Westboro Baptist Church Continues Their Assault on Steve Jobs

Still tweeting from their iPhones...

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Westboro Baptist Church Continues Their Assault on Steve Jobs
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If you aren’t familiar with Westboro Baptist Church, they are a fringe organization from Topeka, Kansas that travel around the country protesting high profile funerals of fallen American soldiers and celebrities.

The membership is small – 71 members as reported in 2007 – but they are widely known due to their unorthodox and outspoken positions on homosexuality and calls for God to destroy America.

You might know them as the “God Hates Fags” people (that’s the title of their official website), and you might have seen them at funerals and other events holding signs that read, “You’re Going to Hell,” “God Hates America,” “America is Doomed,” and “Thank God For Fallen Soldiers.” I don’t really want to try to summarize their beliefs in a succinct statement, but if I had to, I would say that they espouse that our culture is wicked, and God hates it, and that his punishment for homosexuality and other “Godlessness” is Hell.

Members of the group have even said that their goal with all the protests is to spread “God’s hate.”

Lovely. I’m sure you can see why they are quite the controversial group.

In 2009, they protested the funeral of Michael Jackson. In 2010, they picketed the funeral of Ronnie James Dio. By their count, they have conducted over 30,000 pickets all across the country.

Right after Jobs’ death on Wednesday evening, Westboro top member Margie Phelps tweeted the fact that they planned on protesting his funeral. Here’s what that tweet looked like:

If you look carefully, you’ll see that the tweet to announce Jobs’ funeral protest was sent via iPhone. Of course, this is some pretty incredible irony and quite a healthy dose of hypocrisy thrown in the mix.

When the fact that Phelps had tweeted her anti-Jobs tweet via iPhone spread around the internet, Phelps addressed it on Twitter:

http://t.co/4Khk7ygv via @manstuffjoe
Rebels mad cuz I used iPhone to tell you Steve Jobs is in hell.God created iPhone for that purpose! :) 1 day ago via web · powered by @socialditto

After you read that, once the stupid stops burning, check out how other members of Westboro have been addressing the Steve Jobs thing over the past couple of days:

#SteveJobs was an idolatrous fool and he split hell wide open! You got an app for that? Westboro Baptist Church will picket his funeral. 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Via @FieldRR@WBCPhotos you going to take photos at Steve Jobs funeral protest? Then upload pics & tweet from your Mac?” That’s the plan! 18 hours ago via Tweetbot for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Westboro Baptist Church thanks God for the cancer that ate Steve Jobs like a moth! “For the moth shall eat them up like a garment” (Isa51:8) 1 day ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Before you ask, yes, those were all tweeted from an iPhone.

When we first told you about the Margie Phelps tweet via iPhone story, we received a great amount of comments expressing not only disapproval of Westboro, but disbelief at how they would be allowed to do this. The answer is pretty simple – the Supreme Court of the United States has upheld their right to protest. An 8-1 decision in a case involving Westboro and the picketing of a military funeral said that their speech was protected under the First Amendment. They can’t be denied that right because their speech is unpopular and outrageous.

Dissenters of that opinion said that the families of the fallen soldiers in these cases are being attacked by Westboro, verbally, in order to draw attention. They claim that free speech rights are not a license for vicious verbal attacks.

What do you think? Does Westboro have the right to stage their protest, even though they are beyond unsavory? Or is it hate speech that needs to be limited? Let us know in the comments.

On their blog, Westboro has a post saying “Thank GOD! Steve Jobs is Dead.” They then modify a biblical passage to suit their needs and proclaim that Jobs played a part in gay marriage, which will bring civilization down –

Genesis 6:4 There were giants (in business/industry) in the earth in those days…the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Those captains of business/industry in Noah’s day did what Jobs and his cohorts do TODAY: turn the country over to the fags!

Fag marriage will bring your destruction! Jobs is responsible!

Of course this is nonsensical bullshit. Most of us can agree on that. And yes, some say that talking about Westboro only legitimizes their ridiculous message.

While it’s true that “media whores” isn’t a strong enough description of WBC, and they feast on the attention, they obviously have an impact on the national dialogue. Just look at all the internet chatter concerning their Steve Jobs statements over the last 2 days.

For such a small group, they have been able to affect the lives of many military families and draw the attention of millions of people. Should their ability to picket the funerals of fallen soldiers and celebs like Steve Jobs be limited? Can free speech go too far, and if so, does their speech apply? Or is there something quintessentially American in the fact that they are allowed to demonstrate, no matter how vile the material happens to be? Let us know what you think.

