This Webmaster Changed A Page’s Internal Linking Structure, Recovered From Google’s Penguin Update

    June 25, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Another webmaster has claimed to have recovered from Google’s Penguin update.

In a WebmasterWorld forum post (via Barry Scwhartz), member neildt said that they noticed a page they thought had been hit by Penguin, had returned to ranking for the keyword phrase they were targeting. “Now it’s either just a coincidence that it has returned, or it is due to the changes we made throughout our site for this page based on why we were hit by Penguin,” neildt wrote.

“Basically from the 24th April when we appeared to be affected by Google’s Penguin update, I took a totally random page that was affected and changed the internal linking structure that pointed to the page,” neildt wrote. “Before the 24th April this page would rank on page 1 of Google for ‘hotel name’ and ‘hotel name city’ as example phrases we were targeting. After this time, the ranking for those phrases was beyond page 30 of Google’s SERPS.”

“Until yesterday (Sunday 24 June) when I checked if these phrases had made any progress and there were some changes in Google’s SERPs,” neildt continued. “To my surprise we are ranking on page 1 for ‘hotel name city’ and page 3 for ‘hotel name’.

At this point, it’s unclear whether or not Google launched a data refresh for the Penguin update over the weekend. We’ve reached out to the company, and will update when we learn more.

Schwartz, who linked to the forum thread where this Penguin recovery is being discussed, says he has heard other rumors of a Google update, that may have occurred on Thursday night.

As far as Penguin goes, clearly it is possible to recover. You may or may not need to start with a freshly designed site, but make sure you’re in total compliance with Google’s quality guidelines. For more details on another recent recovery, read here.

When the webmaster from that story recovered, there had been a Penguin data refresh.

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  • Rob Wagner

    Any information on how they changed the internal linking?

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      Not so far. Might be worth jumping in on the forum.

    • http://www.ShoutMeLoud.com Harsh Agrawal

      msg:4469278: Yes actually that, the number of internal links going to the same page was reduced from about 30 links to just 3.

  • http://www.ShoutMeLoud.com Harsh Agrawal

    I don’t see any traffic difference in last few days…Though on 13th June 2-3 of my sites traffic changed!!

  • http://launcheteer.com Robert

    Why would an internal linking structure help just 1 page?

    On a side note, all my sites that were hit with penguin are moving down more this past week, seems that it either a refresh or update is in place.

  • http://www.computernostalgia.net John

    What I’ve noticed with some of my pages is that they were hit badly by the Penguin update from, say, google.com, but not from google.com.ph. For example, I have one page that had been on page 1 or 2 of google.com for years for the search term “computer history”. After the Penguin update, this page dropped to page 7 or 8 in google.com, but stayed on page 1 in google.com.ph.

  • http://www.replica-sunglasses.co.uk/ sheen

    Well its true there can be a recovery, but it will be only 1 keyword out of 10 keywords. But that’s not the solution. And that would be normally the city based keyword “hotels in london”.

  • Panda Killer

    if I am not wrong, Inner linking structure is related to Panda.
    You get good ranks after last Panda update but according to your drop on 24th April makes me more confuse :)
    I recommend you go back before April 24th and identify if this kw had exactly the same rankings……

  • http://www.acewebguy.com/ PHP Expert

    I just want to know how to build links for a website..

    • http://www.webseos.com Webseos

      Hi This is not the place to know link build. Pls search in Google

    • Sterve

      Don’t search in Google because you will only get advise that will hurt you later. Try a qualified SEO and hope it works for a while.

  • Dave

    one of my sites got hit HARD with the penguin update…. and we got hit with something called wp pharma hack…. which seemed to ‘hijack’ our google rankings or something.

    we secured the site from the parma hack…

    I’m curious… we had an outsourcer doing dripfeedblasts.com to our site (without our knowledge they were using those types of links)… we fired the outsourcer once we found this out…

    How do we get these links removed?

    And will removing these “poor quality” links help our site get back?

    Emailed google for a re-inclusion request… but they said nothing was wrong with the site (yet the site vanished from all search results)

    • Sterve

      We have the same problem as you do and as millions of other websites sites do. Google has decided that there is some hanky panky going on out there with SEO. They are right – and the hanky panky is their own creation that has gone bad and that they are now trying to stop by hitting out at anyone they can like spoiled little kids. . They are hitting out at millions of sites that only did what Google told them, and their SEO’s, to do in the first place. They also told SEO’s and others what not to do – something that would get them into trouble even though those things were in some cases completely out of the control of the site owners and webmaster. Some people took advantage of Google’s warning to do some Black SEO work against their competitors and now Google with their omnipotence thinks it needs to punish the innocent websites.

      In our case our competition did some black SEO via bad links.

      We were in the 1-4 position on about 40 keywords. Great for us but not so good for our competition. So what they did was actually go out and buy around 80 *.info sites and set up some links to our pages from various pages on these sites. In one case a site linked to the same exact page with same exact anchor text 726 times from 314 dynamically produced pages. The rest of the 80 sites linked to us from 4 to 200 times. Now – Goggles Penguin found that oddity before we knew anything about it – And knocked us off the search engine without any notification to webmaster or anyone else. We are there one day and gone the next.

      This was a money site that was producing $4500 to $6000 income for us per month. I can feel the pain out there from thousands or millions of other site owners that were hit this way too. I have 4 clients that lost over 800,000( combined) in a similar fashion in about 4 months.

      We finally found this problem after some research and wrote to Google about it. The 80+ Link website were register anonymously ( DomainsByProxy.com) and we couldn’t find the owners. Also, the IP addresses were registered to non-existing corporations which we couldn’t contact. There was nothing we could do about the problem and we had nothing to do with creating it. The problem was not from our site not did we have any relation to the scam/spam sites doing the black SEO.

      We contacted Google about it. There response? If we didn’t get an email (they said) then it didn’t happen for that reason AND they can’t find a problem on our site and we just had to look around to find the problem. That was over one month ago and we still can’t be found on Google for most of our keywords. They, in other words did nothing about it.

      We got hit in April (May and June.) Most any webmaster can tell you what happened just before that on Google.

      What surprises me more than anything else is that someone hasn’t already started a class action lawsuit against Google. It is well deserved for their arrogant superior attitude, their willingness to financially hurt even their own advertising clients, and their crazy attitude.

      Some of course say it’s goggles sandbox and they can do whatever they want in there. They can of course but, it’s time someone taught them to use the litter box for this kind of stuff instead. If they need to play king of the hill or god there are other venues for that.

      • http://www.neverpaintagain.co.uk The paint Editor

        @sterve, thanks for sharing the problems you had with a rival. We have been hit the same, and guess what? Google dont beleive us and wont reply to any pleas form us either. We found links to us on spammed sites in russia, china etc, all with scraped content but links about “viagra”, cheap ugg boots, and various luxury brand names, as anchor text for links to our site, 1000s of them. They also paid some clown on fiverr.com to send our spam comments to very poor quality blogs. And our rank plummeted. Seen some slow recovery recently for some KW but only due to the fact that after hundreds of DCMA requests (instead of sat here actually working), some bad links have gone now. Google is an utter joke and their monopoly should be stopped now.