Should The Post Office Keep Saturday Mail?

    April 14, 2013
    Chris Crum
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There has been talk of the United States Postal Service ending Saturday mail delivery for years now. In recent months it appeared to be getting closer to reality.

Do you want to see Saturday mail stay, or is it better off as a thing of the past? Let us know in the comments.

Congress recently passed a resolution that the USPS claims gives it no choice but to backtrack on getting rid of Saturday mail. The new schedule (which would have seen packages continue to be delivered on Saturdays) was set to take effect in early August. Now it remains to be seen how long we’ll be able to enjoy Saturday mail.

The USPS says the plan would have saved about $2 billion a year, and would help restore the USPS to financial stability as it continues to face obstacles of the era (digital and otherwise). At least the USPS (as far as we know) is still launching a clothing line.

Rep. Darrell Issa has scheduled a hearing for next week to analyze the “motivations” for the move. He’s quoted by The Washington Times:

“The Postal Service’s decision to first pursue modified Saturday delivery and then renege on its cost-cutting plan has seriously set back efforts to advance postal reform legislation,” said Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican and chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. “This hearing will allow us to review a wide variety of options to bring the troubled agency back from insolvency.”

Rep. Blake Farenthold, who chairs the House subcommittee that oversees the USPS, disagrees with the approach the Post Office is taking now. Chron reports:

Farenthold disagreed with the board’s assessment, saying that he thinks the language in place does not bar cutting Saturday deliveries.

“Contrary to the Board of Governors’ decision, blaming a congressional mandate for preventing implementation of modified Saturday delivery, I believe that the modified 6-day delivery met all congressional requirements for moving forward,” Farenthold said in a hearing on Wednesday.

Following is the USPS’s full statement:

The Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service met April 9 and discussed the Continuing Resolution recently passed by Congress to fund government operations. By including restrictive language in the Continuing Resolution, Congress has prohibited implementation of a new national delivery schedule for mail and packages, which would consist of package delivery Monday through Saturday and mail delivery Monday through Friday, and which would have taken effect the week of Aug. 5, 2013.

Although disappointed with this Congressional action, the Board will follow the law and has directed the Postal Service to delay implementation of its new delivery schedule until legislation is passed that provides the Postal Service with the authority to implement a financially appropriate and responsible delivery schedule. The Board believes that Congress has left it with no choice but to delay this implementation at this time. The Board also wants to ensure that customers of the Postal Service are not unduly burdened by ongoing uncertainties and are able to adjust their business plans accordingly.

The Board continues to support the transition to a new national delivery schedule. Such a transition will generate approximately $2 billion in annual cost savings and is a necessary part of a larger five-year business plan to restore the Postal Service to long-term financial stability. According to numerous polls, this new delivery schedule is widely supported by the American public. Our new delivery schedule is also supported by the Administration and some members of Congress.

To restore the Postal Service to long-term financial stability, the Postal Service requires the flexibility to reduce costs and generate new revenues to close an ever widening budgetary gap. It is not possible for the Postal Service to meet significant cost reduction goals without changing its delivery schedule – any rational analysis of our current financial condition and business options leads to this conclusion. Delaying responsible changes to the Postal Service business model only increases the potential that the Postal Service may become a burden to the American taxpayer, which is avoidable.

Given these extreme circumstances and the worsening financial condition of the Postal Service, the Board has directed management to seek a reopening of negotiations with the postal unions and consultations with management associations to lower total workforce costs, and to take administrative actions necessary to reduce costs. The Board has also asked management to evaluate further options to increase revenue, including an exigent rate increase to raise revenues across current Postal Service product categories and products not currently covering their costs.

The Board continues to support the Postal Service’s five-year business plan and the legislative goals identified in that plan, which will return the Postal Service to financial solvency. The Board additionally urges Congress to quickly pass comprehensive postal legislation, including provisions that would affirmatively provide the Postal Service with the ability to establish an appropriate national delivery schedule.

Do you agree with the USPS? Should the post office keep Saturday mail? Tell us what you think.

