comments system.

Just like Yahoo, Google was quick to respond to the complaints. In the two weeks after the new commenting system went live, Google introduced some changes that would cut down on the amount of spam links, ASCII art and other annoying comments that people were seeing. It also promised to soon launch comment curation tools for creators so they could help better shape conversations.

Even with the changes, YouTube still requires a Google+ account to comment on videos. That obviously rubs some people the wrong way and it will continue to do so in the new year.

With both tales of woe out of the way, which was worse – Yahoo Mail or YouTube comments? If we’re going strictly by the amount of negative comments, Yahoo Mail easily takes the cake. Granted, Yahoo Mail has had more time to anger users with its rollout beginning in June while the new YouTube comments only launched in November.

Without any good metric, we’re forced to let the readers decide. Were you angered more by Yahoo Mail or YouTube comments this year? Do you see any way that Yahoo and Google could improve their services going into 2014? Let us know in the comments.

Image via yahoo/YouTube

  • Lawren

    Yahoo Inc. can begin to improve (2104) Yahoo services by firing CEO Marissa Mayer, SVP Jeff Bonfarte, SVP and CIO Randy Roumillatt, and (I think he’s Y!Mail Engineer) Ratan Hudda …. THAT’S JUST “TO BEGIN WITH”.

    In concert with these bile eliminations, Yahoo to dedicate a team to fixing anything and everything that is messed up with Yahoo Mail and Groups by utilizing the actual feedback (forums, Tweets, and Direct Messages) from the 10s of 1,000 Users who have already commented and those that will continue to submit their comments/complaints/requests for assistance.

    At the same time as fixing things, Yahoo needs to bring back vital mail features it destroyed under Marissa Mayer’s direction: text features (bold, font size and color, etc), Search parameters reinstated (or recreated, whichever), and a boatload of others.

    Then, Yahoo can actually bring in some NEW features (instead of deleting or eliminating features and then calling the version “New” instead “Frakked Up” which is what it was before Tabs were given back but Yahoo Mail is still very far from the great mail service it was before Mayer-Bonefarte got their slimy hands on it).

    Of course, the eternal optimist that I am suspects that this submission was an utter waste of time but the pragmatist-me knows it is the only way that me and 100s of 1,000s of us Users will agree to come back to Yahoo Mail, and the Yahoo-Mail-Totally-Sux tweets and comments will continue until then.

    • Lawren

      oooops! I just hate typos, and h8 not having the option to “edit” comments equally as much ….. I meant to type the year 2014 in the parenthesis. frak me!

    • sharon McMickens

      I like both.

    • Nancy Buscher

      If I give you my website you might screw that up too. Yahoo has been my primary email site for years but this fall they LOST my account. They say there is no such address, and as a result, I cannot connect to my email for either yahoo address I have. What is wrong with them! Maybe they should master what they have before they move to the next level. This ‘ain’t no game’! It’s our lives!

      • Rich

        What email provider has the best customer service? It is impossible to communicate with Yahoo.

    • Rich

      How about a Yahoo Phone number that works. Call 1-800-318-0612. I tried 20 times and was disconnected EVERY Time. How about the CEO trying the customer service number. She is way too detached from the reality of TERRIBLE customer service. Try speaking to a person other than billing!!!!

  • Eileen Kerrigan

    “Just like Yahoo, Google was quick to respond to the complaints.”

    Um, is this supposed to be sarcasm?? Other than bringing back a crappy and buddy version of tabs, Yahoo has YET to respond to ANY complaints. And the Googling of YouTube has been a disaster from the git-go — much like Yahoo Mail ever since they got rid of the Classic version.

    Not to Big Tech: “Change” does not equal “progress.”

    • Cray

      Yahoo has yet to respond. commenting on YouTubes is entirely voluntary; being a Yahoo email user for years and having EVERY single contact through that address, making email unusable harmed people financially and inconvenienced millions for days and days and days. People fled, started petitions online, created FB pages, tweeted to Marissa and the world. MM did not apologize for dumping an incomplete untested system on users who PAY for their email service.
      This was not just a glitch, this was New Coke writ large.
      NOT even close.