To see some decidedly more positive comments on the late Steve Jobs, check out this compilation of 100 tributes to Steve Jobs from all across the spectrum.

Westboro Baptist Church Continues Their Assault on Steve Jobs
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  • Julio Vazquez (@juliov27612)

    The only thing that I have to say in response to WBC is that someone should take them to task for libel. They may have the right to their speech, but when it adversely affects the image of a person or that person’s estate or legacy, they need to understand that they’re responsible for their words.

    Maybe Apple should crush them in court.

    • Kokomotoo

      Maybe you are on to something. Maybe someone ought to start slapping slander lawsuits on them.

      • Candide43130

        Been tried, unfortunately they lost.

        • Candide43130

          Went all the way to the Supreme Court. I’m as surprised as you are that Westboro actually won that case.

  • http://www.phelpschartered.com Jonathan Phelps

    The U.S. Supreme Court already answered your impertinent question on March 2, 2011, in the case of Snyder v. Phelps. Their opinion was consistent with decades of well-reasoned precedent. The freedom of religion and expression in public fora is inalienable. God did that. Stop being such crybabies.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

      LOL. You guys are great comedy. I’ll give you that much.

    • John Rogers

      Wow. Comical at best. Perhaps Miss Margie ought to read Apple’s patents. Surprisingly, God is not listed as an author.

    • Mike

      “Well Reasoned” coming out of that camp seems ludicrous even when it’s accurate.

      Religion is like a penis.

      It’s fine to have one.
      It’s fine to be proud of it.
      But don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around.
      And above all, please don’t try to shove it down anybody else’s throat.

      It’s always amusing to me how these “biblical” types can rationalize around all of the hypocrisy as easily as they do.

      Remember the Pharisees anybody?

      • Mike Wilson

        iWhile i dont agree with your analogy in regards to a piss i will say that not all christians and religion is a badly presented. i agree you should not shove it down peoples throats , just as i dont think oi should suck in someone elses cigarette smoke. i agrre and think that we should be able to present God to people but if you do not want to hear then we should respect that and move on. Some people : eg westbr oAND others have lost reality. i do know what you mean about pharisees and more christians should beware how close we go to that line. I am sorry if your opinion of christians is hardened by these people.

    • George

      Before you make any claim about any god you should have evidence to support what you’re saying. Either produce evidence that your god exists or STFU.

      I hope when Fred Phelps dies that his funeral is picketed by thousands of troops and their families. They can have a barbecue with lots of beer and use Fred’s grave as a urinal. That way he’ll finally serve some useful purpose.

    • Justme

      Jonathan, somehow you have forgotten that God loves everyone, no matter what they do. He may hate the sin, but he loves everyone. So you’re covered, God still loves you. Your ignorance will be forgiven. We will pray for you, so the hate in your heart doesn’t condemn your soul.

  • Skylar Clevenger

    Do these people read the bible? Because i feel if they did they would know that god dosnt hate anything no matter what it or they have done. i dont support gays but i support troops and what they did at troops funerals would make god throw up. and to attack steve jobs a man who created and advanced technology to the point that the only way these dumb so called christians could set up a picket is with his products the Westboro Baptist Church should burn in hell for using god as a way to hate.

    • http://www.benewords.com Carol Frome

      I’m sincerely glad that you believe that God doesn’t hate anyone, but then, in the same breath, saying that you “don’t support gays” is bizarre. It’s like saying you don’t support people with brown eyes.

      Do you support the many troops who are gay?

  • James Johns

    Did you see where a 14 year old girl from KC drove to Topeka and protested in front of Westboro Church? She said “God Loves Steve Jobs!” http://jadamink.com/blog/god-loves-steve-jobs/

    • Rita Sue

      All I can say is… YOU GO GIRL!!! I am glad that even at 14, she is standing up for what she loves and believes in in a peaceful manner.

      • Brian Grove

        Pacifism won’t get rid of these bastards, thanks to the Supreme Court. They need taking out

  • Sherry

    They obviously don’t serve the same God I do. My God does not hate!! It will not be possible for them to protest near the funeral of Jobs, even the friendly public will not get near. And I respect that for the family. Westboro is in this for themselves…..and it is advertisement for those of us who know the grace and mercy of the one true God. Every protest they stage…God spreads love 70x70x70x70……..

    Apple could easily crush them, but I don’t think it’s worth their time or energy….Once again a group of ignorant people are using religion and God for their own use. They even “re-write” the bible…what a JOKE!!

  • http://statsvalue.com Attila

    These “church” people just HATERS.

