Watch Facebook’s Graph Search Event in Its Entirety

    January 16, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Yesterday Facebook unveiled Graph Search, their friend-centric search function that it absolutely not web search – but a better, more useful way to search Facebook for people, places, photos, and interests.

You can watch Mark Zuckerberg announce the new product (with a little help from his friends) below:

For more on Graph Search, including its role in local search, its partnership with Bing, future Instagram integration, and sponsored results – check here.

  • IMBack?

    I hope this makes Google squirm. Google Plus is a G rated (no pun intended) joke and this social graph search blows local searching through Google out of the water. Thanks to Facebook the smaller business owner can once again compete for business with larger companies. Its gonna take time but people WILL be moving away from Google more and more in these coming years. Everyone has always complained about Google results but now they really DO suck across the board. Google’s biggest mistake was changing their focus from providing objective quality search results to preventing marketers (who MADE Google the giant it is) from profiting from free “natural” listings and directing traffic to their own services. Try a search for any product, duplicate listings from giant sites mixed with out and out trash. Big “G” stabds for greed.

  • http://Mabuzi.com Kevin

    Do some people really believe what they say?

    Graph search will be like keeping it in the family, no new products or things outside your friendship circles.

    Incestuous search with paid content. Our choices will be what is offered by the payment platform and not what is really on offer and choice will be reduced.