  • Sally S

    As a long time FORMER Yahoo Mail Plus user, hands down I hated the changes to Yahoo Mail. So much so that I have changed email providers. I also dropped Yahoo as my home page. I avoid all things Yahoo as much as possible. What Marissa Mayer has done with the stable and usable products at Yahoo is a disgrace. I hope the Board of Directors comes to their senses early in 2014 and fires her along with a few others at the top.

    I like Eileen’s comment…Change does not equal progress and Yahoo has certainly proven that!

    YouTube is a wasteland with all of their damn ads to watch a video these days so I try to avoid watching them. But I hate Yahoo Mail. No question about it.

    • Sheia

      I absolutely HATE HATE HATE the new Yahoo.

  • Jill

    No contest – Yahoo mail debacle way worse.

    Actually, I can’t even believe there is a comparison between these two as email is a part of everyone’s daily routine. I can’t remember the last time I wanted to throw my computer across the room because I couldn’t comment on a youtube video.

    The whole point of email is simplicity yet my life has been made more difficult due these supposed fantastic changes to Yahoo mail. Mayer needs to listen to what we’re saying and stop assuming that she knows best. Clearly she doesn’t.

  • ed bax

    Yahoo takes the cake for the worst. They killed Groups, and trashed mail-then classified anyone who complained as “some people that just don’t like change”. Their response to the outcry was truly spectacular-a textbook example of every bad PR move in the book-on the feedback forums-when the votes got high enough to embarrass them-their solution was to stamp the issue “resolved” and delete the thread, -that’s it. They also shut down people on Twitter and deleted complaints from their Facebook pages. Still, the issues remain and the complaints keep pouring in and Yahoos’ CEO refuses to even acknowledge the thousands and thousands of complaints. Her S.O.P. seems to be: ignore them and they will go away. Or blame the whole mess on Kara Swisher.

    • willi

      you tube has been deleting my comments as well. Only not for any form of vulgarity or person attacks as is most common but for challenging cultural norms of the academically educated. I struck a very raw nerve with someone. In my particular case the “Tiger mom” is being well protected.

      • willi

        Well well well! Utube has re-posted my comment! they must have been following me to this site yesterday and realized they went to far!

  • John Midbo

    Cast my vote for Yahoo! I’m not opposed to change and I realize that Yahoo needs to show a profit, but many of its mail changes affect its usability. I’m finding that I have to log out completely to use its Search Mail function. Why? There’s no longer a Bold function. Why?
    My Inbox shows my most recent reply to a message, not the message itself. Why? There are more changes than these that have one thing in common. They don’t improve the use of Yahoo Mail. Some heads need to roll. Yahoo has become unresponsive to its users. That’s when companies start their downhill slide.

  • Samba

    Words fail me! How can anyone destroy a perfect mail program as Yahoo once was about 10 years ago!
    It is so disgusting that people who works for Yahoo can make such a mess out of a perfectly good mail site.
    Wake up and go back to what really works.

  • steve

    Marissa Mayer has managed to ruin Yahoo mail, user groups, and sports page in a year.
    This has to be some sort of record for CEO incompetence.
    The stock is going up in spite of her and once wall street realizes yahoo is losing millions of users because of her the stock will then go down to where it belongs.
    Mayer is an arrogant, clueless moron who refuses to admit she was wrong and put things back where they belong.

    • Sally S

      Alibaba is the only thing that is keeping Yahoo stock price up. The ONLY thing. Certainly nothing that Mayer has done because Yahoo had Alibaba before she came on board.

      • willi

        I once tried to filter out Alibaba in a google search because I want only a local American company to buy from. But no, they wouldn’t allow that.

