Does Facebook Stress You Out?

By: Mike Sachoff - February 18, 2011

The more Facebook friends people have , the more likely they are to feel stressed out by the site, according to a new study by Scottish researchers.

Do you feel stressed by the number of Facebook Friends you have? Let us know in the comments.

Psychologists from Edinburgh Napier University surveyed 200 students on their use of Facebook, and found that a for a significant number of users the negative effect of the social network outweighed the benefits of staying in touch with friends and family.

Dr-Kathy-Charles “The results threw up a number of paradoxes,” said Dr Kathy Charles, who led the study. “For instance, although there is great pressure to be on Facebook there is also considerable ambivalence amongst users about its benefits.”
“Our data also suggests that there is a significant minority of users who experience considerable Facebook-related anxiety, with only very modest or tenuous rewards.And we found it was actually those with the most contacts, those who had invested the most time in the site, who were the ones most likely to be stressed.”

Highlights of the study include:

*12 percent of respondents said that Facebook made them feel anxious.  Of these, respondents had an average of 117 ‘friends’ each.  The remaining 88% of respondents, who said that Facebook did not make them feel anxious, had an average of 75 ‘friends’ each.

*63 percent delayed replying to friend requests

*32 percent said rejecting friend requests led to feelings of guilt and discomfort

*10 percent admitted disliking receiving friend requests

“An overwhelming majority of respondents reported that the best thing about Facebook was ‘keeping in touch’, often without any further explanation,” said Dr Charles. “But many also told us they were anxious about withdrawing from the site for fear of missing important social information or offending contacts.
“Like gambling, Facebook keeps users in a neurotic limbo, not knowing whether they should hang on in there just in case they miss out on something good.”

She said other causes of stress included deleting unwanted contacts, the pressure to be entertaining, and having to use appropriate etiquette for different types of friends.

“The other responses we got in focus groups and one-to-one interviews suggests that the survey figures actually under represent aspects of stress and anxiety felt by some Facebook users, whether it’s through feelings of exclusion, pressure to be entertaining, paranoia or envy of others’ lifestyles,” said Dr. Charles.

WebProNews reached out to Dr. Charles for additional commentary about the Facebook study but has yet to receive a response.

Over at Slashdot commenter RoberM1968 had the following to say:

I dont find the amount of FB friends I have stressful, nor do I find deleting any of them stressful. I think people need to start reconnecting with the real world if they suffer stress from such things. Then again, the real world is a lot more stressful… maybe they should keep wasting their time on FB worrying about such "stressful" things – it’s a lot less stress than the real world nowadays.

Does Facebook stress you out? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Guest

    Please friend me. Please?

  • Nexus

    Represents the materialist age – the sheep amongst us collect materiel things to feel good and collecting ‘friends’ makes people good (or not so good) also as it supports their self worth.

  • Guest

    These studies simultaneously entertain and depress me because while it confirms my belief that modern people are basically masochistic morons, it also makes me sad that our society breeds so many masochistic morons.

  • Guest

    I would’ve thought the 117 number would be higher. I’d like to see the actually data collected on this.

  • Cherrie

    I just looked, I’ve got 163 “friends” currently. I know each and every one of them personally. It is a quick and easy way to share photos, to drop a quick note…to keep in touch. Some are people I worked with years ago, some are family, some are old HS classmates.

    Interestingly, most of that 163, rarely posts. Of the ones that post frequently and don’t interest me, or that post religious or political crap, or are just totally monotonous with their posts, I simply hide them. I control what I see, what other people see, and who can comment.

    Once in a while, there are hurt feelings or an emotional scuffle or misunderstanding, but I’m careful to friend people who are respectful…and if they are not, they go. A couple have been dropped and blocked, many hidden, and a few are blocked from commenting.

    If you use it as a tool, rather than allowing it to use you or to mirror who you are back to you, it is no different than email. I prefer facebook to phone calls and even the majority of face to face visiting. I’m a hermit by nature. So it allows me to be somewhat social on my own terms, and then I can save my face time for those who really matter in my life.

    But stressful? No. Maybe that depends on your age. I know I’m much older than the average user’s age. I’m 50

  • Dr Ian Smith

    Does Facebook Stress You Out?