    • Mike Wilson

      i agree they are but i hope it does not complete yr opinion of church people. i am a christian and am appalled and feel VERY sorry for all they offend and upset.

  • Sherry

    Genesis 6:4……that is NOT what my bible says…ummmm, what version are WBC using? lol

  • Mick

    Comedy troops are a big hit across the country. “Second City”, “The Groundlings”, “Saturday Night Live’s Not Ready for Prime Time Players” and many more. But the one comedy troop that will continue to fail is “The Westboro Baptist Church”. They’re far from amusing, they lack comic timing, they have no talent, They are in dire need of training. Watching them perform is like watching a monkey F@&$ a football. You scratch your head in confusion and then turn away because nothing has been accomplished.

  • Joel

    God HATES sin, but NOT the sinner!! He loves the sinner that’s why he sent His son JESUS to save us from sin. We ought to Hate sin too but NEVER hate the “sinner” which is every human living on this fallen world. God sends His message through Love. And so should all the Christians in this world. All the members of WBC better change their way and repent before its too late coz one day they will meet their maker as we all will….. and that will be a very sad day for them if they don’t change their ways. I am sad for them personally.

  • james tait

    where are the hells angles when you need them. If some group would jump on these and beat the hell out of them maybe they would get some religion and quit doing the abscene things they do

  • Amanda Plants

    They are spreading “hate crimes” and they need to be treated and prosecuted for a hate crime. Has anyone ever picketed them? I bet they would seek legal action if someone picketed them with pictures and people they hate.

  • gino

    They are terrorist and Hitler Sinner followers. They are losers and evil, sick and dirty masochist people.
    The court of the United States should cut off their thongs so thy can’t hurt the good people feeling anymore and burn them like in the middle age the witches were burn by the English.

  • LBJ

    I can’t help feeling that somewhere there is a psych ward looking for the members of the Westboro Baptist Church. What’s equally insane is the Supreme Court’s reluctance to view their actions as hate crimes, or at least, as sheer harrassment. If this is the best these self-gloryfied psychos can do…camel-back final ceremonies of those who actually contributed something to humanity and disrespect families already in mourning, then they should be arrested for the hypocritical cowards they really are! Freedom of speech is one thing. Disturbing the peace, Disorderly conduct, and a host of other charges are something else. These are extremists hiding behind the word, “church” to protect them from being arrested for their harrasment, and they should be stopped. How would the Supreme Court feel if they showed up wanting to protest one of THEIR loved one’s funeral?

  • Mike Wilson

    I am a christian and am absolutely DISGUSTED at the westbro group. i will not call them a church as a church should resemble a caring family. they are abusive of their own family and are a disgusting stain on the world. yes free speach for everyone but hate is so destructive. my heart breaks for those hurt by these misdirected lunatics.

    • George

      Well said. Normal Christians need to distance themselves from these loonies.

  • dotdotdash2

    So they use iPhones to tweet, so what? The police use criminal tactics to bust criminals, what is the difference? God hates fags? Yes he does. Look in your bibles. Protesting the Michael Jackson funeral? Of course. He was a pedophile, and repeatedly got away with it in court (That’s one of many reasons why God should strike down America, because of the corrupt judicial system. Money and high-power celebrity status buys you freedom, just ask O.J. Simpson;) ). Picketing funerals of fallen soldiers? Sure why not? Soldiers nowadays are brainwashed. They fight in senseless wars in the Middle East for the profit of corporate bigwigs in America. Everyone with half a brain knows this. Without war, big arms dealers don’t make any profit. Plus there is oil to be gained by taking over small countries like Libya. Ghaddafi knows this. There are lots of places on the planet where atrocities against people are being committed but yet America focuses on the Middle East and Libya, and ignores the others (like Darfur for instance, which is on the same continent as Libya!), because there is nothing to gain in the other situations. Wake up, people. You are living in the age where Truth is wrong, and Lies rule. Corruption is okay, and doing the right thing is pushed on you through commercialization for a profit (starving people in Africa anyone? They wouldn’t be starving for 30 years+ if they would quit procreating so much and control the population. Why would you try to have a family on a bankrupt continent? That is just really ignorant and stupid. Quit begging for money and practice abstinence). Do I completely support what these people in this church are doing? Not necessarily, but they are on the right track as far as I am concerned. As far as this group “modifying biblical passages”, they aren’t doing anything that many churches and sects have done for the past century. It’s called “modern interpretation”. And in America, you have the freedom to do this. And they aren’t technically abusing this freedom as so many others are abusing their freedoms, like playing loud music in the middle of the day, or showing loud commercials, or scamming people in advertising on radio, television, and the internet. It’s high time people stop, and really think about things and get a grasp of the “Big Picture” here. Think about things like how the politicians you vote into office are backstabbing you. Even Jesus said that “the love of money is the root of all evil”. America is a capitalist nation, i.e. a nation all about making money–the love of money, which is why Russia and many other countries have hated us. Yes I am an “American”, I was born here 35 years ago, and I hate it. So before you start “hatin”, you better start thinkin ;).

