What Miss Travel Is and Isn’t

    May 4, 2012
    Abby Johnson
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A new site called Miss Travel launched recently for “generous” and “attractive” people that focuses on both dating and travel. Miss Travel, which has already garnered nearly 50 thousand members, describes itself as the “only online dating website” where “we match Generous travelers who hate to travel alone with Attractive travelers who would love the opportunity to travel the world for free.”

Miss Travel Homepage

The idea of the service is to bring together individuals that share a love for travel but lack either the funding or the companion to do so. Both the “attractive” and the “generous” users can sign up for free, but the “generous” must pay if they want to communicate with the “attractive” users. This type of model is common among most dating sites, aside from the “attractive” and “generous” elements.

What’s your first impression of Miss Travel? Let us know.

While Miss Travel clearly states that “escorts are not allowed,” the early perception indicates otherwise. Neetzan Zimmerman on Gawker said “it’s really the #1 prosti-travel website,” and called the site’s CEO and founder Brandon Wade an “e-pimp.” Other sources, including mainstream media outlets, have also indicated that it’s essentially a prostitution service.

Miss Travel Doesn't Allow Escorts

Twitter users have also weighed in on the service:

This just might be the weirdest new web service I’ve come along in a long time. http://t.co/H7Ru0M8S #misstravel 9 days ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Lol a website that puts beautiful women with rich men who will pay for them to travel… apparently this isn’t sleazy?! #misstravel 4 days ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I can see the tshirts now: “My wife flew #MissTravel.com and all I got was a lousy STD”. http://t.co/YktDVxRT @GetGlue @GMA 8 days ago via GetGlue.com ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

At least #MissTravel is innovative in one, or more likely 2 sectors. Pretty easy to guess what that second sector is… 6 days ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Brandon Wade, CEO and Founder of Miss Travel Brandon Wade, however, maintains that the service is not about escorts or prostitution. He tells WebProNews that Miss Travel is simply a “dating site that combines the adventure of travel.”

“We advocate the fact that ‘generous’ users have to pay for the travel expenses of the ‘attractive’ users, but nowhere on the website do we advocate that money can be exchanged between the members, nor is the word ‘sex’ ever sort of mentioned,” he said.

“We are very clear that escorts are not allowed on the website,” he continued, “and we take a lot of proactive action to keep the escorts off our website.”

When asked why Miss Travel advertises for “attractive” people and not just anyone, Wade explained that the phrase was designed to include anyone that “feels” attractive. In other words, users don’t have to meet any certain criteria to participate in the service.

“’Attractive’ is in the eye of the beholder,” he said. “We’re not saying you have to be a certain size, or you have to be so tall in order to qualify as being ‘attractive.’”

Wade also has some other websites including SeekingArrangement.com and WhatsYourPrice.com, that indicate the same ideas as Miss Travel, which is why there are a lot of people that are still unconvinced of the “no escorts” stance. But, Wade insisted to us that escorts aren’t allowed on any of his sites.

According to him, men should be gentlemen and pay for items for women. This apparently became his motto after growing up with a mother who complained since his father didn’t buy her jewelry, clothing, etc.

“All of the websites that I’ve built so far focuses on a common theme that… you need to be a little bit generous… in order to… basically have an advantage on dating,” said Wade.

“Generosity and paying for an escort – there’s a huge difference between the two.”

He added that people are “reading between the lines” when they equate Miss Travel to an escort service.

“The last thing I want is this constant reminder that it has something to do with an escort service, because it does not,” he said.

In the near future, he plans to incorporate testimonials on the site to prove his point. Wade is also in the process of partnering with travel companies and potentially partnering with in a television effort to further change this perception.

Based on this information, how would you define Miss Travel? We’d love to know.

  • http://MissTravel Kris B.

    Lol…..? Really. I’m sorry…. What is the difference Between escort and everything paid by a gentleman? I had Sugars Daddy’s ‘ ;)) I must saying being on the other-side of the fence…. Meaning a woman who had this, It’s all kinda the same thing, situation, etc. spoil us, pamper us…. Something in return–Escort! ;))

  • http://MissTravel Kris B.

