This Robot Has Its Very Own Death Laser

    December 30, 2013
    Zach Walton
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After years of appearing in science fiction, lasers that can actually cause harm to humans are finally small enough to be held. Now one laser aficionado has combined two sci-fi nightmares into one by giving a robot a laser.

In the latest video from the self-proclaimed DIY Laser Guy, he attached a 2W laser to a spider robot. He then uses a controller to move the robot and aim the laser. The laser is powerful enough to pop balloons, burn paper and cause all sorts of mischief. It wouldn’t kill a human, but it would certainly hurt.

Check it out:

If you want to build your own death ray spider robot, you can get the robot here and the laser here. If you decide to build your own, remember to be responsible.

Image via styropyro/YouTube

  • http://None Jim Davis

    Pretty cool gizmo you got going there!

    I have and idea you can evolve if you wish. Might even turn in to a product. If you can get an infra-red camera/device to track a mosquito, fly, bug etc keeping it in the center of the camera feed and have the laser zeroed in on that exact spot/line. You could call it the “Laser Debugger”.