    • nibbles

      Would you rather live somewhere else? Perhaps in an obscure third-world country where a clay pot would cost thousands of dollars? Where monarchs and policemen are free to bust into your house and send you to prison without any explanation why? Where you are PUNISHED for believing in God?

      • Dave

        If I only had time and space to express my thoughts on your post. I can understand your disbelief in our system of government. I’ve lived a few decades longer than you and have seen the decline. The difference between us is, I have hope. Hope that the people of the United States will wake up and quit electing people who will promise handouts to everyone with money they don’t have and elect people who will get our “collective” house in order. Elect people who will inspire the country to excellence and pride. I’m sorry you don’t like this country. But I challenge you to look for the good in this country. It’s all over the place. Join up with people who are doing good things and making a difference. They exist in every community. Don’t let your negativity consume your hope. There are millions of us out here who are working to give the younger generation a better tomorrow. And before you read this and think he’s off his rocker… you’re right. I might be. But I’m much happier making a positive difference doing it! Thanks for listening.

      • GCS

        Absolutely Nibbles i would rather live somewhere else and do life with Freedom, Liberty, and Justice rather (left that Hell Hole permanently 10 years ago and have never been happier) then in the US Hell Hole that it has clearly become.

        Rather try some obscure third world country (actually the US is a Third World Country – take out the 14 Trillion Debt from the streets and see what is left – nothing but garbage)

        Bread is 75 cents a loaf and a doctors house call for foreigners is $7.50 here where I have been asked for ID one time – when I was getting a new ID card – and in Ten Years I have NEVER even talked to a policeman ….. lmao ….. Amerika – Papers Please

        Most people whom say third world country do not even have a passport and know nothing about the world – typical American propaganda BS from uneducated idiots.

        “Where monarchs and policemen are free to bust into your house and send you to prison without any explanation why?”

        Good one – since you already have that in the Good Ole USA don’t you? – or did you forget about the UnPatriot Act and Gitmo? or the now allowed execution of American Citizens without trial by the Monarch Despot Ruler?

        You break down the door of my home without a warrant here even if you are wearing a police uniform you will be one dead SOB and though there may be a hearing – I will go free because we HAVE the right to defend our home and property against ILLEGAL search and/or seizure – ask Indiana about that one????

        Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for All has been absent from the US for a very long time and America the place has long been lost – but the idea is still alive :-) – wake up idiots – restore the Republic or live in hell which is what most Americans have today in Amerika.

        To be fair though it is the Government and Corporations that have made most Americans dumb downed idiots thinking that the US is the greatest thing since sliced bread while they go laughing all the way to the bank pilfering your freedom and fiat currency – Amerika good riddance – I welcome the true America of Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all – and truly despise the current Amerika that justice is only for those whom can afford it and Freedom and Liberty exist only for the same.

    • Mick

      You’re on the wrong track. Using the example of police employing criminal tactics is absurd. Live your life and stop shoving your beliefs down people’s throats. I see in your reply that you make no connection to the comedy troop of Westboro Baptist Church. Although, your comedy is of that ilk you may want to consider being a part of that band of dandy fools.. By the way, the word fag is defined as a stick or cigarette. Faggots are a bundle of sticks. So, when I see those signs I realize they’re in dire need of education. Not to mention a better comedy tour manager. Keep us posted on your tour dates!

      • http://www.benewords.com Carol Frome

        In the middle ages, homosexuals were burned at the stake, hence, the references to them as faggots — pieces of firewood or kindling.

        • Mick

          Yes, and in the middle ages Christians were burned at the stake, women who were thought to be witches were burned at the stake. They used those sticks called faggots to burn them. If you’re going to make a statement like that know your history. The word faggot has nothing to do with homosexuality. It was used as a slang much later to describe homosexuals. Brush up on your reading.

        • Mick

          Once again, here’s a little more info: the term “faggot” for homosexuals originated in the early 20th century in the United States and Canada.
          The Greek word phakelos means bundle.
          Westboro Baptist Church has a lot of explaining to do with their statements. I don’t think you’re part of that movement but you should do a little research.