  • Cindy Hoods

    What everyone keeps failing to mention is that mail will not be stopping on Saturdays altogether. Priority Mail items as well as packages will still be delivered on Saturday.

  • http://eajazquran14.blogfa.com/ ali

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    • Bob

      چه چیزی است که با اداره پست انجام دهید؟

  • http://www.Quantisoft.com Howard Deutsch

    I see Saturday delivery staying. I would rather pay more for postage in order to keep Saturday delivery.

  • http://www.guerillamedianetwork.com Jake Leonard

    I think it would be unfair. I’ll get my Priority Mail or large packages delivered on Saturday, but I’ll have to wait until Monday for my letter mail because they’re not delivering it?

    Face it – the Federal government has become dictator of the USPS for far too long. Cut your losses – privatize the postal service so they can stop getting their annual budget STOLEN by the Feds. At least as a privatized postal service, they’ll make record profits they haven’t seen since the Feds started stealing money from USPS in 2003.

  • Bob

    I say NO to Saturday deliveries. I can’t think of much that I need outside of a Monday thru Friday delivery. Besides, it would save millions for the Post Office.

    Regarding the success or failure of the Post Office – remember they have to generate revenue on their own with no help from the taxpayer. And to make matters worse, Congress sets the amount the Post Office can charge, and pretty much everything else. Don’t blame the Post Office, blame your Congress (they can’t even put a balanced budget together for us much less the Post Office. I say leave the Post Office alone and let them do what needs to be done to survive as a business.

  • Dave

    This is so simple, I’m ashamed I have to explain it. Our economic society is based on free enterprise. If you remove another postal “service”… you make the product less desirable… this leads to less usage… this leads to more cuts to be economically feasible… this leads to more cuts… (I think you get the point!)

    The USPS has to figure out how to be competitive (without tax dollars, in my opinion) with FedEx and UPS. Carve out a niche that they can thrive and do everything to make it happen. The problem is, politians won’t allow that to happen. They only believe in propping this up and taking actions that are not sustainable.

    At this point, I think the only realistic way to save the USPS is to privitize it. Because of politicians, I think that’s the only way to save it. Or congress could make it a felony for any other organization or company (other than the USPS) to pick up and deliver packages that resemble, referred to as, possibly considered to be, or actually are “pieces of mail”. (I hope no one in congress is reading this and takes me seriously! :/)

    Congress – focus on Social Security and leave the USPS to do what they think they need to do to fix the problem. Thank you.

    • http://www.guerillamedianetwork.com Jake Leonard

      The only way for them to be competitive is to privatize. Like I stated before, the US government has been embezzling money from the postal service since 2003. Ever since then, their profit margins have DISAPPEARED. Vanished.

  • http://normascorner.com Charlie

    Stop Saturday Mail. By the time you get your mail the banks are closed and if you go away for the weekend your mail sits unprotected for that time.
    The Post Offices should remain open to send packages and accrs to PO Boxes but the delivery can stop.



  • KateL

    Nearly everything “business mail” related has already been just weekdays-determined for years now…..”will arrive in your mail in 7 to 9 business days” and such. In some places (if not all), even UPS just delivers extra-cost “special priority” packages on Saturdays – all others go onto weekday-delivery trucks.
    So no, I don’t see it’s being very much of a loss or “problem” with the PO eliminating mail on Saturdays – in fact, the savings could very well reflect some good’s on all other snail-mailings.

  • Peter Knight

    We have a 5-day banking week; why not the same for the Post Office?

  • http://www.pestsupplywholesale.com Steve LaCroix

    Saturday mail is essential to the operation of my business.

    There is no reason to cut Saturday delivery, because any money saved, will then just be wasted somewhere else.

    The answer to the problems within the post office is to cut much of the unproductive dead weight, and bring in some fresh thinkers.

    For example.
    WHY are they not running their delivery vehicles on natural gas? It’s a very inexpensive modification, and the overall fuel cost could be cut nearly in half in delivery operations.