    Emmmmmmmmmm – YES ! Not intuitive at all.

  • Pete

    I have a Business page and when there is unexpected problems and errors that persist without any real explanation I do go in to stress overdrive.

  • looking4purpose

    of course FB stresses me out, I truly believe people miss use it for gossip and foolish things. and let’s face it how can you have over 500 friends….I am sure you don’t talk to them all.

  • Guest

    Sorry, I must be living in a parallel universe, or as I prefer to call it, the real world. Stressed about virtual connections? Get a life, a REAL life! That might sort out the saddos who are feeling this way.

  • Guest

    yes it did, thats why I delated mine, it created more drama than good.

  • Confessions of a Mom

    I have a hard time relating I guess. I wonder about the age level of the participants in the study. Sounds like trivial worries of middle schoolers and high schoolers.

    • http://googal nijam

      no comments

  • Penny

    I don’t have stress from friends or activities on Facebook. The stress I have and hear about is having to keep trying to straighten out the pages and having mandatory changes imposed by Facebook. It’s gotten to be a regular thing and it’s a pain. Most of my regular contacts say the same. I use it for business and personal use and I’m thinking of just dropping it. I don’t have time to keep up with the game of figuring out what happens next.

  • romano

    I’m irritated sometimes when I login and people start chatting to me online and I’m not in the mood, I always check to see how many friends are online and just close to avoid chatting…. anyone else feel the same?

    • Cherrie

      Romano, I HATE the chat feature on FB and MySpace, so I disabled it. Just look in the help section, or click down below on that chat box, then quickly go to “Options” then click “Go Offline”. Viola…not more chat problems.

  • Guest

    Facebook is without a doubt such crap. It is just a Bulletin Board Service redone for the windows/pc environment and in those days BBSes were full of people who hid behind their keyboards. Its utter nonsense that people spend hours on facebook when there is a real wonderful world out there! In this age of psychopaths bred by the immoral family facebook is their playground…look at me! I love me who do you love? The endless look at me profiles/pictures the endless showing off and then the !@%)!^#^ advertising – endless you are invited to, read this etc ad naseum. I went off it and I am thinking getting off it I just cannot handle the falseness of it all…but hey some people love it I mean look at the crap artists in the music world and television. They love crap…give them crap and peer pressure will make them say its a masterpiece. The purile she-male Lady Gaga proves that point.

    Staying in touch is so easy to do yet noone does it. Send a card, write a letter, phone someone meant something but not to psychopaths. Facebook does so much for them!

    Evil begets evil and lets not forget the origins of this system in the first place!

    Free us from the oppression! It will hopefull die a horrible death someday when someone else figures out how to fool the masses into thinking they’re royalty, movie or sports stars.

    I hate facebook!

    • Cherrie

      Lordy, comments like this make my ass ache. Some people enjoy it, so really do not. But that is where it stops. No need to pass judgment on those different from yourself. I’m thinking it would behoove people to learn how to state their opinion and own it without bringing anyone else into it. Yours wasn’t the only comment like that, but it is the most glaring and rude at the moment.

      It’s OK, that you don’t like it. It’s OK that others do. That doesn’t make one or the other better, smarter, more enlightened…more or less anything.

    • Facebook sucks

      Totally agree, trying to sell you something under the guise of being your friend. I don’t want facebook friends, in fact if someone I know includes me as a friend on facebook my opinion of them plummets.

      “Free us from the oppression! It will hopefull die a horrible death someday when someone else figures out how to fool the masses into thinking they’re royalty, movie or sports stars.”

      yep, and I have no doubt that the person who does will come from the good old US of A and will belong to a particular persuasion.

      We need to emulate the young people of Egypt and use all these social networking sites for doing something really useful like getting rid of dictators, and lets include the Western world’s own variety which are corporations with their greed, tat and manipulation of media. facebook, fox news, beck, all of them regard joe public as a muggins to be exploited in every way possible.

      Vive la revolution !!

  • Guest

    Facebook is OK it is Farmville and the other games that I find causes the most stress. Farmville is one of the worst designed games that I have encountered on the net. I feel the designers have never played it before. This game crashes more than the Windows 3. Many of my friends have given up because of the anxiety they feel from trying to play. When it works (which is very rare) it is a fun game.