  • Rita Moore

    These two issues are not really comparable, unless the category is “boneheaded moves in tech.” The change to the comments in YouTube was, to my mind, a pretty minor event – just more evidence of Google’s empire building. The complete redesign of Yahoo Mail, on the other hand, has been a truly stunning failure on every level and is simply going to reinforce that Google empire. The geniuses at Yahoo effectively destroyed their own product by turning it into a terrible Gmail-clone with all its ugly, annoying features and none of the reliability.

    I started using Yahoo mail in 1997. I flirted with Gmail when it came out and have kept a parallel email account with them since it’s now required for most other services. But Yahoo remained my main email account (and virtual filing system) because I liked its many unique features and its user-friendly interface. From 1997-2012, Yahoo was a reliable and indispensable service for me. Beginning in the fall of 2012, however, I started to experience intermittent problems in attaching documents. Those intermittent problems became more common through the spring 2013, culminating in a complete implosion of Yahoo Mail in October. The redesign has been appalling in both conception and implementation. Everything unique and useful about Yahoo Mail was stripped out and replaced by an ugly, dysfunctional, glitchy, bare-bones Gmail knock-off. If I had wanted to use Gmail, I would have been using it. A similar revamp of Yahoo’s other products (Yahoo news, groups, finance, sports, etc.) have been equally terrible. The two-week+ full disruption of services was simply the latest, most obvious example of Yahoo’s collapse under the leadership of Ms. Mayer & Co.

    Moreover, Yahoo has shown complete disdain for its customers. The new Mail service was clearly not properly beta-tested before being foisted upon the world. The number and severity of glitches was simply stunning. But even when it worked as intended, it was a lousy email product. The new design betrayed Yahoo’s complete misunderstanding of the benefits of its own product. (It came as no surprise recently when a leaked internal memo confirmed that Yahoo employees themselves do not use Yahoo mail.) I would be shocked if Yahoo made any attempt to consult with actual users. But even if they had, I doubt that they would have listened. Their response to the massive outcry against the rolling disaster that is now Yahoo Mail has been relentlessly insulting. Instead of valuing loyal customers, we are dismissed as aged Luddites who simply refuse to embrace change. I’m all for change if it’s for the better. This neo-mail, however, is just plain god-awful. They’ve taken a solid, reliable, feature-rich product and made it a useless mess.

    Congratulations, Ms. Mayer. I’m sure Google appreciates your hard work.

  • Catherine Johns

    The Yahoo catastrophe is immeasurably more serious. We go to YouTube to see the videos; though it is pleasant to be able to comment and to see the comments of others, comments are optional extras. E-mail, on the other hand, is an essential communication tool for most people. Changing a reliable, practical, no-nonsense service into an indescribable muddle of infantile silliness and frequent breakdowns has caused huge problems for tens of thousands of people. It is completely unforgivable.

    • stdps1080

      not tens of thousands. They were 281 Million in 2011.

  • Jill Jackson

    Yahoo Mail downgrade has affected my ability to use it. It’s an unhappy experience, and one to be avoided. You Tube, on the other hand, is still a fun place to hang out —- I can no longer comment on the videos because I do not want to use Google Plus, but that’s no big deal. The disaster of the year is Yahoo Mail, no contest.

  • Jen

    The new YahooMail is a complete disaster, and the way that Yahoo has ignored the views of long-time loyal users is disgraceful. They removed valuable and much-used features, imposed a hideous design, and basically left us with an unusable email system (unless you barely use your email, in which case it might be fine). But for those of us who use email a lot, it’s unusable – and after being with YahooMail since it began in 1997, I have now sadly had to pack up and leave to a different email system. Add to this the outages, bugs and unreliability of YM since October, and it is just one huge disaster, orchestrated and presided over by Marissa Mayer.

