“What My Friends Think I Do” Meme Popular on Facebook

    February 16, 2012
    Chad Sweely
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Ever since the dawn of the latest update of Facebook, picture sizes within the Facebook feed have increased. This helps memes become more viral on the well-known social networking site, along with various cute ICanHasCheezburger pictures.

Recently, you may have seen a new meme start to arise on Facebook with images segmented into six sections with the following titles that relate to a specific profession:

  • What my friends think I do
  • What my mom thinks I do
  • What society thinks I do
  • What my boss thinks I do
  • What I think I do
  • What I actually do

For example, I will provide the one that closely fits my position here at the iEntry Network:

You may have seen a few of these appear in your friends feed on Facebook. I have provided a few more examples below that pertain to various business-related professions:

There are even a few satirical versions of this meme starting to appear:

What are some of the good “What My Friends Think I Do” memes that you have seen in your Facebook friends feed? Let us know below in this post’s comments section.

  • http://www.joshuaissac.com/ Joshua Issac
  • Matt Harrington

    I would like to see one for an automotive tech.

  • allen

    I wanna see one for chefs/line cooks

  • meech


  • Kristen

    I want to see one for Bank Tellers

  • http://www.youtube.com/herostoryproductions Rory

    Is there a website that allows one to create these easily?

  • http://www.WhatMyFriendsThinkIDo.com Barry

    Hey Chad, great rundown! I love these too! Actually, there’s a website I started that has all of them in one place, for people who like them but are tired of searching for them all over the web.


    Have fun looking at em!


    • http://www.ientry.com/ Chad Sweely

      Hey Barry. Thanks for the share! :)

  • Rachel

    I’ve been waiting for the (tech) writer one.

    • Rachel

      Just checked Barry’s link. Annnd the first one is writer. Thanks, Barry and Chad!

  • http://thoughtsofasimplecitizen.blogspot.com/ MFL
  • http://www.hadschi.at Hadschi

    reborn christians, please!!!!

  • Jenny

    Can you do one for Correctional Officers?? (Prison Guard)

  • http:greeneyedmom.wordpress.com Tara DeBruin

    Can you do one for a lunch lady?

  • Jamie

    I seriously want to see this meme fucking disappear. It seems like every third or fourth fucking post on my news feed is one of these stupid memes, which aren’t even that funny anymore. Seriously, STOP BEATING THIS DEAD HORSE! Fuck’s sake…

  • http://N/A Justin

    I would like to see a firefighter one Please!!!

  • Maria

    I would like to see one for a social worker or case manager.

  • Nancy L.

    Yes, social worker would be great!

    • meg

      Yes! Social worker!!! Please!!!

      • Lisa

        Social work one!!!

        • Kate

          I’ve done a social worker one, if you go on Facebook and go to the ‘social workers are hot’ group I’ve posted it on there

          • Kate

            here’s the link https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150674826995320&set=o.105009229531244&type=1&theater

  • Chris

    I want to see one for political stafffer!

  • Chris

    oops staffers! sorry!

  • Thea

    I want to see that of a brand manager!

  • James

    Making memes isn’t hard. a “What my friends think I do” meme can be made in Paint with copy & paste skills. This meme is best when someone who knows a certain field well makes one.

  • jen jones

    I’d like to see veterinary technician

  • http://WhatWeActuallyDo.com Chris

    There’s already a website that features all of these..


    You can submit images too!

  • anna

    im a professional bra fitter… id pay someone to make one for my job! lol

  • alex

    marine corps…but i cant find a good one anywhere!

  • Krystina

    Do you have one for Nurses??

  • Allison

    Here’s one I did for SOCIAL WORK:


    • Kate

      here’s one I did as well, quite similar! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150674826995320&set=o.105009229531244&type=1&theater

  • James

    I made one for wine bloggers..don’t think it’s been mentioned here yet http://www.regularwino.com/articles/wine-blogging/

  • Jens

    I made a little app for Android to create your own “What Everybody Think I Do Memes” on your phone with only a couple of clicks…
    Give it a try and let me know what you think:

    (It’s free and without ads)

  • http://www.brucegeisert.com Bruce Geisert
  • http://www.thecinnamoncoach.com Angie

    ACE! I would love one for LIFE COACHES!! Can’t believe no-one has made one for the “Wierdo Hippy Life Coach Chick” my husband thinks I am! 😀

  • Julie

    Can I get one for Leasing and marketing???

  • Momo

    CSI! Where are the CSIs???!

  • I dot


  • Devina

    do you have one for bowling?

  • http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3322142221234&set=a.1408809029100.2056005.1498693606&type=3 Artemis Jones

    He is a ‘What My Friends Think’ meme, for all of the keyboardist out there working the gig.

  • http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3322142221234&set=a.1408809029100.2056005.1498693606&type=3 Artemis Jones


  • http://thoughtsofasimplecitizen.blogspot.com/ Simple Citizen
  • http://www.brucegeisert.com Bruce Geisert

    The Gaffer meme I posted here got a lot of hits, so I did one for “director of photography”. I post the base image on flickr, with the supporting photos.

    dp: wird meme

    I posted both on facebook; not sure if this link will work for the dp wird memes. You should be able to find them on this link, and share on facebook.

    Next MEME to be created: international consultant/

  • http://www.brucegeisert.com Bruce Geisert

    Since you’re on this site, you must like memes.

    If you know who Richard Dawkins is, you get a gold star!

    Richard Dawkins will be speaking in Washington, DC, on March 24th, at the Reason Rally. (http://www.reasonrally.org) Adam Savage, Co-host of Mythbusters will also be speaking.

  • ChefMissAnya


    CHEF :)

  • Carol


  • Meg

    i want to see one for a funeral director or embalmer, but i cant find one. It’s what i do for living

  • Pambos

    Heya i would like to see one for international students in usa xD