    • Raymond

      I totally agree with you. I find all those facebook games like farmville and mafia wars so annoying that I stopped even logging in. Plus my daughter kept on swearing all the time and all my frends can see that and also I have alot of online business freinds plus local freinds and the local friends all thought I was trying to sell them something when it was a post intended for my online business friends. I also found out that Facebooks advertising program does not allow home based business opportunity advertising, which ruled me out. I tried to tweak through the settings to make it all less annoying but finally gave up and deleted my Facebook altogether.

      • Cherrie

        I hate the games too. So I don’t respond to invitations, and I hide the posts about any of the games. And I mark myself as “offline” for chatting, so nobody knows that I’m there or not…and who cares if they do. It’s OK to say “thanks, but I don’t enjoy joining those games”. I really think FB is a micro view of the macro world. If one has social issues or problems saying “no” to others, or of expressing themselves honestly and compassionately, it will be their FB world as well. FB reflects our own personal choices, our chosen friends (or who we choose to call “friends” and why”.

        I’m a social worker and I find it a fascinating arena of human exploration and observation and it reflects back to me some areas in my social skills to work on.

        I adore it. But totally respect that it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

  • KJ

    Maybe the ones with the most friends are the most insecure and that’s the source of their stress. Only 18 friends and feeling fine.

  • Jane McDonald

    The only thing that really stresses out corporations when it comes to FaceBook is the requirement to attach a corporate page to a user’s FB account. Time and time again, when a person separates employment the page gets deleted by the disgruntled employee. When will Facebook get a grip and let Corporations purchase a corporate account not tied to an employee’s email? This really stresses us out and we intentionally have not set up a corporate page because of this.

  • Robert Lane

    I think Facebook is great but could be better for the user, but as a Facebook app developer Facebook is stressful!

  • Darla

    I love facebook. I am not stressed with it at all.
    I check it in the morning the same time I check my email. If I get a message during the day, I usually answer it as soon as I can, just like I do my email. If I have friend requests, I do check their wall out before sending them a message, like “are u networking?” or something – if i don’t get an answer, i delete them. (no stress)
    If people are not “my type” – negative, mouthy, etc. — i click “hide” this friends comments. i don’t delete the friend, i just don’t want to read the ugliness. (again, no stress)
    Perhaps it is because I work on a computer all day long.. and my job involves tight deadlines or maybe it is just my personality. I have 300 or so “friends” but most of them are for networking.
    I really enjoy being able to keep up with what old friends, new friends and family are up to. Even if you can’t be there – you can share their ups and downs.
    Do know people that spend hours and hours on it. THAT would be stressful. They play all the games, and feel they have to check each friends wall on a daily/weekly basis. Is that OCD or what? I play a couple games when I feel like it – which might be every 2 weeks.
    I have lots of game invites, etc. and they just pile up. Do i delete them? nah, what’s it really going to hurt? There are too many other things to do. Maybe these stressed out facebookers just aren’t busy enough?
    I think the thing I love the most is the friends that always have something positive, witty or factual to share. Really enjoy seeing something bright to start the day with.

  • SharonJ

    I keep my friends to real friends, people I have actually met. If they post too often, I occasionally hide them, but I don’t unfriend them any more than I would unfriend them in real life if they got too chatty from time to time.

    I block Farmville, Gardenville, Ranchville, Aquariumville, Jewelville and every possible game. I have no time and no interest.

    And I am happy, EXCEPT Facebook keeps changing things WITHOUT telling us. First of all, we had to learn about changing our privacy settings, which I did and I am not even now sure that only my friends see what I post.

    Now they changed who can see and comment on you…only “recent” friends. WTH is THAT all about. And the latest about how I can tell you all about the great coffee I had in my small town so that my friends in New York will know I “liked” it. Ridiculous.

    And finally, the fact that Facebook has changed the definition of friend to someone’s cousin I met at a party and she has the same kind of dog I do. And the word “like” and “fan” now are meaningless clicks, where they used to require effort.