    • Gurdip

      Dotdotdash – you’ve got a dot for a brain. Reading what you wrote, its quite obvious you are demented.

      Jesus saw the problems of his day and won over people with love – not with crap. You are obviously not his follower; you would probably have thrown a stone at the adultress even if He had forbidden it. If you hate your country so much, find another. If you hate the world we live in, leave it! The Japanese call it harakiri.

      Btw, I’m not Christian.

  • Markus

    AS a non-religious guy, i look at these.. Things as i call them. They are not human, they are fleshbags who take up space, breath my oksygen, and they are an overall abomination to all religions on this earth. I belive that you have the right to belive whatever you want, as long as you don’t go annoying people with your beliefs. TWBC should be removed from this earth as the tumor they are.

  • http://mototagz.com funny facebook

    These people should be locked in mental hospital.

  • Levi

    I watched a documentary on the Westboro “Baptist” “Church” today and I remember seeing something like this a while back and I learned the people’s names and a man they call “GRAMPS” that believe that everything negative that happens in this world is due to the fact that God Hates America. If this was the case, God should strike everyone of these people dead due to the simple fact that they woke up that morning and immediately began to judge and criticize everyone that walks on this planet. Who gives this 80 old faggot, child molesting, embezzling, fucker named Margie Phelps the right to even think of creating such worthless organization. Do something that would better this country or yourself by getting an education which you clearly don’t have and quit teaching and forcing your children and other people these ridiculous beliefs. I could go on and on about these hypocrites. Just hate it when especially soldiers get criticized. Those fuckers picketing probably could load a mag, insert, cock and shoot a gun. FUCK WESTBORO CHURCH!

  • Luis M

    If you punch someone in the face it’s an Attack and it’s illegal, but if you do so on a martial arts fight, then it’s legal.
    If you express what you think is legal, but if you use your words to attack someone this should be treated as an illegal act, since it’s intentionally harmful.

  • Seberina

    I lost my Mother to pancreatic cancer and no one could know the hell of that unless you were the person or close to the person…how dare someone thank God for that!!! They obviously do not know MY God! What a bunch of crazy, sadistic, devil worshipers! You can not be a person of God if you thank anyone for Cancer….PERIOD. And, picketing a FUNERAL?? Unbelievable. Thank God for fallen soldiers? Yes, the soldier who fell so you could have the right to disrespect him or anyone else with your freedoms? God hates America? If you feel that way, I am sure there is a door out of here if you look for it, hate to see you go down with us! And total hypocrisy using and IPhone to post that, what a moron!

    • Gurdip

      I wish there was a “Like” button for this.

  • Seberina

    Rest in peace, Steve Jobs….who I imagine DID thank God for his success in his own ways that did not have to involve anyone but him and God.

  • my cat

    My cat wants to poop on them.

  • George

    What a bunch of cunts. If there is a hell (and I don’t believe there is) there should be a circle set aside for these wankers where they can stew in their own juices.

  • Dave

    I label myself a conservative Christian and hold many of the same social values as does these WBC. But I cannot support their methods or actions except to say, as an American, they have the right of free speech as supported by the court’s decision. But I pray for them that they see the damage they are doing to these families and to the overal cause of Christianity. I find their actions in complete disharmony with Christ who dealt with many of the same issues. Their distortion of basic Christian values may serve to bring their message to the public media but, at the same time, destroying the credibility of millions of Christians and the good work they do. I guess we have to apply the basic precept of Christianity to WBC, “Love the sinner. Hate the sin.”

  • Candide43130

    Look on the bright side, without Westboro Baptist and their anywhere nobody wants them to be attitude, nobody would know what an internet troll looks like in person.

  • Brian Grove

    If the Supreme Court supports these vicious bastards, some soldier needs to take them out, the church and the Supreme Court and send the to hell where they belong.
    Every soldier should refuse to fight for a country which treats his family like this.

  • http://www.myupscaledaddy.com JP Adams

    Pray for them?? There is nothing like a ‘stir’ to bring out the comments but these people are a bunch of morons – Christian version of Jihad..
    How do they get time off work to do all this picketing? Guess they are mostly on some sort of government benefit!

  • http://www.b-adore.com Aaron

    utterly ridiculous. God preaches love for all people without exception. They should pay attention to the log in their eye before they protest the splinters that pain the world.

  • http://www.purchasecardsonline.com Purchase Cards Online

    I think they are nasty and stupid. Brain washed. Twitter should ban them so they cant spread there evil messages. I just think the USA police should investigate them and close them down.

