Using Google Latitude For Business

Finding Opportunities in Location-Based Services

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Using Google Latitude is and should be a personal thing – only to be used with people you trust. I use Latitude with my friends and make sure to only confirm close friends. However, recently I met a woman that works in marketing for a health organization. She told me about how her company uses Google Latitude for business tasks. In case you’re not familiar, Google Latitude shows your location to your selected contacts via your mobile device’s GPS.

In the marketing and sales field, this woman travels frequently and has a number of responsibilities she juggles. Using Latitude allows her boss to see her location and share tasks according to her location. Grouping errands is always a good thing, especially when it’s a part of your job! Not only does this allow the business to cut costs of back-and-forth trips, but helps this marketing coordinator get her job done – faster.

Google Latitude

For sales people and other employees on-the-go throughout the day, using Latitude allows management to delegate tasks, depending on location of their employees.  Especially if multiple employees are on the road, tracking their location increases productivity and efficiency of the business. Although there are other applications and services that allow management to implement tracking of their employees – Google Latitude is a tool that’s easy to use, and free.

What shocked me most was that a business owner saw the opportunity in a product – mostly used for personal friendships – and took it to new levels for the business. Not only is transparency a theme with social media jobs, but here, it gives employers a portal to see where their employees are at any time.

This whole concept reminds me of an app that will alert you when you’re near one of your errands. Keep forgetting to run to the pharmacy? This app will alert you when you’re near one. For android folks out there – ListPlus will do the job and for iPhone users there’s Errand Alert.

Since there are applications that will let you know when you’re near one of your errands, do companies really need to be asking employees to share their location 24/7? Of course there are tasks that arise in the middle of the day while employees are already out, so the errand alert type applications wouldn’t do the trick. Using Google Latitude could add in the ability for those back at the office to survey which employee is closest to the desired location. Then the task could be assigned to that one person without sending a frenzied email – "Who is closest to _____ location?"

Will GPS enabled apps end up being another staple of all businesses – like email? Would you consider sharing your location with your boss or employees?  If you already are Foursquare friends with your boss or employees you aren’t really that far away. Let me know what you think.

Originally published at SearchMarketingSage

Using Google Latitude For Business
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  • http://www.vcaresoftwaredevelopment.com Daniel Jose

    Useful gadget for those place who’s difficult to find by peoples.

  • http://www.learninsurance.com learninsurance

    I think there will be a conflict in user’s privacy. But this is a great tool for business or companies, most likely by tracking their customer’s location or client’s location.

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk/ KJ

    Useful and scary at the same time. I’ve heard of more businesses using latitude to keep track of their people on the road and think it undermines the trust employers should have for their staff. On the other hand it can be useful for logistics. Thanks for the mention of Link Plus as I’ve been looking for an app like this.

  • Guest

    My Girlfriend had a string of bad relationships. Google Latitude has been up and running on our phones since we got together. At first it was a little weird with her always knowing where I was at. But over time I got used to it since I wasn’t doing anything wrong anyway.

    I asked her just now and she said that she maybe only ever looks at my location like once a week or less now. So I would say that Google Latitude probably helped me earn her trust. Depends on how you look at it.

  • http://www.activelid-software.blogspot.com Guest Derrick Gray

    Some may think that this type of service Google and others provide is a bad thing due to personal security if you are a home business however I believe the feature shows a sense of pride First as a nationality is advertised and second its your business. I can however see that the security issue can actually verify who you are along with your “I P ” address in the files in the case of a breach of your system security, but if you had a problem with someone using your email to send spam( which happened to me late in December and was used to employ a means of cash finding as an emergency ploy but I knew to back trace the sending “I P” and through maps found it to be from Scotland.
    so what ever the case I believe this service needs a bit of tweaking but solved a security issue for me so I would advise everyone to beef up your security and stay safe .
    On another note you could get a free diagnostic scan to check your security issues at My site and if you like that technology they have a better one too! visit http://www.activelid-software.blogspot.com and enjoy a safer system a lots of quality software downloads. Thanks for the comment Derrick Gray

  • http://www.businessinsuranceusa.com Sam

    Google latitude is a great tool, I love to use it, it’s a great tool for businesses.

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