  • Denny

    I had facebook for about 3 days. I had people from 30 years ago start popping up in there. I figured if they were people I would have wanted to continue contact with, I would have kept in touch. I just don’t get all the social media sites, if I want to contact someone, I pick up the phone, or email. Unlike many I have seen, not everyone I meet do I consider my friend, I place more value on the word “friend” and not just try to string a list of 300 peole and call them friends.

  • Eileen

    I got onto Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as to promote my craft website and connect with other crafters.

    Facebook is not worth the effort. Too confusing. Too open. Too much crap (games, pokes, junk).

    Yes, it can be very stressful. I had to constantly be on the lookout (for people whom I had befriended because they said were crafters or friends of friends). Next thing I know they’re posting offensive material that can be seen by my (actual) friends and customers.

    Facebook is the perfect arena for stalkers and perverts of all sorts. Of course, that’s a minority of users.

    For the rest of us, I think it’s a huge waste of time. There are better things to do with your life and better ways to make friends and stay in touch.

  • MP

    So far I’ve resisted joining Facebook and, I have to say, I’m not stressed at all!

    • Luki Dujmovic

      man, you are right…
      I leave facebook function on its own… I do visit my account once a month… good enough…
      I enjoy the friends company at coffee shop
      this works best here in town of Hvar

  • Guest

    Yup, in spite of having all recommended privacy/security settings up to date, I was hacked today in what I believe is a scam to farm email address lists in a kind of chain reaction that is spreading throughout FB. I had another account a while back. When that one was also hacked, I gave up and canceled my account. It was several months later that I opened a new (current) account Now, I’m in the same situation.

    Funny, none of my other social media accounts (LinkedIn/Twitter among them) have ever been hacked. Just FB. “Boy Genius” and his FB buddies should get their professional act together, clean up the many apparent security holes, and make FB a more user-friendly (read: secure) environment. As it is now, at best flaky and unreliable, FB is on a doomsday (perhaps a long, slow glide path) to the scrapheap of tens of thousands of apps, even the most successful, that eventually disappear due to negligence. On the Internet (if not Wall St), you’re never too big to fail… what’s it gonna be FB?

  • Guest

    Facebook application and game requests and the silly changes that the administrators make are the only parts of Facebook that I choose to feel stressed about.

    The more friends the better but stop sending me hearts and flowers etc.

  • Guest

    FB stressed me before I was familiar with it, I’m much more comfortable with it now.

    THIS, however, is stressing me out:

    No more chronological order to posts on ‘like’ pages for the ‘everyone’ wall view with the updated and “improved” pages. FB decides what order it should be in. Really?! The other (actual) improvements to pages hit me as good to fair, non-chronological order has got to go though, or be made an admin option.

    Wondering what WPN or WPN readers thinks about this…

  • Alec nelson

    I have to say I read this and I know people who get really stressed when they are unconnected from FB but personally I just can’t figure out the attraction. I am hard pressed spending 20 mins a week on it. Maybe its my friends that are not funny or cool enough? Maybe my friends are so steressed because I am not entertained that I’m the actual cause of the problem. But unfortunately I just don’t care its a waste of time.

  • Thomas Baldridge

    Not to me; I largely ignore it. Peolpe keep asking to be considered friends, so I accept so as not to appear rude or exclusve, but that’s about the end ot it.

  • Al Sefati

    I am serious every time I login I drop or hide new so called “friends” and unlike more businesses or organizations. At one point I had over 500 friends now dropped to a little more than 100

  • Stevie

    “Facebook is a place for low self esteem creepers to up it. I don’t use Facebook nation. I live with a cat.”

    Stephen Colbert (your God)

