Watch Downton Abbey, Other PBS Programming On Hulu

By: Josh Wolford - February 2, 2012

Hulu has just announced a slew of PBS programming that will now be available on Hulu Plus. The first round of new content includes 200+ episodes, and Hulu says that there is much more on the way.

This week, we added approximately two hundred PBS episodes to Hulu Plus, including dozens of episodes from Ken Burns library, the first season of Masterpiece: Downton Abbey and episodes of PBS Kids series including Arthur, Dinosaur Train and Wild Kratts. We will also add hundreds more episodes over the coming weeks, including more kids’ favorites like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Superwhy, as well as additional episodes of NOVA, Masterpiece and American Experience – top-quality PBS series that Hulu users have already come to enjoy.

As a Downton Abbey skeptic, I can now say that all of the buzz surrounding the show is totally justified. Plus, who wouldn’t get excited about NOVA and Mister Rogers?

Some of this content, including Ken Burns docus and Masterpiece programming has been either entirely or partially available on rival Netflix for a while.

Hulu Plus is currently offering a free trial, and after that is $7.99 a month. It is available online, as well as on Xbox, PS3, and Android/iOS apps.

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  • Sarah Petty

    I’ve searched and searched but cannot find Downton Abbey at all on Hulu much less the new season 4. This is why I am trying Hulu. Why can’t I find it using search?