    Steve Jobs R.I.P

  • http://FamilyMediaSite.com Terry “the Warrior”‘ Reece

    Although this crazy group was “rubber-Stamped” under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution by the Supreme Court, Would/Could NOT those Soldiers, and The Many, Many Families’ estates, whom they have so Crazily picked, and wrongfully spoken unjust things about, Turn The Tides in Civil Courts, and File Libel Suits against these Stupid types of Groups?

    I did “google” the meaning of Libel and Slander, and Wickipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defamation) gives great information into this legal areas of prudence. Quite Frankly, I am very, very taken aback, that Steve Jobs’ Legal “T.E.A.M.” and even before That, that some Specialized legal Heavy-Weights, would NOT have filed Suits Against these Crazies, for LIBEL, Slander, and Defamation.

    Within the Laws of Civil Litigation, (Proving ONLY a Per ponderous) of Evidence, is Seemingly already established, against these Crazy people.

    Within the Civil Libel/Slander/Defamation Laws, It does NOT matter that the People who are being “Slandered and Defamed” may be Dead. The Damage being done towards Their Legacies, and their Dead Namesakes and estates is “STILL LIBELOUS/Slanderous/and Defamation of Character”

    Also the fact that Such Libelous, Slanderous, Defamation of Character is negatively Affecting the Lives of The Dead estates’ Family Members, the “BRAND” legacy, the Workers, and Employees of the People, Especially the Soldiers who put their lives on the line, for our freedoms, and then These Ignorant, evil people will “Slander, and Defame” them is in MY opinion the lowest of the lowest form of people.

    Jesus would NEVER, Ever do this type of Crap!

    I want to Talk with Steve Jobs’ Living Legal “T.E.A.M.” and Family Members, ASAP!

    I will Help Them Fight these Crazy “Evil Slanderers” and maybe Others will think twice, before seeking to always seek to try to destroy positive people’s Images, and Legacies!


    Terry Reece, AKA “the Warrior” Super hero

    Reece Enterprises/Time Travel Network, Inc./Family Media Company
    Author of The Closet Cove & The L.A.Z.E.R.U.S. project
    CEO of International Business Management/Affairs for TDM Comics International ( A New Michigan, DBA registered Company)

    I am very honored to be your friend. Thanks! we “HONOR” WOMEN & MOMS

    • Frank

      You make “rubber-Stamped” sound so dirty, was the 2nd amendment also “rubber-Stamped”, how about the 3rd, 4th, …

  • http://facebook.com/rudy.brinkman Rudy

    Being a Baptist I’m ashamed they call themselves Baptists! They are not, what they are preaching conflicts the Baptist believes big time. How ironic they use the ‘tools of the satan’ (..)

    • Frank

      You mean like the baptist preacher who endorsed Rick Perry this weekend? Who stood up and lied his butt off in front of everyone and God!

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    This lot are probably some sort of secret devil worship group, remember those who shout loudest against something are probably guilty of what they protest about. Why do they not defame live people instead of dead people? because dead people don’t sue for defamation of character. had they said these things while he was alive would have been sued into bankruptcy! Stop being hypocrites give away any product made by apple you own to the poor or charity. Remember “ judge not for thee shall be judged “ hopefully by an “act of god” while “protesting “ against a dead person that cant answer back. But dead people have friends with long memories and the love of which is the route of all evil MONEY which maybe used to persuade your group to hopefully painfully, as you have caused others to change your ways permanently.

    • http://www.hugewebsitetraffic.com Neil Horsfall

      Freedom of speech is one thing but saying those things about a man at his funeral is wrong.
      It is no different than bullying at school, and it is pretty close to a hate crime in my opinion.
      Maybe they hate steve jobs because they could never be as successful as him!

  • scott

    Even though their message is vile and it is not representative of New Testament Christianity, we still have freedom of speech and attacking anyone’s ability to speak freely is dangerous for everyone and is more dangerous than the words spoken. Just as this incidence there are many vile words spoken everyday, yet only a handful get national attention. Be strong enough to know all things said aren’t true and strong enough to respect that all people are entitled to their opinion. As Abraham Lincoln used to pose the question.. If a dog has 4 legs and a tail and you count the tail as a leg, how many legs does he have? 4, just because you call the tail a leg doesn’t make it so! Wise words to live by.

    • Frank

      Thank You!