  • Boomer12k

    Unless they ARE your friends, they are not! Most just want to “meet” you virtually. That is “making an acquaintance”.
    In this day and age, it is just another thing to worry about. Like your reputation in High School.
    Social networking is not what it is cracked up to be, because you have people doing it just to be social, and not because they are truly, and sincerely, your friend. If you actually met these people, would you even like them? Plus, you have elected to put yourself on-line. People can see who you are. They can see you Identity as an individual person. They can feign “friendship” to get more information. It is predatory behavior, and there have been problems with this. So, in your profile, leave some things OUT!!!!!!!
    I find EMAIL to be better for keeping in touch with family and friends across country, or here in town. Anybody else goes in the DELETE folder. Simple.
    “Friendship” is often just for the moment. My father had a buddy in the Air Force, they went everywhere together. After their missions were up, my father returned home. He did not see, write, or speak to his buddy for 47 years!!!! They were only friends because they were thrown together into a situation, otherwise, they never would have met!!!!! So, these relationships are often a delusion and are really just an illusion of friendship. In other words, not real, and it can be a deception, and even a Conn, or simply TEMPORARY. That is why some of these people are cutting back their friends. It is too much work to keep up.
    If it worries you, then just cut them all off, and not allow people to contact you, except real, actual family, and your personal friends only.
    You have to discern who your real friends are, and just a bunch of big numbers, and say, “my god, I am soooo popular”. That is a delusion, based on an illusion. And so no wonder you feel a little hollow about it. It should not be just a big numbers game. It should be about the QUALITY of the friendship you feel about these people, and what makes them your FRIEND IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!
    Plus, a lot of businesses are just “selling you a bill of goods”, people try them out because it is new, but then they find out it was not what it was cracked up to be. So they end up disappointed.
    A virtual society, is an illusion. Go out and meet real people, and make real relationships, you will be a lot happier!
    Hope that helps.

  • Joseph Dabon

    Not quite because most of the people in FB, at least most of my friends, are there to be heard or read, not to read. I can easily ignore them. I have stopped reading the posts on my wall because there are most garbage. In face I have a term for FB – the literary online garbage.

  • Terrie

    I just focus on those I want to talk to and this changes at different times. I recently left FB becuase of the changes they make and I didn’t want a “Public” Account. I also had some ‘racey’ friends and didn’t want to mix some people or offend.
    I don’t like the chat. I like group chats and more focused type chat. It’s intrusive to me.
    I’m back for now but I”m not sure how productive FB is. I do enjoy hometown news and being there since I came back. But if I get uncomfortable agian I will leave again. I’t s NOT manditory to be on FB.

  • Mean Old Man

    Face book itself is not the stressor. It’s some of the baggage that goes along with it.

    You may have several thousand friends on there, but most of them will be more than likely folks you have added to a game that rewards you for having many neighbors. The more the merrier, right? NO! A Game stops being relaxing and fun when it becomes an OCCUPATION. You know, a job. Don’t believe me? Play a couple of games past level 50 without “cheating” and then honestly look at how much time and/or money you have invested in them. You’d be surprised. I was, and I am not usually a compulsive or obsessive type. You can imagine my shock and awe when I realized I was spending 5 hours or better online with each game everyday and spending an average of 80.00 US on my hobby.

    Then there is the privacy issues. I am not going to re-invent the wheel here, other than to say that for every privacy issue Facebook fixes, at least 2 more occur. Internet Explorer has a better track record than that, even if you include I.E. 4!

  • ashish

    True study on facebook, I use facebook in offline mode ( sign out of chat ) so that no one come to know that I have been online.

  • mysoulforsale

    It’s kind of funny that someone sent the link to this page to me today, because I just put a post up on my blog yesterday about how social networking/media is overwhelming me ( Honestly, I don’t get the point of Facebook. If I wanted to talk to you, I would. If I’ve stopped talking to you, it’s probably for a reason. Go away now. However, I did recently join Twitter to promote my blog, but that little voyage might be short-lived based on how much time is sucks out of my already buy life.

    Thanks for this article, though… I can use these studies in my arguments with people about how social networking probably isn’t very good for us.

  • Guest

    Maybe this study was taken during midterms or finals?

  • Guest

    It stresses me because I do not have much time for idle chatter, but must keep a presence there for our business and that means trying to finding things to chat about and respond to friend requests from people who have no interest in spiritually and things metaphysical but just want to invite me to play games etc.

  • Pete

    These ‘stresses’ are not new and not Facebook specific, the stat about “63 percent delayed replying to friend requests” this is the same when someone you don’t really like sends you a text asking if you want to meet up, this si nothing to do with texts or phones causign stress but jsut a slight stress that occurs in all our social lives

  • Guest

    Try going into a foreign country where you don’t speak the language correctly or fit in like you belong there; then hunt down and assassinate your assigned targets! …THAT’S GENUINE STRESS!

