Time Warner Cable Expanding Network With Level 3 Communications

    August 14, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Time Warner Cable has been in the news for the past few weeks for all the wrong reasons. They were seen trying to get information on Google’s fiber network by posting notices asking for city employees to spy on Google employees. It’s also pretty obvious why their parent company – Time Warner – are not offering their channels to Google Fiber TV customers. Now the company might be trying make amends by doing what they should have done in the first place – compete.

Time Warner Cable announced that they have entered a multi-year agreement with Level 3 Communications. The partnership will help Time Warner Cable expand their network into new areas while enhancing their current network.

“The strength of our Network is at the center of all the services we provide our more than 15 million customers and we continue to expand the reach and capacity, as well as improve the reliability of that network to best serve our customers today and in the future,” said Mike LaJoie, executive vice president and CTO for Time Warner Cable. “Through these agreements, Level 3 continues to be a valuable partner in the growth of our Network’s capacity and strength.”

The agreement will see both companies strengthening their respective services with the help of the other. As part of the agreement, Time Warner Cable will exchange IP traffic with Level 3.

“Service providers recognize that network reliability is essential to a superior customer experience for both residential and enterprise clients,” said Jack Waters, Level 3’s chief technology officer. “By leveraging the extensive reach of the Level 3 network, Time Warner Cable will be better positioned to deliver a highly reliable portfolio of services to its customers. We are pleased to have expanded our long-standing business relationship with Time Warner Cable through these agreements.”

It remains to be seen exactly what the new partnership will bring to the table. Level 3 claims to have 26,000 route miles of Dark Fiber already set up in cities across the nation. If the need arose, Time Warner Cable might be able to use Level 3’s Dark Fiber to start offering fiber Internet in current and new markets. It’s all speculation for now, but I’m sure Time Warner will announce their plans soon enough. They might even start something in Kansas City.

  • Mike

    Time Warner Cable is in a panic. I would like to point out that TWC was spun off into an independant company in 2009 and is no longer owned by Time Warner. The reason for the hold out by Time Warner Inc & Disney is simple – They want more MONEY than Google is willing to pay(at this time).
    I would also like to put into perspective what Level 3 is claiming with the 26,000 ROUTE miles. They are basicly like our interstate system. Giant highways crossing the nation. Works great when you are the only one on it, but when everyone jumps on you get LA traffic jam, and everyone still has to use their old surface streets (copper) to get to the highway. Google is building a personal highway to eveyone’s house and they get their own personal lane.
    Time Warner is blowing smoke and panicing.

  • Bob

    Time Warner is not the parent company of Time Warner Cable… they split… perhaps you missed that one.

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