Updating Android Market To Google Play

    March 6, 2012
    Chris Crum
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As you may have heard, Google is replacing Android Market with Google Play. Actually, Google Play is a combination of Android Market, Google Music and the Google eBookstore.

If you have an Android device, you may be wondering how to update it. To answer your question, it will update automatically.

“If your device can be updated, the Android Market app will automatically update to the Google Play Store app,” Google says in a help center article. “Once you have it, the Google Play Store app automatically updates itself when new versions become available. This is a silent update, which means you will not see a notification and will not be prompted to update.”

The update will be rolling out over the coming days. Videos, books and music apps (in countries where they are available) will be upgraded to Google Play Movies, Google Play Books and Google Play Music apps.

“The music, movies, books and apps you’ve purchased will continue to be available to you through Google Play,” Google’s Director of Digital Content, Jamie Rosenberg, assures users. “Simply log in with your Google account like always.

On your device, the Android Market app icon will change to the Google Play Store icon. I’ve already heard some early criticism of the logo, but I imagine everyone will get used to.

For the movies, books and music apps, Google says you’ll begin to see Play versions of these, such as “Play Music,” and “Play Movies.”

  • Zinc

    Heh.. Just don’t say “no” when it asks you to OK google play, or your market app may disappear like mine did. Why ask if it’s going to bomb when you say no? I guess I just don’t need the market app that bad anyhow…

    • Erik

      I just did the same thing. what do i do to get that back on? it will be necessary once i need new apps.

  • Mikey

    It would have been handy to know it was coming. I thought I had a virus on my phone! I looked down at my phone last night and it was sitting on a Kernel boot screen with an option to Reboot. And then its been “Updating Google Play” in the background all morning.

  • JIM

    If you had a choice of Market or Play, then that “might be” acceptable, but to just flat do it without permissions is totally unacceptable. Plus once you unknowing “accept”, your machine is no longer “yours” exclusively.

    It appears the Goggle now has the Big Brother syndrome, and will continue to dictate what we can and cannot do with our own devices. Maybe it’s time the FTC started looking into Google’s practices the same way they looked at Microsoft back in the day….

    • http://WebproNewschangingandroidmarkettogoogleplay Josie Correia

      Hi Jim, I totally agree with your comments on this site.I am so angry that we are forced to google play, and not given an option to keep android market.As of yet, I haven’t installed or should I say accepted google play.My android market is gone.It now shows google store in my apps.I am afraid to accept, becsuse I heard I may lose some of my installed apps.I have a samsung android galaxy captivate SGH 1897 phone..Help please

  • Carl Lane


    • Robert

      It is now under “PLAY STORE” (stupid name if you ask me). That is where I just found mine.

  • sue

    Ive just done exactly the same lost the lot how do i get it back

  • jonnie

    My market is gone!! How do I get it back???

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  • Adrian Molloy

    When you upgrade the Android Market App disappears and you will get a Widget to replace it named Google Play. If you look in Applications you won’t find it so look for a Widget. Problem is that the Widget is too large to fit on most opening screens unless you are willing to remove calendar, or something equally valuable. I put it on another page, after I used it once it just became an overly large icon streaming adverts and it always took me into the current advert, never back into Google Play.
    I have downloaded a free app named App Update which fits on my opening screen and allows me to check for updates. Hopefully I will never use Android Play because I don’t like anything that prevents me using my own phone the way I prefer.

  • http://aboutmyfreaknmarket md

    Hey listen forget google play how do i get my freakn market bk i agree it uneccetable for it to get rid of my market im so not feeling at all im so frakn pist

  • Jeff p

    This sukz cant get apps kant find my market and if I go to the play goggle it say not installed so how do we get our market back is it lost ????????

  • dennis

    I don’t know what Google’s problem is, but they seem to be having a rash of crap applications lately, and the application formerly known as Android Market is just the latest fatality of their war against personal privacy and freedom. I have found a way to disable it from auto updating, but it involves gaining sudo privileges to disable the update app itself.

  • dennis

    I don’t know what Google’s problem is, but they seem to be having a rash of crap applications lately, and the application formerly known as Android Market is just the latest fatality of their war against personal privacy and freedom. I have found a way to disable it from auto updating, but it involves gaining sudo privileges to disable the update app itself. Not quite sure if it’ll work (I’ve not tried it myself), but I bet it does because I’ve heard it’s worked on previous versions of the Market.

  • john

    I agree with everyone…. this is bs, Android market is better… google play looks very generic… come on gimme my market back soon!!!

  • Abraham


  • Bumsock

    I don’t see what everyone is crying about.. it’s more or less the exact same market with the exact same apps…and the app that’s in your app drawer now renamed Play Store does the exact same thing o_O

  • nikkiredd

    This should of been explained a little better. I prefer to haave my market. I hope there will be a choice soon. I pay to be in control of my phone not google. Stop invading peoples privacy please google.

  • Adam Holt

    For all of you that want market back I managed it on my tablet, just go into applications and find Google play, open it then uninstall updates and it reverts back to the version your android device came with ie. Android market. Problem I had is that I only did that as mine force closed every time it opened and now I’ve uninstaled the update I can’t seem to get mine to update itself again!?

  • f#ck g**gle !

    Google has now breached every smartphone user contract! You can not uninstall, and secretly at that, a person’s applications at your own corporate greedy discretion! Absolutely appauling!

  • cam

    I am totally disgusted. I am not that saavy,so I didn’t have a clue what was going on. It took me days and searching the web. As I understand, it isn’t google’s doing, it’s cell phone carrier, the decide what apps are made available and what changes are made. At any rate , mine doesn’t look the same now and I hate, hate,hate it. For ppl like me, changes like this really screws me up.

  • Sarahann English

    My android market has disappeared I need it back.

  • kkkkkkkkkk

    mine is not automaicallu updated its still android market. sucks

  • niza

    mine is still market…how do i update to google play??

  • paul knill

    Mines still Android Market aswell, gutted should of bought a iphone not a sony smartphone :)

  • rox

    Guess I’ll switch to Iphone. I’ve tried everything and I still can’t get it. This system is horrible.

  • darko

    I still have Android Market on my XPERIA X8

  • lowell rublico

    my phone is samsung galaxy 5, it’s still android market and has not updated to google play. how do i do it?

  • Réya

    I had to reboot my entire phone. Factory reset or whatever cuz my piece of shit Droid decides to delete all my apps & tell me I had no space. Now the android market wont update to Google play ay all. I can’t wait until my upgrade. I HATE Droid.

  • nio369

    Damn Sony Ericsson Sync,they discontinued at the time i need it the most to update my apps.How do they espect from me to login to my google account using market if the sync dun work.Does anyone here have any solution for this kind of problem??