    I did this over 48 years ago when I was just 19 years old hunting and killing KGB intelligence officers. My official count was 41 sanctions after covert “visits” into Laos in 1962 and Afghanistan in 1986. All work was done face to face, you got meet your clients 1st.

    Save for very few, America has become a nation of 25 year old short pants skateboard idiots worried about acceptance from a bunch of strangers as screwed up as themselves. You people need to learn to communicate face to face. Go to a coffee shop for Christs sake, not a keyboard!

    • Guest

      Social networking, my ass

      …All you are doing is preparing your own dossier for the FBI, DHS, and other snoopy government scumbag assholes to store and use it against you!

  • Guest

    I never even got past the sign up process. I had reluctantly joined, for business purposes, only. Somehow and somewhere within the sign up process, … BLAM! There was all my personal info on DISPLAY.

    There was no way to get REAL clarification or real help to NOT have ME on display. I deleted my account. Too many privacy issues, and no offense to anybody, but typed words across a computer screen isn’t exactly what I would call a friendship.

    Seems a whole lot closer to further isolation, and not exactly healthy. I personally feel that these sites are set up by computer geeks because hiding behind a screen is THEIR COMFORT ZONE, and a way to get rich once control is sold to the Venture Capitalists who can figure out how to monetise these sites.

    I also have to wonder about people who are so willing to niavely post personal info across the vast expances of cyber-space. You don’t have any way of knowing what level of cretin might have the skills to access more info than what you had in mind and to ultimately use it against you.

  • I love chocolate

    Don’t we also feel stressed when being a part of any large community (neighbors association, family, office, a country for its Pdt, a boss for its company…). FB is just another community with same real people with same real concerns. Nothing phenomenal in itself.

  • Guest

    Hello. My name is Mrs X and I am a facebook addict (“Hello Mrs X”). I have not used Facebook for three whole days. My friends text me asking me why I have fallen off the face of the Earth (or the Face of the book in this case). Enraged and confused, they demand to know why I didn’t soften the blow by letting them know beforehand that I planned on committing cyper suicide. A support group for bereaved relatives and friends has been set up. No flowers please – just donations to Farmville.
    Facebook: a riveting read about yourself and people who would otherwise have remained in a distant past – and most of the time quite rightly so. Gone are the days of remniscing over coffee with your girlfriends who did survive the uni/ work and family-building years, trying hard to remember the name “of the boy who always sat with his face in a comic at recess so no-one would see him picking his nose”. Now not only do you remember his name, you are reminded of his birthday, told where he lives and shown recent photos of him and his son, who now sits with his face in a DS at recess, picking his nose with the little wand thing.
    Which brings me to facebook photos. Nowdays it takes days to get hold of your own birth certificate if you unwittingly lose it, but anyone can plaster pictures of you all over their wall, your wall and all your friends’ walls. It has nothing to do with them perhaps not doing you justice. It has everything to do with forcefeeding people who may have never met you or who you used to be married to or who you work for seeing you out with another man, or with your girlfriends after too many mojitos. It has everything to do with moments being brutally shared with eyes of people who may actually not like you and relish scrutinising close-ups of your mug, delighting in how mortified you will feel when you see them. You can untag them all you want. Your “friends” will keep them up there anyway.
    Have you ever tried writing “I just did a number two!!” as your status just to see how many people would click on “like”? Ever got that feeling of “oooh..why didn’t I think of something that witty to write” and “wow..loads of people like her status. No-one has responded to my “feeling a bit low today” status. No-one likes my statuses. No-one likes me. I have 300 friends and no-one to go out with tonight.”
    But on the other hand, aaah…that glorious little red window at the top left telling you how many notifications you got since you were last on… three whole notifications! Damn, they’re just random invitations.”
    I decided it was time to part ways with Facebook, Richard the nose-picker and my other 299 friends when one day I couldn’t log on due to connection problems and my heart began to race. I had a lump in my throat. Oh Lord, what if there are more new, bad photos of me? What if no-one has commented on my status or written on my wall?
    Bizarrely, more people seem to have tried to get in touch with me since I left FB three days ago. It’s hard to miss someone if you are being force-fed updated information about them every half hour or so.
    How am I doing? I have been spending more time with my daughter. I feel more relaxed.
    When I go to bed in the evening, instead of aimlessly wandering from profile to profile, I have my face in a book. A real book. In my real life.

    • Guest

      Bravo-So well said!!
      I also find FB huge on irony. 260 friends later, I am not closer to anyone. In fact the old friends that I was happy to find, still are lame at keeping in touch online as they were in our long distance friendship. Add to that the unfinished romantic feelings for the one who got away, I now get to see his beautiful girlfriend, his ex wife etcetera. I agree with the photo thing too. While I am attractive in real life, I am NOT photogenic, and I resent people having the right to post my pics. without my giving them permission. I applaud you for leaving. I seriously hope I can muster up the courage some day soon.
      PS. It hasn’t done a damn thing for my business either. For me overall, it’s been a time waster and anxiety producing drag.

  • Guest

    Facebook has been a great communication tool for my web development students. I post articles, like this one, for them to read and comment on.

  • Diggi

    I don’t know that whether it’s my whim or intuition but the one sure fact is that fb mania is now gradually irritating others. I don’t know why people sticks some philosophical sh*t (generally copy pasted) and their friends comment as they are officially appointed to do so. One more thing which frowns me is that people arbitrarily tags you in any picture so that they can get admiration from others. Heck!!!

  • Guest

    the frustrating part is all the arbitrary constant changes & requests for game crap. it’s a social site supposedly to keep in contact with friends around the world not a breeding ground for fatass lazy people with no life except for the freakin games. they talk about these games in the real world like they actually own restaurants & farms etc…get a fu**in grip

  • Guest

    I originally opened a FB account thinking it’d be a good backlink for SEO purposes. After using it a while, I have to agree with almost all the negative comments listed above about. From privacy concerns, to a mind-bogglingly unintuitive interface, to getting updates on what music video or game someone is playing… Even if you are my friend in the real world, I don’t need to know that you just gathered your chicken eggs on farmville… I keep the account for SEO reasons but almost never visit it.

  • Susann Akers

    I am a reluctant user of facebook. I use it to promote my website. I am connected to colleagues and” friends’. What I have noticed is that when someone says any thing controvesial the comments and reactions border on the down right nasty.

    I am sure that these people would never say thing like that to their friends faces if they met them in the street, but it seems quite ok to verbally attack and abuse them via face book. The remarks often contain personal comments and foul language. No wonder people are stressed out by Facebook

    • stephen reading

      What I have noticed is that when someone says any thing controvesial the comments and reactions border on the down right nasty.

      I am sure that these people would never say thing like that to their friends faces if they met them in the street, but it seems quite ok to verbally attack and abuse them via face book. The remarks often contain personal comments and foul language. No wonder people are stressed out by Facebook

      Just hit the delete button their is no place on my f.b. for nasty negative or abusive “friends”

  • Jerald Franklin Archer

    “Represents the materialist age”

    I could not agree more with that assessment of FB. The statement hits on the psychological aspects of FB that is fascinating to us who study social practices. I avoid even perusing it altogether unless someone I know has found me on it or are seeking my services (I use it for advertising music lessons and for Catholic Evangelization and Apologetics).

    There may be many adverse points to FB, or any other social network, but the up side is that there is increased communication going on that really lets the person with a important message get it out to others. The importance of the increased communication lies in what is being communicated, and sadly, I see more banal and trite content presented than edifying content that inspires me. Unlike, Twitter, which I find to be the most amazingly useless phenomenon online, FB offers at least the ability to type complete sentences, when one want to use them today.

    In my experiences in real life situations, the majority of individuals who are on FB constantly usually have some underlying problem with social skills or are “searching” for something that may fill a void in their life. I suppose if I can touch one person with my message (which is not originally mine) and help save another soul, than the worth of FB just became priceless. Like any tool, it is only as good as how you use it, and for what you use it for.

  • Guest


  • stephen reading

    Personally i have made a lot new friends on facebook and also found a lot of old friends i had lost touch with many years ago. Just enjoy socialising and dont let it pressure you, when you log off forget about it. You dont have to please every one all of the time any body who puts pressure on you just delete them its only for fun.

