Tax Season 2012: W2 Deadline

    February 2, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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If you did not get your W-2 in the mail today, don’t blow a fuse. According to IRS rules, employers have until Jan 31 to get your W-2s in the mail. Most should arrive today, but give it until tomorrow’s mail before you start calling your employer, even former employers.

It’s easy to say, “The rules say…”. But, let’s be honest. Being a jerk to some harried office worker who has just as much reason as you do to be unhappy in her job will likely just result in something getting “lost in the mail”.

Once your W2 does arrive, have a look at it. Is your Social Security number correct? Is anything hand-written on the W2?

Those errors are two of the biggest reasons you could be refused a refund loan, if you were planning to do such a thing.

  • Kimberly Clark

    Its Feb. 4 and my husband still hasn’t gotten his W2 in the mail. We’ve got big plans for it and that includes getting us a house. By his W2 not showing up has delayed our plans big time. He’s contacted the main office of his recent employer’s business, which is stationed in Oklahoma several times. One person told him that they don’t have to send out W2s until Jan. 31 and that they don’t have to abide by Georgia law. Another person told him that they sent the W2s out Jan. 26. He finally called his old boss and asked if anyone has gotten their W2s at work and no one has gotten theirs either.

    What should we do? Continue to sit and wait by the mailbox?