    Terminate the slackers and hire in new people who will actually perform, and for nearly half the cost of the slacker.

    Expand USPS services to be competitive in todays market, based on the services people use and want. More web services, bill pay services, etc.

    Cut counter personnel requirements by substantially reducing the cost to ship when using online or kiosk automated services.

    Stagger shifts to actually expand operating hours and availability without increasing staff cost. Open earlier, close later, all for the same money. Then more people can actually get into a branch before or after work. Common sense her. Not rocket science.

    • Will

      Do you live in imaginary land? Have you seen work ethic coming into the workforce lately? Oh, and then give them less money, let’s see how motivated they are.

  • Jeff

    Get Rid of Saturday mail. In todays world mail once a week is adequate. I get mine delivered once a month and I manage 12 companies so have a very active life. Just every is electronic. Anyone who has not entered the electronic age does not have issues to deal with that would need Saturday mail.


    The Saturday mail needs to remain. My first class mail equally important as priority if not more so.

  • Val

    Yes keep it for the workers….and the benefit of the Post Office.

  • debra hall

    they should keep saturday as a mail day.

  • http://Usbornesbest.com Jeannette Stricklen

    I would like to keep Saturday mail. Raise the price of a stamp to .50. It’s heading in that direction anyway.

  • Monta Briant

    We don’t need mail on Saturdays. All I get in the mail is junk and bills anway. The rest comes by email for the most part. The occasional birthday or holiday card can come during the week.
    Getting packages on Saturday will be a bonus– I think we could do without that, as well, really. Private carriers can handle the packages better, anyway, not to mention they give my dog a treat instead of pepper spray in the face. The UPS truck is like the ice-cream truck coming to my dog. She loves the UPS guys!

  • http://www.extraspecialbaskets.com Mary Lewinski

    WE NEED SATURDAY DELIVERY !!!! DO NOT END IT. Review their pension funding, as I know they supply their own–not the government–and see what options are available. Saturday delivery is not a burden to the postal carriers. Saturday delivery means a 32 hour week for the carriers, as they do get a day off during the week when a floater employee fills in for them on their day off. How are you halping the overall economy, you dumb politicians? How are you helping my business when I promise package delivery? Get some brains!

  • http://www.gsoverheadsystems.webs.com Garen

    I do not want them to stop saturday mail, but if they are going under and they have no choice. How about if they stop for one year, then take all the money they saved and make a come back.

  • http://Rocointernationalmedical.com Travel Guru

    I don’t think they should deliver on Saturdays

    • http://www.extraspecialbaskets.com Mary Lewinski

      Quantity of mail doesn’t disappear. It still has to be delivered on Monday–in the form of overtime–added expense–when it could have been delivered on Saturday in the form of straight time.

  • Deborah

    My local post office in Center Point, Tx hasnt been open on saturdays for about 4 yrs.

  • Helen

    Unless they are going to cut the postage rates in half..which they should do anyway as they already saved money by replacing humans so many times, they need to leave Saturday mail in place.

    This is DISGUSTING. You can’t even send a box internationally anymore unless you hire a boat because USPS is hundreds of dollars, Fedex cost over a grand. We need to regulate ALL the postal methods by US people and not the government. Government is for the elitists.

  • http://www.goldeninteriors.com Peggy Golden

    There is not much use for Saturday delivery and it will save money for the Post Office, reduce overtime pay, etc. Any mail arriving on Saturday would have little effect if it arrived on Monday.
    Most US mail we receive is junk mail and goes directly to the trash, all of the financial information comes over email systems. Eliminate all the junk mail and think of how many tress would be saved.

    • http://www.extraspecialbaskets.com Mary Lewinski

      You can’t stop vendors from advertising. You get advertising every day–not just on Saturday!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.extraspecialbaskets.com Mary Lewinski

    Another thing, if they don’t have Saturday delivery. The mail doesn’t magically disappear. It still has to be delivered, come Monday. So, what does that mean? Overtime. You have to pay the workers overtime to deliver what could have been paid as just straight time with Saturday delivery becomes an extra expense in the form of overtime. You can’t expect people to pull more work in less hours.

