Verizon iPhone Hotspots Will Cost You

Verizon follows the telecom industry lead with the iPhone: They get you coming and going.

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Now that the confetti from the “Verizon’s getting the iPhone” hubbub has died down, it’s time to talk turkey.  It’s not going to be cheap to use Verizon’s iPhone to begin with — unlimited data packages, anyone? — but now, information about the additional charges potential users will face are surfacing, and, suffice to say, the results are typical.

That is, you’re going to have to pay for pretty much every little capability the iPhone has, including using your phone as an Internet hotspot.

Verizon iPhone

According to TGDaily.com, Verizon is going to charge would-be hotspot users $20 a month for this “tethering” capability.  The additional charge, of course, is not included in the unlimited data package that’s required of all Verizon iPhone users.

So yeah, $30 for the data plan and $20 for the ability to be used as a hotspot already puts the customer up to $50 a month, and we haven’t even discussed the charges stemming from the phone usage plan.

It should be noted, Verizon already uses this same charge for Android phone users, so the news shouldn’t come as a surprise… But then again, one wonders what, exactly, is covered by the unlimited data plan.  Clearly, Verizon is making a distinction between the two, and charging would-be users accordingly.

TGDaily has more:

…the unlimited iPhone data and the tethering data will show up as two separate line items on your Verizon bill. The service provider will track how much data is used on laptops and tablets instead of the iPhone. And that data is limited at 2 GB per month.

Naturally, anything over 2 gigs of data usage will also be issued an overage charge by Verizon.

$30 for unlimited data and $20 for limited data as a hotspot.  Again, the term “they get you coming and going” feels quite apt when discussing Verizon’s iPhone service.

Verizon iPhone Hotspots Will Cost You
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  • http://www.globetreader.com Troy

    The costs are no doubt a bit outrageous. However, customers will certainly pay a premium for quality. What’s a shame is that the tethering feature cannot be used to replace a current internet connection. I wouldn’t doubt that an unlimited tethering data transfer option becomes available in the very near future…

  • CDG

    Or, Verizon users will do as many AT&T iPhone users are doing now, which is jailbreaking and purchasing the MiWi application from the Cydia Store, allowing for unlimited data tethering for a single $20 payment. The question is whether the bootloader changed in the new CDMA iPhone so that it will be jailbreakable or not upon release.

  • http://www.gdimarketing.ws Vincenzo Milanese

    I dont know why you would want to get the Hotspot feature. Everything is WiFi already. Most places you goto these days are all Wifi High Speed ready. I also believe in the future Cell phone services will be no more. Cable services will most likely offer cell phones over VOIP services. Most Cable services already offer Free Wifi where available. Give it another 2-5 years it will be everywhere. Speeds on the cell phones will be AMAZING.

  • Guest

    So will it be unlimited? By paying the $30 “unlimited data” will i have unlimited access to the internet or will it be like AT&T and only be able to use the 2GB?

  • J.J

    I don’t see why all of you are complaining about, is not like this is anything new, if you have an android then you know that you have to pay $30 for the unlimited data plan just like the iPhone and you have to pay $20 more on top of the $30 if you want tethering on any android device that is capable of using this feature, Know because I had a samsung fascinate and I know you could root it and get it free but the iPhone you could jailbreak it and get it free as well!!!!

  • Guest

    stupid question, but do you have to purchase the tethering option? or is it just that…an option? i wouldnt use it for tethering at all.

  • http://www.armanihair.com salon

    Like anything else, eventually the prices will come down. Verizon in my area has always had the highest prices for any service. They still are trying to charge 75$ a month just for a traditional land line.

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