This Is How Many People Use Chrome [Google I/O]

By: Chris Crum - June 28, 2012

Google I/O day 2 has kicked off, and Chrome is one of the big points of focus today. Google just announced that there are now 310 million active Chrome users, making Chrome the most popular browser in the world, globally.

According to the company, those 310 million users combined are typing 60 billion words, downloading a terabyte of data, and saving 13 years worth of time every day.

Chrome numbers

During the keynote, Google hyped up the idea that they’re going to be reaching a lot more people via mobile devices, and yesterday, the company announced that Chrome for Android is out of beta, so that will certainly help.

Yesterday, Google announced that 400 million Android devices have been activated.

It just so happens that Google just announced Chrome for the iPhone and iPad. That should make a pretty big difference too. More on that shortly.

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  • Gambling Man

    As someone who has been using the web since the mid-90s, I can honestly say that I think Google Chrome is, in my opinion, well ahead of the other big browsers (Firefox and IE). I spend a lot of time developing websites and I test them on a variety of browsers. The performance I get from Chrome easily out performs Firefox and IE, which are really slow to load and crash a lot. Chrome is very fast to load and very stable. I think that the fact that the number of users worldwide has grown so much is testament to that.

  • Craig

    I use Chrome almost exclusively now, some older form applications (like on government websites) won’t process with chrome and that is a little frustrating, but not nearly as much as the problems with the other browsers. Chrome is fast, responsive and altogether a much better browsing experience