  • Roberta Smith

    As per my husband and myself are retired from the postal service, We think you should leave saturday delivery. The carriers would have three days delivery on monday and the customers would probable not get their mail till late in the afternoon.And some carriers would probable windup with extra hours or bring in subs to help and then you would be paying for extra help and rushing to make the truck that would be taking outgoing mail.

  • Helen

    Take 50% of everyone’s income that is over $3,000,000.00 a year. I guarantee the deficit will be wiped out. These are the people that put USA in this position. They manage everything. Everything is planned so they can rape the Middle and lower incomed people and you can’t protest UNLESS you are rich too..know why?

    You think the phone call systems etc aren’t meant to keep you on the phone forever? Remember when you called and just got a person? We spend our lives on the phone, working 2 or 3 jobs and even if you are on benefits …don’t think its a free ride. They made sure Welfare people can’t protest either. So many applications, forms, interviews, mistakes, reapplications etc etc.

    They take our time so we are exhausted and depressed. This is an oppression technique. They use Psychology techniques against us. When Bush was in office the panic setting was all psychological study done when Hitler started the Holocaust. Most people didn’t even know Bush’s Grandfather Prescott Bush had his banking operation shut down when it was found it was tied into financing Hitler. This is who we are putting in charge now.

    USA was founded that anyone could be President, now only dictators with money or those having the support of dictators with money can be elected. In the constitution it says it is our duty as Americans to fight this even with weapons. This is one of the reasons why we had the right to bear arms. It was supposed to BE EQUAL and its not.

    5% of Americans are elitists and 95% are not. That 5% that are elite own 95% of America’s wealth and that 95% of Americans who are not Super Wealthy share the 5% of America’s wealth left.

  • http://www.stylehite.com Hina Khan

    I think they should keep it in saturday

  • http://www.soozypr.com Soozy Miller

    No need for Saturday mail.

  • http://www.structural-integrity.com Joy Montgomery

    I worked for the Post Office years ago. Unless things have changed drastically, there are thousands of ways to cut costs without cutting service. In my short stay there, I was able to make extra income by making suggestions without even taking time from my work to hunt down possible savings. $2 billion is not that hard to achieve when improvements are nation-wide.

    One of the most costly things the Post Office did was to change the local and out of town slots to two unsorted slots. All mail has to be transported to a sectional center and then the local mail has to be sorted out of the mess and sent back to the Post Office where it originated. Can anyone calculate the savings by having the customers do that initial sort for free again?

  • http://www.tmoore-designs.com T Moore

    I think that, apart from prescription and other emergency deliveries, Saturday delivery is not really necessary. Many businesses still operate from Monday through Friday, and while the bulk of business goes on through the weekends in other parts of the world, the delivery of first class mail and packages are not an earth-shattering necessity. We are in such a rush to get stuff that we forget the weekends are a time to decompress and relax. I could do without the advertising catalogs and “act Now!” letters I get every day, and if this will help the Postal Service get back on a better footing, then so be it.

  • Mike Willis

    It is silly to deliver mail on Saturday, given the diminishing demand for mail and the economic situation of the USPS. Somebody is going to pay for these needless deliveries if Congress insists on keeping Saturday delivery. Do you care to guess who will pay for it? It is our children. We don’t have enough revenue to fund it so we will borrow the money to pay for Saturday mail delivery we don’t need and then leave the debt for future generations.

    • http://coralatlas.com coralatlas

      That is a short sighted view given that the Post Office can provide the same services as any competitor at a much lower cost if not encumbered by the politics of capitalism.

      The framework of the USPS is the wheel we Americans should not be forced to pay for again due to increased prices of the private sector being forced upon Americans.
      The private sector siphons off an enormous amount of profits that do not “trickle”down into workers paychecks!

  • http://coralatlas.com coralatlas


    The USPS is significantly LESS costly while still providing better service than alternative corporate products such as Fedx and UPS. This impacts businesses more as the size of the business grows smaller.

