Tim Tebow Coverage Draws ESPN Viewers’ Ire On Twitter

    August 14, 2012
    Chris Crum
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It’s likely that Mark Sanchez will remain the starting quarterback for the New York Jets for the foreseeable future, despite the fact that the team picked up QB Tim Tebow during the offseason, but if Twitter followers could enter the equation, it would be no contest. The job would be Tebow’s.

I don’t think Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano cares much about that though. He said after the team’s preseason opener, “Mark is a good athlete and he’s our quarterback.”

Tebow has nearly two million Twitter followers to Sanchez’s less than one million. More precisely, Tebow has 1,805,103 followers. Sanchez has 745,686.

Today is Tebow’s birthday, and his followers and fans are letting him know he’s in their thoughts (and most likely prayers).

By the way, he told his nearly 2 million Facebook subscribers the same thing.

Some Twitter users, however, aren’t really all that excited about Tebow’s birthday, and particularly not about ESPN’s coverage.

Even ESPN Arkansas is complaining about ESPN:

ESPN’s Skip Bayless tweeted today:

Watch ESPN? Do you think they’re going too far with the Tebow coverage?

  • http://WebProNews S Cline

    I think that the Jets and all sports fans would be better off if they rallied around a phenom like TEBOW as he is a born leader who has proven capable of leading football teams (you don’t win a Heisman and all the other sports honors and awards and records he has without being a winner in all respects). He is not a phoney, he is legitimately a GOOD person who does good things for people here and abroad. The rest of you should be as proud of Tebow as his millions of fans are-or would you rather rally around a vicious person who served prison time for torturing and killing many dogs, including his own-now THAT is something our kids can be proud of-right? NOT!

    • Diimaa

      Well said. Any sane decent human being will love a person like Tebow.

  • Larry

    Sure, Tim Tebow and Magic Johnson share the same birthday(Aug 14),but we left out Halle Berry!

  • Diimaa

    Wow. I sense a lot of jealousy. If you check the background of most of these commenters, they’re probabrabid militant Atheists. I’m just sayin’

    Happy Birthday, man.