UC Davis Pepper Spraying Cop Is The Internet’s New Favorite Meme

Photoshopped into humorously incongruous venues

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UC Davis Pepper Spraying Cop Is The Internet’s New Favorite Meme
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The events that took place on the UC Davis campus a few days ago are pretty hard to watch. But that doesn’t mean that people haven’t taken a good, hard look at the incident. People have drawn parallels to historical events involving protests – as well as used the brutal video to further the discussion surrounding the state of First Amendment rights in this country.

And of course, the internet has decided that it’s perfect meme fodder.

The most indelible image from the video that went viral last week is definitely UC Davis Campus Police Lieutenant John Pike casually pepper spraying the protestors, who appear to be sitting on the ground in an absolutely peaceful manner. The few-second clip of the high-powered, red-orange spray covering the faces of the students has been played thousands of times across news outlets since last Friday.

If you somehow have yet to see the video, check it out below:

Now, the image of Lt. Pike spraying the students has spawned its own Tumblr blog, the aptly titled Pepper Spraying Cop.

Little did we know that Pepper Spraying Cop has cracked down on so many famous moments in history!! This Tumblr will help document the long pepper spraying arm of this officer of the law!

And it does just that – by inserting the pepper spraying cop into various films, works of art, and famous photographs from history. Here are some of my favorite images from the blog:

Pepper Spray Cop ruins Abbey Road shoot –

Pepper Spray Cop Grinches Cindy Lou Who:

Pepper Spray Cop at the dawn of creation:

Pepper Spray Cop makes immolation a little worse:

Reddit has joined in the Lt. Pike meme fun as well. Some pertinent street art has been spotted. Only the spray has been replaced by butterflies:

Before I could think “That’s going to be a really popular t-shirt design pretty soon,” someone on reddit already made himself the t-shirt.

Memes pop up sometimes even when the source is decidedly less than funny. But they have a way of keeping things alive, and once you become a popular meme, the memory of you or your actions takes a long time to fade.

UC Davis Pepper Spraying Cop Is The Internet’s New Favorite Meme
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  • http://www.parentchildteacher.com Karen Ryce

    I hope this attention helps police change from ‘law enforcers’ to ‘peace keepers.’ Peace keepers are what we really need to help keep peaceful people safe. Their only job would be to ensure that all are safe and peaceful.

    • UC Davis PD

      Liberal nut job.

      • roadone2@cox.net

        Its guys like you that make this country look backward and barbaric. Do you even know what the constitution is set up to PROTECT? Protect being the operative word?? What was done to those students should be criminally prosecuted and that officer should be relived. UCSD Staff

        • johann

          @ roadone2

          Look at his username, it might suggest a hint of sarcasm or trolling is going on. ^_^

  • http://www.brainlings.com mrnuts

    I made one too!! Double meme!!!


  • BobbyD

    1st world problems. In most of the rest of the world people are literally killed for less than this shit. Get over it America.

    • Zincorium

      Yes, because autocratic hellholes are just fine. We should be glad we’re not getting machine gunned.

      We as Americans NEED to aspire to be a hell of a lot better. We’re not, but the moment we stop trying is the moment that we’re all going to regret the entire next century.

  • chris

    lol that’s what I would’ve done to those stupid college kids. they need to be put in their place

    • Professor

      “Stupid college kids”?
      Chris, how is that welding job going?

      • nathan

        I wish I had a welding job. They make pretty good money and are usually unionized.

  • http://www.broadbanddigitalmedia.com Ron Leddy

    fabulous, I got a side ache laughing. Ron

  • lilspeth

    hahahaha!!! Just sooooo great – I can’t stop laughing.

  • julia

    here is John Pike’s personal phone number. Please call to let him know we have seen his disgusting actions and won’t stand for it:


  • Uncle B

    America’s finest moment! Biggest bully on the block! This fine example of your fate if you are unemployed, or disenfranchised by the Corporate Machine! now, shave, wash up, and get in line, or we will hurt you again, with tasers even! Get to work, ass-hole!

  • Heather

    They deserved it. These protesters have taken these protests WAY farther than they should go, even into disgusting unsanitary conditions. I saw one person taking a crap on the American flag. And who is left to pick up the tab to clean up after these slobs? 100% of Americans! That includes the 99%. I have never felt a stronger urge to smack the S*** out of someone. You wouldn’t be chanting “Shame on you” if these assholes were doing it in YOUR back yard would you?

    These cops have a job to do, let them do it, go back to work, and shut the F*** up.

    • Heather

      Half those kids dont even know why they’re there.

    • Zincorium

      Why do the cops even need to be there? Are the protests so dangerous that being out patrolling, to prevent REAL crimes, is secondary in priority?

      And protests mean nothing if they go away when someone is bothered- you are exactly the sort of person they’re protesting for.

  • Anon

    This video isnt about the protests. its about the fact that the police have a god complex that makes them think they can do whatever they want. i think those kids should have rushed and beatin/killed those cops.

  • liberal elite

    Pepper spray is to good for obama’s “brown shirt” army of thugs, use night sticks or guns to get rid of these anarchists !!

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