Walmart To Offer Online Degrees For Its Workers

Walmart teams with APU on online degrees

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Walmart is partnering with American Public University, an online, for profit school, to offer its employees college degrees.

Walmart and Sam’s Club employees in the U.S. will be able to earn a college degree at a discounted price through a combination of academic credit earned for Walmart job learning and experience, and online course work via APU.

Dr-Wallace-E-Boston-APU.jpg "We share Walmart’s commitment to enhance America’s competitiveness by helping to increase the number of working Americans with college degrees," said Dr. Wallace E. Boston, Jr., APUS president and CEO.

"We are honored to be selected by a world-leading organization to promote to their associates the qualities and attributes that are central to our mission."

Walmart says it surveyed 32,000 of its employees and 72 percent said they preferred an online university over other options. The company says the range of 70 undergraduate degrees that APU offers in an online format makes it a convenient option for its workers.

Employees will be able to earn job-learning credit in current degree offerings in programs such as management, transportation and logistics, and security management. APU plans to offer new concentrations in related management and other related fields.

Walmart To Offer Online Degrees For Its Workers
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  • Pete

    It used to be if you couldn

  • Peter Munro

    Are these degrees worth having ?

    There so many spam emails offering online degrees that aren’t worth the paper on which they’re printed, let alone the 100 dollars they charge, that I suspect employers will think “online degree, here’s an idiot that paid good money for a worthless bit of paper….no idiot is worth employing….resume/CV in the bin”.

  • Guest

    They will be getting their degrees based on some onlline work but mainly through recognisiton for the work they do at work – RPL. ISnt that what they used to call experience? Seems Degrees are being watered down and down and own and wn an…soon you will be able to buy one at Walmart?

  • http://www.onlinemerchantforum.com Abound

    From what I’ve read, Walmart prefers to promote from within. From what I’ve personally observed, there a lot of smart uneducated people in the world with the raw intelligence to run a store, perhaps move up above that, except for their ignorance on topics like economics, accounting, and the difference between management vs. leadership. I think Walmart will benefit tremendously from this program, as they get to see who has the commitment and willingess to better themselves, and the talent to manage people and run a company.

    Another benefit this has is to keep people employed longer. Even if someone jumps ship right after getting their degree, staying for entire 3 year program will have provided Walmart with a more loyal employee than if they had stayed only 6 to 12 months, like so many do… and they will have benefited society by putting somewhat educated people on the street who otherwise would not be.

    Don’t get me wrong. Online degrees are not of the calibur as an engineering or science degree from a mainline university… so our doctors, engineers, and lawyers will still be coming from more conventional schools. But with that qualification, I don’t see the downside.

  • http://www.websitetemplates.bz Website Templates.bz

    This is a great deal, I guess.

    At least it seems so, and even if these degrees are not worth studying (it’s till good to study itself)/

    UI think I love this news!

  • marticia randall

    I’m searching for higher learning online. Walmat has all ready given me the knowledge I need to start a business. and they have many programs in place for me to save the money I’ll need when the time comes.I’m Blessed to work for a great company I’ts not always easy but the good out ways the bad. Changes causes problems but when you learn to accept the change you can always move forward.

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