    I think this is great! Whatever works…. As long as no-one is getting hurt. ;)) Amen! Are there good, Christian, Jesus loving men on here too? I prefer that type. ;))

  • Kip

    Look this is no different than any other dating site except the concept is much more fun. Pimping, maybe but who cares, these people are paying for this and that is their choice. As long as noone gets hurt, why not. My only fear would be a serial killer or rapist could use as a tool to attract women. Background checks would be a must and I suppose the risk is the persons choice. If I were younger I would do it. Why not, as they said life is short.

  • Kris Kuhl

    Why do people automatically think that it is women signing up to be the free traveller? Why can’t it be a man signing up as ” sexy, single and ready to mingle”. Why do women always have to be the ones getting free trips??? Oh yeah, escorts!

  • Miia Maaria

    I have bad experiences from this site´s text´s moderator 12.-14.10.2013. I have been years a happy user of Brandon´s sites, he can really make dating sites, but there are always some things, which can be made better. I tell later my experience about MissTravel, but would say that women should never give their contact information or names to a stranger and a generous member should pay all, also accommodation and round-trip travel tickets, + food, drinks etc. This is now too insecure, especially for younger girls, they should never travel alone with a strange man. I am a very attractive member and haven´t got anything from this site, been here now since August, I live in North of Europe. Only disrespectful men, who can´t travel at least to my country. I wan´t only to meet them first, not looking for any kind of Internet relationship. So I put to my profile a link to Brandon´s another excellent dating site, my profile was accepted (of course, because of both are Brandon´s sites). Now I updated my profile on MissTravel, but not this issue and those two old lines, where I asked them to contact me on another Brandon´s site were deleted and my profile approved then, I didn´t get that normal “Approved” thing to my email, but noticed that from the site. I was told before from another Brandon´s site that moderators can´t edit profiles, it wasn´t true or they have changed their system. I recommend everyone to see their profile again, if it has been changed. So those two lines were accepted before on another Brandon´s sites as well and also on MissTravel. Now this strange (new?) moderator started to fight with me, he or she really “made” my weekend to “shine”. I have been a moderator myself also on another dating site and on different dating sites since 2003, so I know these things. I send several times a feedback to MissTravel, but nothing happened. I also contacted Mr. Brandon Wade several times on Facebook, nothing happened. The last time that moderator made a new thing on MissTravel, she or he deleted again those two lines, but denied my profile, last two times she or he did the same, but approved my profile. I have needed to think, if this moderator is using drugs, alcohol, have mental problems or simply feebleminded, I don´t know the answer, he or she can´t understand word, so really something is wrong with her/him. This site has been however a really big disappointment, haven´t got nothing. I also wonder is Brandon really a Manager or only a doll Manager, I am not convinced at all. Workers, or at least this one doesn´t seem be afraid of him. I hope that this moderator gets fired ASAP, he or she can´t do his or her work. P.S. I wrote this issue to MissTravel´s FB wall and got blocked there, here we see that this owner can´t stand criticism and I think also that when he has chinese roots (I read that from Wikipedia), he may not really respect women (I feel so), I have at least heard that chinese men don´t usually respect women. I liked about Brandon, but not anymore. I have gave him several great ideas how to make the site(s) better, he doesn´t care, maybe because of I am “just” a woman, yes, but I know about a lot of dating, especially from women´s perspective. Brandon seems accepting that it is OK from “gentleman”, millionaire men to send 5 euros date offers on WYP for ladies, who deserve the best, I have never been hurted in any dating site so much than in these millionaire sites. Brandon´s behavior was also arrogant, he didn´t reply to my feedback about MissTravel. How strange that the same text was accepted on SA and SM, but not on MissTravel, the same man owns all sites! Can´t understand him thinking either.

  • Miia T.

    Hi, I write about my MissTravel dating site´s experiences as an attractive member here: