Twitter Now Supports Animated GIFs

    June 18, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Twitter announced through its support account today that users can new share and view animated GIFs on Twitter.com, and in its Android and iPhone apps.

Here’s proof:

Note: It appears that with embeds you have to click the image for it to play.

With Vines already becoming a big part of the Twitter experience, this seems like a natural, if not long overdue fit.

It was possible to share and view animated gifs through Twitter using third party apps in the past, but Twitter finally decided to just support them on its own.

I imagine our Twitter experience at large is about to get a whole lot more motion.

Image via Twitter

  • http://www.arttechint.com/ Suraj Rai

    Hi Chris Crum I am waiting this feature on twitter from a long time. You really share good news for all twitters users. Thanks to share this nice information with us.

  • https://plexuslafayette.com/ Charles Cavanaugh, Ph.D.

    Indeed this is a good time. Remember, focus on creating original content, although I do enjoy a good cat animated GIF or two that I’ve seen before!

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