  • Lak Abey

    I hate this new Yahoo mail. . Why change something which worked perfectly for the shake of change ? Why try to fix something which is not broken ? with a cheap imitation of Gmail ?.. Because people did not like Gamail they were with yahoo… Please visit


  • Cyn

    The yahoo mail disaster continues unabated. Look at the yahoo mail facebook page and the yahoo mail customer care facebook page. For months people have been requesting help to gain access to their accounts. Many years of emails have been deleted or lost by yahoo and they consider the matter closed. Many small businesses have been impacted greatly. Yahoo’s claim of only small percentage of users being affected is not believable.It seems all of the poor planning and programming issues and resulting chaos are just being ignored by yahoo. We have all learned a valuable lesson about email as a result of this mess. Usability and stability are necessary and yahoo has neither of those key elements remaining.
    For some reason I have been able to avoid joining google+ when commenting on youtube. Although I am harassed each time to join. It is an annoyance for comments and more so for you tube channel owners but, for those that rely on email for daily personnel and professional communication I think yahoo mail fail wins.

  • Tamaracboy

    Yahoo Mail FAR & AWAY was the worst failure. One of the worst since the internet began. It is up there with Netflix and MS Vista !
    AND, it is STILL not fixed !
    Still exceedingly SLOW and inexcusably BUGGY !
    While MM in her ivory Tower believes that everyone just loves it (and her).
    Her Ostrich approach to this disaster will catch up with her, hopefully quickly.

  • rick

    Yahoo is by far the biggest technology and managementfailure. Yahoo management is so out of tune with how the world works online.. Without Alibaba stock would be in the teens. Incompetence boggles the mind on all fronts.

  • Nadheeran

    Youtube comments are some of the depressing things on the internet. Each time I read through them I lose a little more faith in humanity. This video perfectly sums up the ridiculous nature of Youtube comments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1CkL3X0jqE

  • KF

    Both suck but I am especially betrayed by Google. There were suppose to be the good guys not some random thugs!

  • Jon

    I dont blame Google at all – I support them on this issue.

    Youtube is a great resource which is totally ruined by idiots and low life who feel that the rest of us want to read their abuse and mindless drivel.

    Why is everyone outraged at Google? The outrage should be pointed at the pond life that caused the problem in the first place.

    I use Youtube for instructional videos and I am fed up with reading rubbish mixed in with genuine replies and interest. Its obvious that Google cannot police this alone and inevitable that they will need to somehow get users to grade and rate.

  • http://www.2bubbleblog.com 2BubbleBlog

    It’s definitely Youtube comments the worse. We all knows except from webmasters nobody use Google +. An example, when a new press release is accepted on my site, I add the link on my google +, facebook, twitter and scoot.it pages. Guess what, I get traffic from facebook and scoop.it sometime but I only got links counted in Google Webmaster Tool with google + and scoop.it. I know facebook and twitter doesn’t like google to crawl them (when we are big company, we can turn it down unlike us, small site owners), but one day, Google will have to understand that with Google +, it is really wasting its time and annoying us indeed.

  • http://www.backwaterstudio.com Kathleen Johnson

    Yahoo Mail

    I have been a user since the onset of Yahoo Mail..well, almost.

    Being there that long, I have been through all the upgrades, the thrusts into new Markets, the Experts Answers, the startup of the web platform, even the startup of Groups. Somewhere around here I have a $50 Bond certificate they sent me for doing something for them years ago, cant even remember what it was. Now I belong to Yahooo Yodelers – where they ask us questions about marketing for the most part. Most of it superfluous and of little merit to this little olde lady.

    But, through it all, I still used Yahoo Mail. It always worked well – but, like any “house”- they have tweaked, remodeled, and tried to keep up with the Jones’s all-the-while not understanding that, we, as users, were quite happy with the ranch style house with the plain Jane mail box.

    Its not the Ads with the new upgrade – couldn’t care less about that myself. For me it is the layout of the new upgrade – just down right cumbersome to use. Never even asked us on Yodelers about this marketing or change – I find that interesting. They have the perfect test engine for new concepts, but they never ask the “important” questions about what their users think – those, questions, apparently, they ask themselves internally.

    And therein lies the problem – us, the clients of Yahoo, many of us “users” longer than the Yahoo engineers are in “age” themselves – we are the very last to have input on these changes, upgrades, and tweaks – until after the changes are implemented. Who has the most experience “using” the Yahoo platform after all?

