Watch This Google Hangout On Improving Your Site (For AdSense)

    April 11, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google recently held a Google+ hangout sharing tips for improving the user experience on your site, which it uploaded to its AdSense YouTube channel. This week, Google shared the video on the AdSense blog bringing it to our attention.

The video discusses how to better understand your users, increase engagement, and measure the success of changes you make.

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    Hi Chris, thank you very much for sharing the video. I enjoyed watching it and got useful advices from Google AdSense team to improve my site. Also, I really like A/B testing of MakeupAlley’s case study.

  • http://www.Dallas1Church.org Charles Morrow

    BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot get past the first 5 minutes. The whole presentation is just too boring to watch.

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    nice video, thank you for share