    Smaller businesses do not have the budgetary “fat” that larger corporations inherently accumulate over time.

    The USPS has the scope, size, infrastructure and flexible resources in place to allow rapid modernization of delivery services. Capital constraints and congressional burdens have been an impediment.

    A portion of congress under the influence of money is committed to competitors of the USPS.

    • David Falzone

      If the USPS has as you call it, the scope, size, infrastructure and flexible resources in place to allow rapid modernization of delivery services, then why haven’t they already done it. Proposing more Capital for an already bloated organization will only make the problem worse.

  • David Falzone

    I think it makes better sense to go to alternate day delivery and keep Saturday as one of the alternate days. I’m guessing that this would reduce staffing levels by 30% and save their pension fund.

    The entire process could be accomplished through a process of attrition where no one has to be fired. As needed the USPS could go through program where as they reduce staff, they can go to 5 days, then 4 days, and finally 3 days to get to the full alternate day delivery schedule. See painless.

  • http://www.moto-chains.com moto-chains

    I don’t need Saturday mail delivery. Many businesses are closed anyway. Package delivery will still continue on Saturdays, that’s still a nice advantage over UPS.

  • http://www.rainbowriting.com Karen Cole

    I think Saturday mail is a dinosaur, and it’s perfectly okay to get rid of it. People who work during the weekend may be affected, but it’s generally okay to wait until Monday to receive mail. It should help the post office, which is suffering lately, and encourage more people and businesses to take Saturdays off.

  • http://www.sfpincchicago.com Shadow Fire Promotions, Inc

    With our company having been in the mail order business for more than a dozen years, we’ve seen everything there is to know about the USPS.

    The issues with the Post Office have nothing to do with “Saturday delivery”, e-anything, or any other flimsy excuse the Post Office serves up to people to describe all of their numerous woes.

    The Post Office has a virtual monopoly, with their rivals being UPS and FedEx, yet the majority of people still send things through the USPS, because it’s much less expensive than the other options.

    Like rapid transit here in Chicago, the Post Office is seriously mis-managed, and that is the reason for their financial woes.

    Their employees are for the most part ignorant, rude, bottom feeders, who move like they are in one of those Baywatch slow motion runs. Their solution to long waits in line? Well, it’s not going to be anything relating to improving efficiency (or literacy!). We’ll just remove all the clocks so you have to look at your watch to be able to tell how long you’ve been waiting for a slow motion clerk to take 25 minutes to put a stamp on a letter. Meanwhile, during the busiest parts of the day (early AM, noontime (lunch hour), and “quitting time”), the Post Office makes sure to have all windows but one closed, guaranteeing a longer wait for you, and also to have a lot of people just standing around, but unable to open a window.

    Unlike mass retailers like Wal-Mart or Best Buy where they strive to have as many registers open as possible, the Post Office seemingly looks at that model and strives to always have the LEAST amount of windows open, except for the deadest parts of the day, like 10AM or 2 PM, when most people are in the office working, not delivering packages to be mailed, once again making sure that they have the maximum amount of people standing around doing nothing.

    Post Office managers are also of the “stand around and do nothing” sort, and are typically every bit as rude as clerks, while doubtlessly getting paid a lot more. They also have the best job in the world, only having to work for a half day. Two managers per day, each only working half of the day also guarantees a lot more money being spent on manpower, thus further guaranteeing that the Post Office will never profit.

    Of course, the desk clerks are seemingly illiterate, and you have to wonder how easy it must be to pass the Postal examination if the people that are on the other side of the counter have managed to. Of course, the Post Office is, like most quasi-governmental jobs, one of the best jobs to have, since you get paid a lot of money, and aren’t really required to actually do any work. There’s also the added bonus that you can’t get fired, either, which is always a great incentive to do your best work, when you know that you’ll be paid a lot of money, not have to actually show any actual work or effort and can’t get fired.