  • Vikki

    Firstly, I don’t understand their version of Christianity. The Bible gives very clear instructions on how to preach the word of God and how to control one’s tongue and be tactful so as not preach hate:
    The following verses are just some examples of how Westborough’s church’s message is against the commands of the book they claim to follow: Matt 7:12 and Colossians 4:6

    CHRISTIANS are commanded to “make disciples of people of all the nations,” but this does not mean that they are to use pressure or convert others by force. Jesus’ commission was to “tell good news to the meek ones,” to “bind up the brokenhearted,” to “comfort all the mourning ones.” (Matthew 28:19; Isaiah 61:1, 2; Luke 4:18, 19). The bible has never approved of forced conversion and even in the old testament the instructions have been to seek out those willing to listen – Ezekiel 9:4. Therefore to cover my first point Westborough have no doctrinal basis for their form of protest. Anyone with a little biblical knowledge could undermine their claim to their sort of preaching in court on a religious basis – even using the bible against them as evidence.

    Therefore their message must be a political one. If their message is a political one, and their form of protest is political, shouldn’t it be governed by the same principals and permits as all other political manifestos? They should be made to formally apply for a right to a run a political protest/rally in an appropriate manner and place. They can say what they like in an appropriate place and time. However and a private funeral is not an appropriate time and place for such views – they are hijacking a private event for their political activism and so infringing the rights of others. Isn’t this illegal?

    • Frank

      CHRISTIANS are commanded to “make disciples of people of all the nations,” So is this why so many people dislike Christians? Or is just the radicals who say if you do not believe what i believe your going to hell?

      • Stacie

        Uhm, I believe you just pulled a Westboro by purposely ignoring the rest of the post; looks like you may also have missed the point of wb’s (possible) political agenda; who knows perhaps someone should investigate their funding; from my understanding, they seem to be very well off for such a small church; so where’s the money coming from for all these trips and whatnot?

  • mark

    As much as it makes me want to throw up to say this. I think that these morons should be allowed to say whatever they want. Free speach was never about speech that we agree with, but mostly for disagreeable or even in this case, reprehensable, discusting speach. It’s the old slippery sloap, I think it would set a bad president. I think your average person can recognize that these are crazy people and form their own opinion about what kind of vile, putrid beleifs these people hold. The real irony here is that those soldiers they so despise, are fighting for their right to display their stupidity for all the world to see. Give them all the rope they need, let them continue to make fools of them selves.

  • http://www.threetoedcrow.com Tim Buttles

    This is sad. Unfortunately this is why many people reject God. Jesus died for Steve, for you, for me, and for these people speaking out of ignorance.

    God doesn’t hate “gay” people, or rich people, or people in general. He hates the sin which carries the judgement. That’s why Jesus died for us, to take that sin and to give us forgiveness & peace with God. No other way (sorry …). But you have free choice to choose. Like the lyrics from the old RUSH song, “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”.

    I wish groups like this would “understand” what they’re talking about before they speak. All I can say is that that milestone is going to be heavy man …….

  • http://batoe.net bats

    Just neglect these group. Lets them have their world.

    • wing ding

      That’s like saying smallpox has a right to be in this world. Not everything deserves to be here.

      • Frank

        Why Not?

  • http://www.bloggerdreams.info BloggerDreams

    Absurd I would say. As a Christian, I was taught that “God Is Love” and I believe it. Seeing people calling themselves Christians doing this is above my comprehension. I am a Baptist too. Hailing soldiers deaths is no compassion for their families. Picketing a funeral where the loved ones say the final farewell is not to my idea of decency and calling for the destruction of one’s country is what in my vocabulary starts with a BIG T.

  • Sarah

    So they tweet from iPhones, and they have a website on a server which is a computer. The modern notion of a computer was created by, you guessed it, a gay man. God loves all, he doesn’t have a bone in his body capable of hate.

    WBC need to remember, that while their freedom of speach is protected, it doesn’t mean you have the right to be irresponsible with that free speech.

    • amber

      You believe that a god has bones?

      • Frank

        Well, he might. You don’t know.

  • http://www.resortsmarketing.net Louigi Tuton

    Let them say as they please. We all know God does not oondone hatred! Besides if we just ignore them, they will have no audience.

    • wing ding

      Who knows, maybe your god isn’t as nice a guy as you think. The old testament paints a rather deplorable picture of a vengeful, misanthropic old man.

  • http://CompleteWebsites Jane Jakeman

    It just shows how sick religion can be

    • Frank

      Sure does, just look at that radical southern baptist that spoke on Rick Perry’s behalf the other day, Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.