  • dog rescuer

    MAIL is our connection to other PEOPLE. The Saraha Desert+ is not.

  • antonella

    The lack of Yahoo Mail compatibility with Opera is appalling, really

  • NSA

    Wake up people – don’t you know Marissa is a plant by Google – she’s just doing her job!!!

  • http://tfgtv.com TFGtv

    Google/YouTube travels further down the road to disrepute daily… If you refuse to monetise your video, and it becomes popular in a short time, YouTube – in an effort to get rid of it – will falsely accuse you of using bots to boost views! – This is especially true if you embed with the reated links turned off…

    Why? – Your bandwidth makes them no money! – Frankly; if they’d asked for a small subscription to run ad-free I’d maybe have gone for that. As it is, we’ve dumped YouTube and are advising customers to steer clear too.

    Add to that the railroading into the highly invasive Google+ YouTube= bandit country!

    Yahoo mail we’ve also ditched after some 14-15 years or so… It’s somply no longer for for purpose! – Using our own servers now.

  • Alec

    I have never used yahoo mail and never will.

    I do use you tube comments and think the new system is rubbish. You start watching a video, want to comment, check in and then you come back to THE BEGINNING OF THE VIDEO ……….HUH!

  • Sunni_pch

    As soon as I have time to do it, I’m switching!!!!
    I’ve had a Yahoo account for years (at least 5 or 6), and they just can’t leave well enough alone. It is the worst service ever.

  • http://www.genycis.com Genycis Beats

    For me, Yahoo was the worst of the two hands down. Granted, I didn’t like having to make a Google+ account just for the sake of posting to videos, but Yahoo’s changes have really messed things up.

    I’ve been managing to slowly get used to it because my music biz has used my yahoo email address for over 10 years now and I can’t just dump it off, BUT, it has really been a disaster with their new changes. No tabs was the biggest impact for me, and though I’ve adjusted to this “Recent” option they have, it’s still nowhere near the same. Add “attachments” loading at the very bottom of your email chain instead of at the top, where the toolbar should also have remained, and it’s easy to see why Yahoo wins the debate.

    The WORST part of it all is Yahoo’s upper management’s non chalant attitudes and disregard to the MASSIVE complaints.. you ask for feedback, and then when the thousands and thousands of people leave their distaste for the new system, your replies are along the lines of this being the new system so in other words, GET OVER IT. Oh, and that Exec’s comment about “you’d have to give them a swift kick in the “parts” to have our customers leave”… someone should give him a swift hard kick in his parts for that BS, which proves my point on their no-care non-chalant attitude.

    If it wasn’t because my biz has used the email for over 10 years, and that it would take a lot to change over, I would’ve probably left as well. I really hope that they listen eventually and change it back.. but looks like we’ll get kicked ten times over in the ‘parts’ before they change it. Very disappointed with the changes, but more so with the lack of care and concern of their customers and their remarks. A damn shame such a well known company has such an attitude to it.

  • Frieda

    YAHOO gettin from WORSE to WORST second by second.

  • Jedy

    After getting countless messages asking me if I would like to use my real name (and the Google+ annoyance), I decided to cancel my YouTube account. Trouble is, those awkward b******s Google have now replaced my real name on my Gmail account with my YouTube username and offer no way to put it back. I’ve figured out how to set it to use my real name when sending emails but every time I log in, there’s the username!!! Grrr!!!

