Topsy Does More with Google+ Search Than Google

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Topsy Does More with Google+ Search Than Google
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You’d think nobody would be more on top of Google+ search than Google, given that Google is mostly known as being the search giant of the web, but Google only just launched a proper search feature for Google+ a couple weeks ago.

Google is still not even offering realtime search via Google.com, let alone Google+, since it lost the Twitter firehose, despite having said that it was actively working to bring realtime search back, with data from Google+ and other sources.

Well, Topsy hasn’t been sitting around waiting, and today they announced its own Google+ search engine, which includes realtime results, as well as video and “expert” results.

“We are proud to be the first search engine to provide comprehensive search over public Google+ posts,” said Topsy Co-Founder & CEO Vipul Ved Prakash. “Beyond the 220 million daily tweets we are currently indexing, with the addition of Google+, we’ve extended our search technology to deeply index and rank long-form social conversations. On Topsy, people can now search Google+ and Twitter for realtime, relevance-ranked results, and businesses can be better informed about what’s important by using our APIs to mine the collective intelligence of posters on both Twitter and Google+.”

The search engine uses Topsy’s own proprietary algorithms, which already powers realtime search for Twitter posts on topsy.com. The company says the algorithm calculates who experts are for specific keywords, terms and links, updating influence graphs “in seconds” based on the attention generated from Google+ and Twitter posts.

The API enables businesses to access historical activity related to keywords or links, realtime influence-ranked measurements, “forward-looking momentum, velocity and peak period metrics,” and stories that are trending on various social networks.

Topsy Does More with Google+ Search Than Google
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  • http://www.PlacesToEatOkay.com Steven G

    Google+ was not ready for prime time and this is just one more example of that. Search is Google’s #1 thing and so they should have had search for Google+ already in place. It’s the main reason that Google Wave didn’t take off. Nobody could find Waves. So unless you were invited, you had no way of seeing other Waves and participating. If Google doesn’t do something soon, Google+ will be another failed attempt, much like Google Wave was.

  • http://www.modeltrainhobbyist.com Lionel Bachmann | Model Trains

    Looks like Google is dropping the ball on its own product. Not only did they lose realtime updates from twitter, but they haven’t utilized realtime updates on their own platform. Seems like they are rushing Google+ just to get it out there, rather than spending the time to launch a complete quality product.

    • http://www.PlacesToEatOkay.com Steven

      Not only that, but with Google Wave it seemed like they had an entire team working on it for quite some some as the features they had for Google Wave were amazing for a product launch. With Google+ it seemed like they pushed out something after only working on it for a month or two. Basically I would compare the current version of Google+ to twitter, but with more than a 140 character limit and editing capabilities. All twitter has to do to put the nail in the Google+ coffin is to increase it’s character limit to say 500. There is no Facebook threat, so I don’t see Facebook having to do anything. Pretty much Google+‘s nearest competition is twitter.

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