What Is Bitcoin? Well, Watch This Great Video and Find Out

    April 9, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Have you been hearing a lot about Bitcoin lately? Do you have absolutely no idea what the hell people are talking about? Are you in the least bit troubled by your lack of understanding?

Here, watch this video. It’s an incredibly well-made primer on the decentralized digital currency that’s grabbing a lot fo attention right now.

Afterward, if you’re still wondering if you should use Bitcoin, read this.

[Duncan Elms]

  • eeglecomo


    Who can assure that biggest bitcoin ex-changer is not manipulating with prices? Is there any proof of payment which is received from this biggest ex-changer? I tryed to google it but there isn’t any. Also, they have very long period (up to 20-30 days) for withdrawed money to arrive into your account. So, I guess this fake crazyness will not last longer than this frame of time.

    But still I believe in idea of decentralised currency, but there is a need for true market (not one ex-changer) and big trust among those to whom you send your virtual currency (there is no way back in bitcoin).

    And still I want that BITCOIN :) Please, let me see how it works by sending smallest part of bitcoin:




  • Enid Mejias

    Saw the entire video still don’t understand what is this?