  • http://www.cleverenglish.net/ Gerardo

    I did not know Yahoo mail was in trouble.
    But yesterday I learned it the bad way. I tried to enter my Yahoo mail and a window (or so) pop up telling me that that email had been dormant for too long and it was gone. Ah, thank you! And I have a question, where are the emails I had there archived? Where is the information (in that emails) that I had trusted to them? Do these people understand how serious is it to provide with an email to a user? Today I have learn that the head of the company is a woman. Are women capable of handling important things (outside of a household)? Very clearly it seems that some are. Probably the problem is not exactly gender.
    And with respect to Google+ . I have been trying for months what it is all about. If you allow me to say, I am busy in several fronts, and if thing get too complicated it takes me time to fully learn the new processes.
    These people does not seem to understand that we should strive to do things easier not more complicated!
    I may be wrong, but it seems there is a mess in several areas of the Internet now. I may be exaggerating a little bit to get the idea across.
    I am happy with Gmail. But it also seems it getting complicated. I hope they do not destroy it.
    I supposedly back up a lot of files in the cloud with Drive. They say this amount of gigas is free. I tried to enter my files from another computer to see if my files were really in the cloud. I was not able to enter. If they can not give the service free of charge because lack of resources why do net us about that?
    They are playing with fire, it seems.
    I kindly suggest to these people to simplify things, to be serious and respectful to users, and to dedicate the next ten years to give tutorials so we users can use properly the tools they are devising.
    If they are very poor, tell us, and we see if we can chip in a little.

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/BrightgemsTreasures?ref=si_shop patricia grant

    Definitely Yahoo. I hate it period, enough said. Now every day when I open up my yahoo email it freezes up my computer and i have upgraded to all the newest broswers etc and it happens on all 3 chrome, IE and FF. I have to press escape to then be able to read or see anything. I think it may be the ads that is causing the prob, I didn’t know there was a way to opt out? Maybe that will fix my issue. I loved yahoo the way it was, but not now. And groups? forget about it no links are live anymore its useless really. JMO;0)

  • http://www.freebiediner.com Shirlee

    Guess I’m odd (wo)man out here. Yes, I do have a Yahoo email account (two in fact) and hate the changes but Google strong-arming still ranks number one with me. I think they took something good and made it not so good.

    Why do these conglomerates not understand the old, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” adage?

  • Mark

    I finally migrated for good from YHOO to Gmail during this debacle. Works like a charm.

  • http://www.thecollectorshub.com The Collectors Hub

    Do not like Yahoo Mail. It’s not an improvement in functionality and what’s up with all the purple?

  • Simon Duncan

    Just typical. Both of the NEW systems described are all about increasing revenue for what where originally FREE services. Personally I find the very idea of Yahoo scanning my email so that they can send me appropriate adds so offensive I could just EXPLODE. Its my private email (NSA notwithstanding). Lucky for me I have my own website & hence private emails.
    As to having a Google+ account – well go suck eggs. I have no desire to be sucked into the maelstrom of intrusion and malinformation that people like Google and Facebook are creating. I do not do social networking – don’t want to – and feel that those that do are simply making themselves into marketing targets for folk with serious degrees in manipulation. If I wanted a Google+ account I would have one. The more they try to bully me into having one the LESS inclined I am to do so.
    In conclusion a pox on both their houses.

  • Madhusudan

    What are people talking about? I have been using the paid version of yahoo mail since the last 15 years, and the new format did have some teething problems, but now its working fine. Am I missing something?

  • http://www.cartridgesave.co.uk Alex Morris

    Considering YouTube’s a free, brilliant service I thoroughly enjoy I had no real issue with the change. This is also as I like Google+ a great deal. I ditched Facebook months ago as I find it so irritating – at least G+ offers up the chance for some creativity, and does away with narcissistic status updates from friends bemoaning their lives.

    As for the YouTube comments section – I’ve found myself commenting less with my real name, it has to be said, but I’m using YouTube as much as I ever have. The propensity for users to put up absurd comments, argue vehemently, and make bigoted remarks has dropped, which is welcome, but this is all really major First World Problem stuff.

  • sheri

    I have been using Yahoo email for over over 12 years. Absolutely cannot stand the new format. And does anybody know what is wrong with Yahoo today?!! I can’t access anything but a garbled screen. I give up.