  • http://angryatheist.info Reap

    Is anyone surprised? I’m past the point of being angry, shocked,or interested in the westboro baptist moron church. Now when I hear about them behaving like needy little attention starved toddlers, I just yawn. What makes me mad now is the way people feed these twits by going ballistic over the same old routine. They believe the bible is a true story WHAT DO EXPECT FROM PEOPLE LIKE THAT?? As long as we all run around in circles with our arms flailing about whenever they pop up then the westboro baptist clown parade will go on with the show. They are like a bad joke some drunk guy goes around telling at a party, except they smell worse and aren’t as funny

    • Barry

      It’s a pity someone doesn’t point out to these nits that the whole story of Jesus Christ was stolen from another story written 750 years before the birth of Christ. Any way, if this God really existed, he would surely whipe out these nitwits who distort the message of the bible anyway! Just another good proof that he doesn’t exist.

  • Joseph E O’Brien

    I assume these yahoos have a church somewhere. Why isn’t this church picketed on a continuous basis?

    • TJ

      No one pickets them because when your this crazy they might feel it is God’s purpose for them to help you get to “Hell”faster.

    • Frank

      Your FREE to do so.

  • http://www.mindyourbusines.com Emil Pop

    They do a fine job, we need dogs that bark when enemy passes, although is not attaking, so that we know and get ready just in case.

    Who let the dogs out? Wof, Wof, Wof!

    Actually we need more groups like that to address any misbelieves, wrongdoings and “politically correct” government abuses!

    I might not agree withy what they say but I sustain their right to keep us alert!

  • http://www.frankthinking.com Frank Reed

    They depend on coverage like this to survive. If you don’t cover them they go away. Why are you even giving these people the time of day? For your traffic?

    • Frank

      They will never go completely away, better to have them in the light so you know who your dealing with.

  • Peter Smith

    There are thousands of blogs and websites proclaiming the Love of God, but they don’t get the media attention of a few pseudo-Christians spewing out spite and hatred. So who is responsible for giving them “the oxygen of publicity”?

    Of course there has to be some limit to free speech – only the stupidity of a sacred written constitution that also sanctions lunatics having guns could say otherwise.

    Does your First Amendment allow people to say “Kill the President?”

    • Frank

      I believe if don’t get arrested and prosecuted, it’s does. It does not allow you to make idol threats though. Such as “I will Kill …”. Well, you can say anything, but you may suffer the consequences of it. If you do say this, then your stating that you will take the persons right to life, and that’s illegal. I can say, if that person endangers my life, i will protect myself with a gun. It’s people like you that the constitution was written for, to protect me from you. Are you one of those anti-gun nuts?

  • Tom Forman

    They are nothing but tall 3 year olds. I think that the next time one of them dies that a mass of protesters should picket the funeral and give speaches bashing them and their lives. They should have been dealt with silently from day one so that none of the crap they had to say got spread. Immaturity is supposed to leave when you grow up not become a sick twisted religion.

    • wing ding

      If I had a 3 year old as evil as these people, I’d consider putting a pillow over the spawn’s head …

      • Frank

        Should have said they have the brain capacity of a 3 year old.

  • Roland693

    Certainly Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) should not be limited in their ability to protest anything. However, certainly others who disagree with the WBC may also protest them.

    A memorial ceremony for a young military person killed in action recently held here in Port St. Lucie, Florida provides an excellent example. WBC posted announcements they would protest the memorial.

    So, local groups and individuals showed up enmass with US flags and surrounded the memorial area. Had the WBC showed up they would not have been able to get close to the actual ceremony and their presence would have been overwhelmed by the actions of good citizens.

    Remember, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” To the contrary, if good people combat evil, good can overcome. Please also see the insidious Agenda 21, which is evil and we as citizens must do all we can to combat it.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Mark

      This makes more sense than anything. Yes, free speech is important…but we all have it and must use it. This nutty fringe group could certainly be drowned out by the sane, if we only took the time, as this story about Port St. Lucie will show. Thanks for sharing this!

  • http://www.alda-architects.co.uk Alan

    It takes all sorts, I would simply ignore them. They feed on publicity.

  • Robert Sexton

    We can’t take away the free speech, so we have no choice but to allow these morons to continue. However, we should have the right to a private funeral, and if we don’t then here is one of those places that could use some of that unseen “change” and change it so we can have private events even on public / private property. Based on their past events I am surprised this group has not been exposed to more violence. That luck will run out. As the police say, they have to be lucky all the time, we only have to be lucky once.
    RIP Steve Jobs, and job well done mister!

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