Today Is Your Last Day to Use the Old Version of Google Analytics

    July 17, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Stubborn hold-outs, your time has come. Starting tomorrow, you’re going to have to use the new version on Google Analytics.

That’s because Google announced today that they are officially retiring the old version. To be fair the Google, they did give site owners over a year to make the transition. Plus, you should be using the new version anyway as it is about one gazillion times better.

Mostly becuase the new version of Google Analytics sports Real-Time reporting. With Real-Time, you can see your site activity right as it happens – page views per second, sources, and current active visitors.

That means that you’ll no longer see this link at the bottom of your screen, allowing you to view Analytics through the old lens:

Google analytics old version link

In a blog post, the Google Analytics team reminds you why you should be happy to switch over to the new version:

  • Multi-Channel Funnels provides insight on the full path to conversion over a 30 day period. The variety of marketing channels used to find your website, and not simply the last click, so you can make better decisions on your marketing investments.
  • Social Reports help you measure the impact of your social marketing initiatives and evaluate the effect social media has on the metrics which matter to your business.
  • Mobile Reports show how visitors from mobile devices and AdWords mobile campaigns engage with your website. See how many pages they visit, how much time they spend, as well as conversion and ecommerce insights to help you optimize your mobile strategies.
  • Content Experiments enables you to show different versions of a page to different visitors, then using a new advanced statistical engine measures the results of each to determine which is the most effective version.

Change is good, guys.

  • http://SelfStorage.TheOkayNetwork.com Steve G

    The reason I switched to the new version and never looked back was how much better the reporting was and how much faster the reports would load. Of course I did this several months ago, so anybody still using the old version is the equivalent of still using Windows XP instead of at upgrading to something newer, like Windows 7 (even if that means you have to upgrade or buy a new computer to be able to run it). It’s free so all I can say is anybody still using the old version must be lazy and stupid.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    Guess it’s time we all got on the bandwagon. It’s leaving whether we are ready or not! It can be a intimidating change for small business and site owners that don’t feel that comfortable with Google Analytics in the first place. Change is always a little scary.

  • http://www.generalopinions.com/ My opinion

    There are some excellent new features in the new one, and the layout is good, just sometimes I cannot find what I am looking for and have to go back to the old layout. I search for 10 minutes, and it seems like the link I am looking for just isn’t there (on the new layout).

    • Not an idiot

      And that’s why you need to read the online documentation. Duh!

  • http://garstontowers.blogspot.com/ Stuart

    I just find the new version gimmicky, the old version did the basics well and you could scale up (or drill down) from there. The new version is much more intricate and doesn’t offer the same ease of data extraction. The real-time views are all very claver and impressive but how relevant is that to your requirements. The ability to get a segmented figures for your data over the past 6 weeks is much more useful and much more difficult now.

  • http://www.elainesden.org Elaine Sihera

    I switched over to the new version immediately when it came out, as I always welcome change, and have tried really hard to get into it. But, as a mere woman who isn’t really techy, it has too much of an ugly masculine feel to it. I like my information simple, and that’s what Google doesn’t do with Analytics: offer a CHOICE. At least users who want their zillions of information could have it, while the old simple version was perfect for my needs. Ah well, I daresay I will gradually learn to appreciate it. But I am not very happy learning that today is it for my favourite version. :o(

  • Jessica G

    La nueva versión es pésima! Se demora en enviar la base al correo y no se puede exportar facilmente a excel! Deberían activar de nuevo la opción de versión antigua!