Tumblr Gets More Ad-Friendly With DataSift Deal

    September 16, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Yahoo-owned Tumblr has a new deal in place with social analytics provider DataSift. The deal (the terms of which are unknown) sees DataSift get access to the Tumblr firehose, to offer users Tumblr data alongside that from Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Bitly, NewsCred, Instagram, Amazon, Flickr, reddit, Wikipedia, Dailymotion, Topix, IMDb, 2Channel and other assorted videos, blogs and message boards.

The deal, first reported by TechCrunch, should add fuel to the Tumblr ad revenue fire.

“Tumblr is a unique social property,” DataSift says on its site. “With the publishing and branding capabilities of a blog, and the connectivity of a social network, Tumblr has a wealth of social content and audience activity.”

“As brands increasingly use Tumblr to engage with their customers the need for Tumblr data becomes more critical, to surface in social applications as well as to analyze for industry, brand and audience insights,” it says. “Now with Tumblr data available in DataSift, it’s easier than ever for brands, agencies and developers to uncover what Tumblr’s thriving community of users are talking about.”

“Access to deeper analytics on Tumblr with DataSift represents a huge opportunity for brands to better understand audiences, refine campaigns and bring their unique stories to life,” says Aaron Strout, Managing Director at W2O Group, in a quote DataSift is using to pitch the service.

Tumblr stands to be an important revenue generator for Yahoo. Even before the acquisition closed, it started to get more ads. Then, last month, we learned that the “Tumblr advertising explosion” was upon us with the existence of Marketr, a new Tumblr section for brands, as well as the “Tumblr A-List” of digital marketing agencies, and the Brands.Tumblr.com list of Tumblr advertisers.

Image: Marissa Mayer’s Tumblr

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