Turtleman Appears On Jay Leno, Joins Animal Planet

Turtleman sitting next to Eddie Murphy on Leno

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Turtleman Appears On Jay Leno, Joins Animal Planet
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If you’re still looking for definitive proof that the internet can make anyone famous, meet Ernie Brown Jr, a.k.a. – The Turtleman. He’s from Lebanon, KY, and has gone from a backwoods turtle wrangler, to internet sensation, to getting his own show on Animal Planet. Now he can say he sat next to Eddie Murphy on Jay Leno.

Here’s the videos in case you missed the show last night. I don’t think I could pick anyone better to sit next to the Turtleman than Eddie Murphy.

How did a man go from getting his teeth knocked out by a chainsaw, to sitting in the chair that’s had the likes of Ashton Kutcher, William Shatner, and Justin Bieber sitting in it? The answer is simple, YouTube. The video originated on a local show called: Kentucky Afield. Due to the sheer hilarity of a grown man mucking around in algae infested ponds, Turtleman became a hit.

The rest as they say is history. His Animal Planet show is “Call of the Wildman“, and premieres this Sunday, November 6th, at 10pm.

Turtleman Appears On Jay Leno, Joins Animal Planet
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  • Rhonda bailey

    I enjoy watching turtlemAn. He is truly like most genuine ppl in ky. I did not like it that it seemed like jay Leno was making fun of him but jay did that with Larry the cable guy and look where Larry is today

  • Arlene

    Love Love Love The Turtleman!! Live Action! Crazy Baby! Great show! Great to see someone doing something he loves and having a good time doing it! And no harm to the animals! Rebel Yell!!

  • http://turleman seth

    Heck just seeing this good hearted live action man do his thing for the love of animals makes me wanna move to Lebanon KY work with a guy like this and I’m unemployed A/C Heating Tech, his best friend is a hoot and the live action mans dog wow he’s also part of the team as well. Heck I’d sure give it a shoot going were city folks won’t go. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YALL YOUR BUDDY UP NORTH IN MD. PS WATCH DEM SNAPPERS SON

  • Mark

    The Turtle Man from Lebanon Ky is just Great Entertainment….. Hugh respect to the protection of wild animals. Animal Planet Please add many more shows…. The Jay Leno was just AWESOME as well… When will Letterman, Conan, and others follow suit? Again, Turtle Man is THE Best Live ACTION…. Good Luck Turtle Man…..

  • gary furr

    As far as turtleman goes he ain’t right but a very down to earth person to watch like your bath tub ernie keep it going

  • Don Henry

    Turtle man is inspiration to so many people. He reminds me of me, honest man trying to make a liven. I hope he does well with what he is doing, and I’m sure god has big plans for him. I wish there where more good people like him.

  • Buck Ulrich

    Turtleman,your honest crazy,,an thats ok,please remember to be carefull in everything you do,,there aint no sence in going out an gettiing hurt,,an not being able to do anything thats in your heart to do ,like ,catching them turtles,I hope your dream comes true an you get that 70 lb -er,RECORD TURTLE,good luck,in the future,,god bless,,your a insperation for many,many,americans,,

  • woodrow brooks

    hi i saw turtle man & i was amazed at his talent on catching critters. saw him apper on the jayleno show he was great & quite a commeadian.i have allso been on jays leno show as a aminal impersonatior doing sounds & among other things it was a blast.i enjoyed it as im from ky allso, a little town in mckee ky.in jackson co. i truly would like to meet the famous turtle man & have him come & remove some turtles out of my farm pond.thay are eating my fish.anyone with info on how to get this arranged please contact me at {859}214-0538 thank you woodie brooks

  • woodrow brooks

    hi this is woodrow brooks my correct phone# is 859-314-0538 for contact information for any one knowing how to arrange turtle man to come & remove turtles on my farm, my earlyier posting had the wrong phone number, thanks looking forward to getting this done, woodrow brooks.

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