Unfriending On Facebook Leads To Murder

    February 10, 2012
    Shawn Hess
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Billy Clay Payne, Jr. and Billie Jean Hayworth were murdered last month after deleting Jenelle Potter from their Facebook profile. Marvin Enoch Potter Jr. and Jamie Lynn Curd have been charged with the crimes.

Mike Reece, a Johnson County Sheriff comments on the incident:

“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen,”

“Once you’ve crossed her, you’ve crossed her father (Enoch Potter, Jr. ) too,”

The Sheriff reports that both victims were shot through the head and that Mr. Payne had his throat cut. The couple was found dead with their eight month old baby laying unharmed in the mothers arms.

So far, no charges have been place on Jenelle, but The sheriff remarks that this is not the first time she has had problems regarding Facebook. Several harassment charges were filed against her in the past relating to her activity on Facebook.

RO Smith, Curd’s attorney says:

” [it’s] safe to say there’s more to it than the Facebook problem, it appears.”

  • N.J.M

    So you’re that dramatic that you’d send your father to kill two people who “unfriended” you on Facebook?! You should and will more than likely be charged with accessory to murder. Where you’re going, I highly doubt you will be given any access to your Facebook account. You should be very ashamed of yourself! Get over it! Stupid idiot! Ohh, what now?! Gonna send your daddy after me for making fun of you?! Ohh boo hoo, I’m so afraid for my life! GROW UP!!

    • Daniel

      You know she most likely isn’t going to read this, do you?

  • Dave

    Never underestimate how dangerous the people who fall slightly to the left of the fat part of the intelligence bell curve can be.