    Then there’s the Post Office’s attempt to be a retail store and compete with Walgreen’s, CVS, and Osco Drug by attempting to sell envelopes and similar packaging, just at a lot less competitive prices than any other drug store. Of course, who wouldn’t want a commemorative plaque of President Obama? It’s only $50! Think of the collector’s value if you pass it down to your grandkids for them to pass to their grandkids. Maybe one day, it might have value. Now the Post Office wants to be a sporting goods store and sell track jackets with the USPS logo? That will no doubt be on Mr. Blackwell’s “best dressed” list. Who wouldn’t want to dress up in overpriced Post Office clothing, when any good sporting goods store will sell you track jackets and other similar gear that might actually be slightly more stylish that someone would WANT to wear?

    If the Post Office were to actually force their people to work, lose the concept of being unable to fire incompetent people, hire competent people to replace them, have these people actually WORK, have managers be cut in half, because it’s nuts having to pay two salaries when you don’t even get a full day of work from these people and finally focus on mail and mail delivery, and quit trying to peddle crap that people will never buy. Has ANYONE, EVER bought any of these ridiculous plaques?

    Of course, that suggestion is just too bold. It makes too much sense. Instead, let’s continue to find other people and things to blame for Post Office misfortunes. Then, let’s go spending more money we don’t have to introduce a line of sexy USPS branded bra and panty sets. What woman wouldn’t feel 100 times sexier knowing she had on an OFFICIAL Post Office bra?? Those things will fly off the shelf and the Postal woes will be at an end!

    Of course, we have to be fair to the fellas, so we’ll also make a line of USPS jockstraps, boxers and briefs all with the super-stylish USPS logo on it. Merchandising is what the Post Office was missing all along, and who doesn’t want to wear clothing that the Post Office has endorsed?

    No, for however long the Post Office lasts, they will always be in debt, because no one in the organisation is smart enough to do what needs to be done to be profitable. Instead, they will continue to make the same mistakes while scratching their heads and wondering why they can’t make profit, all the while whining how it’s not their fault.

  • http://webpronews charles

    I don’t need mail on the weekend it will give me a brake from getting more bills to pay and ruin my weekend.lock it up.

  • Johanna

    Here in Australia we have not had Saturday mail for quite a number of years – must be at least 30 years if not more. Never had thought of anything different and you just get used to it in time. Sometimes I feel it could be handy for the business point of view, but administration type of business here don’t work Saturdays either.

  • http://ulc.net Become a ministers

    Whether the post office continues to offer Saturday service is a minor point. They are making a huge deal out of it, and few people care. UPS and FedEx only offer Saturday service as an expensive option, so why would anyone care if their Pottery Barn catalog arrives on Saturday or the following Monday.

    What the USPS refuses to look at is the fact that their service is terrible. Many of their employees are rude and dismissive, and there are almost always long lines. When a package is lost or damaged, even Priority Mail, they blow it off, saying “Well you should have bought insurance if you didn’t want us to jump up and down on your package.”

    Most of the time, packages sent by USPS arrive looking like they had been turned over to the chimpanzees at the zoo to play with along the way.

    Priority Mail is not guaranteed delivery, and I’ve seen Priority Mail packages take 2-3 weeks to move 50 miles. Express Mail is guaranteed, sort of. But if you don’t hand it to the employee at the counter and watch them scan it in, they don’t consider it “received” by them. So it it doesn’t arrive for 2 weeks (happened to me), they say I should have stood in line for 30 minutes to hand it to a surly employee!

    Some of the employees are very good and helpful. But that is because they are happy people. The company culture is not that way. At my post office, they take an employee off of working the counter when it gets close to 5 pm, to guard the door to make sure if someone races to the post office after work but arrives at 5:00:30, they will be turned away. This is a major priority, and the counter workers start to verbally bark at whoever’s job it is to bar the door if they think that person might be a second or two late with this task!

    And I’ve heard them complain to one another out loud in front of customers, upset that people always come in at closing time! A real business would adjust their hours to accommodate the times when most people show up!