  • Peter

    And the Winner (Loser) is Yahoo Mail by a landslide!
    This new Yahoo Mail is an unusable, juvenile piece of rubbish. I’m so happy to be Yahoo’s “Anti-Spam Hero”! Give me a break…
    This interface is so full of bugs I need a can of Raid next to my computer at all times.
    As far as Yahoo responding to user complaints, Yahoo never responded or made a move to acknowledge frustrated users until Jeff Bonforte made that hostile comment about kicking Yahoo Mail users in their private parts. Then and only then, did Yahoo bring back the much missed feature of Tabs under the guise of listening to the requests of their users. In reality, bringing back Tabs was nothing more than damage control for Bonforte’s comment.
    Spin it up all you want Yahoo, your New Mail is an unmitigated disaster and everyone (including your advertisers) knows it. Don’t you think it’s time to dump this atrocity and bring back the reliable version prior to 10/8/13? I do.

  • Pat Dowhn

    Yahoo’s spam-friendly email system is only incompetence.
    On the other hand, Google’s diabolical scheme to instantly make Google Plus seem like a viable social network by forcing the huge YouTube user base to adopt g+ in order to comment is a huge, evil sham that I only wish could derail the greedy Google empire.
    To add insult to injury, Google said with a straight face that this unholy merger would “fix” the YouTube comments, as if anyone is stupid enough to believe that was really Google’s intention. Insulting!

  • Pat Dowhn

    Yahoo’s spam-friendly email system is only incompetence.
    On the other hand, Google’s diabolical scheme to instantly make Google Plus seem like a viable social network by forcing the huge YouTube user base to adopt g+ in order to comment is a huge, evil sham that I only wish could derail the greedy Google empire.
    To add insult to injury, Google said with a straight face that this unholy merger would “fix” the YouTube comments, as if anyone is stupid enough to believe that was really Google’s intention. Insulting!

  • http://elainequinn.com Elaine Quinn

    There were many technical issues with Yahoo mail. However, Google is abusing its power by promoting Google+ using underhand tactics. To me, this is far worse than honest technical mistakes. Google has lost its ‘Go’ and is more of an ‘ogle’. Impertinent towards rivals and an algorithmic anagram of evil!

  • Not A Child

    YM takes the cake. Email is a vital productivity tool, the requirements for which wage-busting, iPhone gaming, tween age programmers on one side and ruling class CEOs (who have never worked an honest day in their lives) on the other just cannot understand; so they think nothing of replacing an old reliable workhorse with an oh-so-new-and-sparkling but useless toy. OTOH, YouTube comments (unlike some of the video clips), are mostly a form of entertainment.

  • http://www.roycobden.com Roy Cobden

    Clear win for Yahoo: “Most Pissed-Off Users 2013” award.

    Not only did the downgrade of Yahoo mail generate hatred from that user base, but they managed to generate a lot of anger from many yahoo finance users as well when they “unimproved” that site too.

    Sorry, Yahoo, but a gmail-ish “Fresh New Look” doesn’t mean jack-s**t when you trade off functionality to get it.

  • Angela Morgan

    I hated the changes to Yahoo Mail

  • Tim

    Youtube comments always make me feel better. Sometimes they’re insightful, sometimes they’re witty, and other times they’re hilarious stupidity, but they’re always entertaining. I refuse to get Google+, hence I’ve lost my access to Youtube comments. Even if I were to subscribe, I’d only feel dismayed knowing all of the brilliant comments from the golden age of Youtube are now gone forever. The integration of Google into everything feels like corporate fascism, and I lament the loss of yet another reason to visit Youtube, which will soon fade into oblivion just like Myspace.

  • Suzanne Rogers

    How anybody can screw up email in this day and age as much as Yahoo did is beyond me, so much so that thousands of Yahoo Mail users have had to find another provider.
    Yahoo needs to go back to school and take E-Mail 101. They can learn that users need to actually be able to find and open attachments, underline text, use folders, etc.
    The loss of function that really takes the cake for me is not being able to know who an email was actually sent to and who was copied. All of the recipients are lumped under “To”, no “Cc” or “Bcc”. How am I supposed to compose an intelligent reply if I don’t know how the sender formatted the header? I can’t, not without taking the chance of looking stupid and sending information to the wrong people. I have to go into basic, where this information is still available, see who the intended recipients are, then go back to the full version to compose a reply.
    This new Yahoo Mail is the epitome of senselessness and I’m sorry to say that after 10+ years I have had to go elsewhere.