  • Rhonda

    We only use it for a small fan page, so no-there’s no stress. I knew early on I was not going to be Facebooking.

  • The quiet one

    I heard the horror stories prior to first log-in, so avoided many pitfalls. Like I did not click ‘yes’ on any of the email notifications, nor allow my private stuff to be revealed. I put a stop immediately to all game apps appearing on my newsfeed. I do not accept many friend requests at all, but if I decline one, I write to explain why I did so. It’s not acquaintance lists! I keep my list to under 50 at the most and even hide most of those. Keeping it simple is the key.

    I enjoy the folks who I do interact with and do most communicating via messages, not in public. What’s so difficult? I am also not a teenager with the accompanying identity issues! Bless those young struggling text-ers! And I don’t own a cellphone…even simpler!

    Thanks for the study…sent it to a few friends.

  • hi

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  • Africa

    Personally I am yet to use this very site.

  • mark

    I don’t use facebook but I’m stressed just having to put up with so much analytical data about how incapable some are of utilising such simplified technologies….

    dump fakebook… and get a life

  • Angelina

    Facebook is just a tool. What we feel by using it depends solely on us. If you are feeling guilty by not accepting a friend request, then you should seek the problem in you, not in facebook.

    And then its all a matter of priorities. Facebook provides great opportunities of reaching out people for promotion, information, education. People are going to have to choose from whom they get information and news. If one keeps everything coming in, then its only natural that one will eventually freak out and abandon the platform. There are only 24 hours during a day, you cannot keep up with every single insignificant detail. The truth is though, that facebook does not help in choosing information. For example, anyone can send to anyone an event invitation. And if one doesn’t respond to it it still shows in the list of ones events. So if you get 100 event invitations, you cannot be informed about the ones you have accepted. If you don’t have time to decline 99 event invitations they will still show in your event list. This can be stressing and this is a flaw of Facebook as a software. Friend requests are able to view your wall until you respond to them. This forces one to use very strickt privacy rules.

    So apart from personal usage, stress may come from the flaws of facebook-software.

  • Chris @WebMindSet

    Yep, the first time one of my old girlfriends re-connected, I started to sweat and want to run away.
    So, I went skydiving :)
    And ignored her.
    And thanked GOD for my super-cool (and smokin’ sweet) wife

  • bebe

    Indeed we have to live in a real world!

  • Moshe Sharon

    The word “Stress” actually relates to wear and tear as when the rubber meets the road on a tire or the brake pads pressing up against the rotor in the wheel. The term as it applies to living organisms was first introduced by Hans Seyle in the 1930’s who defined it as the consequence of the failure of an organism (human or animal) to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats, whether actual or imagined. Thus stress symptoms are the manifestation of a chronic state of responses to stress triggers that are actually benign. Even a thought can set off the same response mechanism that would be in play while standing in front of a hungry lion. Hence, Seyle’s definition still reaches to the heart of stress management; the idea of the response being inappropriate and engaging in a process of altering ones misperception of pending disaster or imminent danger.

  • Ty

    First name. Last name. Email address. Re-enter email address. All of that makes sense. Now what fool would give anyone their pass word? starting a facebook shouldnt be this difficult.

  • emil

    Better use facebook in moderation~

  • SongBird

    An emphatic YES ~!!
    Initially it was nice friendly and quaint place to connect every now and then with school friends
    once facebook started using strong armed tactics to force you into changes that are made without at least a courtesy warning, I feel that this is down right rude arrogance and evil
    other than that I have observed over a period of one year how people have become totally obsessed and seemingly neurotic and obsessed over facebook ad naseum. at times being mean and pychotic behavior towards others .. some of them need help

    • Songbird

      added: I have felt somewhat anxious after or before logging on to facebook and also felt pressured to a certain degree especially for not accepting a friend’s request being deceived by people I thought I knew that had two or three alternate accounts as well .. fake accounts and messages from the other box.. the nine friends box that is supposedly random, that I have tested over a 9 month time frame and yes the people that are there are the ones that are actively looking at your timeline.. .. there’s a laundry list and the bad so happens to outweigh the good benefits of bothering with this social site