    After leaving the post office, which I visit daily for my business, I go (literally) across the street the FedEx, where I am always greeted warmly and enthusiastically by employees who seem eager to help. They consistently get my packages delivered within 1-2 days, undamaged.

    Stop delivery on Saturday, what do I care? But fair warning to postal employees: The erosion of post office business will ultimately mean your job is at risk. So I suggest you take an interest in providing good service, in giving proper care to the packages entrusted to you, and put a smile on your face even if it kills you!

    • http://www.betdoresh.com Rabbi Jay P. Newcomb

      I heartily agree. I had in incident at a small town post office where the clerk, a cranky old woman, shut down accepting debit card two hours before closing time because she did not want to close out at the last moment. I had made a special trip there while at work driving a dump truck. I do not carry cash and the woman in Loving, New Mexico refused to take my debit card!

      • Lisa


    • http://www.sfpincchicago.com Shadow Fire Promotions, Inc

      The Post Office will never close. The government will force them open, where they will continue to provide the same rude, terrible “service” as they have done over the past 100 or so years since inception. After all, if you can’t get fired while being paid a large salary and not have to work, why not be as rude and dismissive as possible.

      This kind of behaviour would not fly anywhere else except the Post Office, where their hours are specifically mandated and one is not able to be fired. There’s a reason why Fed Ex employees “seem eager to help”. FedEx is private sector, and thus, they can be fired if they are not performing the service for which they are hired. Unlike the Post Office, FedEx clearly has some kind of standard set on what needs to be accomplished daily, and holds their people accountable for it.

      Again, “Saturday delivery” and/or the lack thereof is hardly the major issue threatening the survival of the Post Office. It’s not even a minor issue.

      Typically, with most businesses, if the price goes up, there’s something to “offset” it in some way. Materials or labour go up? Hopefully, that can be offset in some way with an increase in the service provided, as a way to sort of make it up to customers. In the Post Office, prices go up so they can afford to make Post Office rain jackets.


  • http://webpronews Art Hoke

    Discontinue saturday mail delivery. Mail carriers deserve a two day weekend!

  • http://www.artsanddesigns.com jim peden

    We send many items from here in the UK to our US customers. We have found USPS to be highly reliable if not always as fast as we would like!

    We have seen our own equivalent service (Royal Mail) go through all sorts of convulsions over the past few years as they try to ‘turn the business around’. The only result has been poorer service and annual price hikes.

    As online shopping is growing and when many online shoppers are at work from Monday to Friday, Saturday would seem to be a good to day for USPS to keep.

  • http://www.betdoresh.com Rabbi Jay P. Newcomb

    Yes the postal service should end this and shut down on Saturday. That day was ordained as the day of rest by G-d and so the Postal service should honor it and lock up. Let there people enjoy the weekends for a change. That way the Observant Jewish personal can go to Shul on Saturday(Shabbat) like their Christian Counterparts are able to do on Sunday

  • http://Yahoo.com Patrick

    I think that we should not end Saturday Mail Service, because Saturday Mail Service is very important to the American People, especially the American People who live in the rural areas and can’t afford to go pickup their mail at the post office. Ending Saturday Mail Service will not solve any of the USPS problems. Getting rid of the 2006 law that was passed will solve the problem. Our United States Postal Service does a very good job and we need to ensure that they keep up the good work.

  • http://yahoo.com mekus

    I like good life

  • Dean

    Who cares, thats one less bill I have to look at ! And be reminded about !

  • http://marshgutterservice.com Lance Marsh

    KEEP Saturday mail. The USPS get plenty of holidays off from delivering mail. Businesses and individuals NEED mail to keep flowing in on Saturdays.

  • Gregory

    I’m okay with the USPS not delivering on Sat. I still use the postal service, their service great. The USPS website offers a lot of service and you can do it from your home or smart phone. I have used this online service for my business, check it out, http://www.usps.com.