  • http://dominogavin.blogspot.com Gavin Bollard

    Personally, I love the yahoo changes. Of course, I love Gmail too.

    I’m less thrilled about everything I look at in Youtube being tracked.

  • di bogg

    Yahoo mail is absolutely worthless now. I tried to send a few emails, and they disappeared, couldn’t find them again. Every column has a rectangle with 4letters/numbers in it at the beginning and end of each incoming mail, each category, everywhere these little rectangles with a combination of EO/O4. And did you notice the help page? Check it out, you gotta be kidding me. No email service should require that much help. The help topics alone, without the actual help, causes you to scroll several times to read them all. Get rid of Marissa. And I don’t want any ads, the internet will become like tv, nothing but an annoying ocean of ads, commercials. I do use firefox and Adblock plus. Adblock Plus is the best addon ever. At Marissa’s rate of destruction, watch out walmart, you might be next.

  • Pat Dowhn

    Everything wrong with Yahoo Mail can be written off as incompetence- the problem with Google and YouTube is nothing less than corporate fascism at its worst.

    The YouTube comments, while typifying internet trolling, were NEVER the reason for forcing g+ on YouTube users. The comments merely served as a false flag for Google to use to justify ramming g+ down the throats of YT users- just to artificially boost “Googlebook” to competitive levels.

    Google has been fuming for years over the failure of g+ to gain a real following compared to Facebook. The instant g+ numbers started to rise Google began trumpeting victory- never mind that the YT trolls were going wild with new g+ abilities, including ASCII porn pics and links to viruses.

    Google’s fascism and lies make the YouTube fiasco the worst story of 2013.

  • ROAR Buddy

    Yahoo is the pits. I’ve been a member since 28 March 2007 used it for mail, IM, Flixer and Yahoo Answers on 28 December 2013 made 4 new accounts each suspended coz of user(s) stalking me reporting my questions and answers plus giving answers thumbs down.

    Mail is terrible and so is the new layout in Y!A. I think they need to sort themself out as they never fix glitches on site and appealing violations is terrible they usually dont allow it and just suspend users.
    I think I may get suspended again so wont come back and I hope others do this too as they should not get money for what they do.

    Oh yeah and they are now changing the uk site to eu or something like that which is not very clear.

  • Edward Bax

    Despite what Yahoo would like the media to believe, the majority of complaints were not a case of “oldsters who just don’t like change”. The complaints were about the fact that many useful functions were removed and idiotic “features” were added.It has been removed,but after the Oct revamp,a message “you are my anti-spam hero”popped up when spam was emptied.The formatting bar is now,still,out of sight , at the bottom of the” compose” window. Attachments don’t open/can’t be attached and emails take DAYS to arrive. Instead of working email, users get a dancing logo and pretty(?) “themes”. Even worse was Yahoos reaction to the 1000s of complaints-Yahoo encouraged users to vote on various issues on their uservoice feedback forums , when votes reached astronomical numbers (over 100,000 for tabs and over 40,000 to return the formatting bar to the top),the issues were marked “resolved” and the threads closed-with nothing having been done to “resolve” anything.”Tabs” has since been returned but little else has been repaired-the new Yahoo mail is a bug-infested disaster.

  • gardenlady

    I had interview letter delivered BLANK when Yahoo changed format. Later, a friend reviewed my resume. I was on the phone when he sent it. It NEVER arrived. I ended up doing the corrections by phone. Yesterday, 3/4/14, I tried to send an important attachment that refused send. I went immediately to my new other email provider, and it sent right away. Never mind that NEOIZING Yahoo Groups, a once efficient and smooth running system, is impossible to use at this time as a moderator. How about having group reminders that don’t arrive! Calendars that explode with glitches. While I refuse to use Google +, Yahoo outstrips the competition with a non-functioning, unstable, and failing email provider and groups platform.