  • bruceds

    No Saturday mail is a good move to save taxpayer dollars

  • Will

    let Sat delivery die. and let FedEx/UPS access the mailbox as a drop-off. Heck I would even encourage 3 delivery days only for US Mail. So much of the sales materials and bills are sent electronically anyway. Why waste both time/paper/money as well on printed Ads?


  • http://www.electraica.net Crissy

    It doesn’t really matter to me is they deliver or not. Let them have the weekend off. The mail that doesn’t get to me on Saturday will get to me on Monday (nothing but bill anyway)

  • http://outdoorletters.com E J Miller

    The problem: a burden no other agency or company bears, a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue, while the Postal Service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. Congress created this problem, and Congress can fix it. Forcing the payment of retirement and health care cost 75 years into the future is not rational. Who else is forced to do this?

  • http://www.spencerwebdesign.com Sue

    Get rid of Saturday delivery! I am so disgusted by selfish, misguided politicians.

    • Lisa

      Absolutely get rid of it! To be such an advanced country- we are surely too oils fashioned for the times! I plan on evaluating the self guided politicians very thoroughly before voting in the next election for congress!

  • http://www.willisallen.com San Diego Local

    I don’t see not receiving mail on Saturday having a huge impact on my life but I am curious to see how it would effect services like Netflix a GameFly. Granted, I think the majority of their service is streaming, I would think having one less day of shipping would have a fairly large impact of their turn-around rates.

  • Pennie Pyle

    Without Saturday delivery of our medications my mom and I both risk a health crisis!

    • Lisa

      You don’t need Saturday mail to survive! You can arrange for meds to be delivered by priority. I get my meds through the mail & frankly they’ve never arrived on a Saturday. Prioritize your orders & get with the times. Times are a changing! I read where Australia hasn’t had Saturday in years & they have survived…

  • http://www.linkedin.com/pub/robert-alan-yeatts-jr/57/b46/b56 Robert Alan Yeatts Jr

    The only way they can keep saturday mail would be if the government picks up the tab. That’s really up to the voters. I don’t know what it would be like to not have have a public mail service. Some things would be complicated in that situation.

  • Lisa

    ABSOLUTELY END SATURDAY MAIL… WHAT A SILLY WASTE OF MONEY… USPS must move forward with the times, this is not the year of the pony express or the messenger but rather hi tech electronics and with mobile banking (you can even make a deposit with a smart phone these days)- who really needs to get mail delivery on Saturday to survive, not even people who get mail delivery of medicine, they can arrange the delivery from Monday through Friday. STUPIDITY is costing our country way to much money… There needs to be a serious “house cleaning” in Congress & hopefully that will start with the next election. As for the mail carriers organization, that is what is wrong now, they have been given too many benefits all these years unlike other businesses are able to offer and that is part of the reason they are broke…

  • http://None Betty Jane Covington

    I really think the mail delivery on Saturdays should continue,,not only just for me,,but also it will keep more postal workers employed on their jobs so they can continue to earn a living for themselves and their families..
    Betty jane Covington

  • Paul Stein

    Stop Saturday 1st class delivery.

  • Paul Stein

    I think we can all live without regular mail delivery on Saturday.

  • Jim Mc Gillivray

    I don’t know why the post office doesn’t place a delivery price like $20.00 to $30.00 for delivery cost for all deliveries, just like we get monthly bills from other sources.
    I am sure people would prefer this than what they get now, or what you plan to do.
    and is cheaper than maintaining post boxes at the end of the street and junk mail collections. .

  • william

    I am a Letter Carrier in Florida and it makes no sense at all to continue 6 day mail delivery. Carriers are constantly being forced to work their day off, which by the way, is costing the Postal Service millions of dollars in OT each year. With a 5 day mail delivery, OT for carriers would be severely cut as would cost of transportation needs. Packages and Express could still be delivered on Saturday by CCA’s, part time flexables and OT volunteers , if needed. Career carriers would all be off on Sat/Sun, doing away with the need for a rotational schedule which causes all kinds of havoc!! STOP SATURDAY DELIVERY NOW!!!!