This Is How Google Plans To See Through Your Eyes (Literally)

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This Is How Google Plans To See Through Your Eyes (Literally)
[ Technology]

Google has captured many imaginations with Project Glass, and the device will not even be available to consumers until next year at the earliest. Wearing a Google Glass in front of your eye may be your ticket to a futuristic world you never thought you’d live to see, and it could do some really amazing things. Or it could be a huge disappointment, and bring back feelings you experienced when Nintendo’s Virtual Boy came out years ago.

Either way, one thing seems clear. To users of Google Glass, Google is going to be more up close and personal than ever before. That not only means Google pushing things in front of your eye, but potentially also users sending things back to Google.

What do you think about Google Glass? Do you want Google seeing what you see? Let us know in the comments.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin reportedly posted a limited Google+ update to those who ordered the special “Explorer Edition” of Glass, which developers were able to do at Google I/O last month. He included the above image, and said:

I wanted to share this photo with you that I took on a drive in Montana. I was testing a new mode of Glass which automatically takes a picture every 10 seconds without any distraction or disruption. Afterwards, I checked Instant Upload to see how the images had turned out and this one really caught my eye – I love the composition of the landscape mixed with sunlight and the beauty of the sky. I never would have captured this moment without Glass.

Think about that for a second. You’re wearing Google Glass, and Google is able to take pictures rapidly (who’s to say that can’t get it down to even less time than 10 seconds), and they’re instantly uploaded to Google’s servers. This is effectively Google storing the world as seen through your eyes.

Presumably, users would have to enable this functionality, just as they do with instant upload for Google+ on their mobile devices, but this could creep out some of those more worried about privacy. On the other hand, I’m not sure how many, who are that worried about privacy, will be willing to put Google on their faces to begin with.

The feature could have some pretty powerful ramifications though. Consider the possibilities that Google could come up with. For example, imagine if Google combined the technology with its search by image technology, and/or Knowledge Graph. You could be walking down the street getting all kinds of information in near realtime about the area you’re in, based on the photos that have been uploaded in the background from your field of vision, and Google’s search index matching the imagery with relevant information, places, maps, etc.

Google wants to get to know your every day routines with Google Now. I can’t imagine what kind of patterns Google would be able to piece together by simply seeing the world through your eyes. That could lead to the kind of personalization that we’ve never seen before.

Just in case you haven’t paid attention to Google Glass, you might want to start with these two videos. The first is just the initial promo concept video. The second one is real.

Check out our extensive Project Glass coverage here.

Do you like the idea of instantly uploading the things you see? Tell us what you think in the comments.

This Is How Google Plans To See Through Your Eyes (Literally)
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  • http://discoverqueensland.com.au/ Shay

    So I’ll be able to see the sandwich you were just blogging/Tweeting about?

  • No Privacy

    Why would anyone let google take pictures of their life every 10 or X seconds, and expose every private moment of their life to Google ?

    If you want to take a picture, use your phone, or camera. If you want you can buy a nice cam for a few $10 on ebay, that will do just fine and you can keep your pictures and videos private on your hard drive.

    Nothing is really deleted from google’s servers (ever), and even if you do mark something as private, it’s not really private. There are maintance teams in google that have access, there are hackers that will gain access.

    Open your eyes people. This is not a technology to give you more freedom, it’s technology to take away your freedom, and to spy on you even more.

    • Pete

      The reason you would is because in 15-20 years time when everyone has these implants in their eyes recording everything you will be at a disadvantage, how can you compete in a job interview against someone who has perfect memory (they can access all the video recorded from their eyecam since they got them). Sadly you will probably be forced to get them or left behind.

      Looks like a nightmare future for us all!

  • http://www.sheboyganspirit.com/ Spirit

    Good grief. This is beyond Orwellian – it’s crazy. As far as technology it’s pretty fascinating but to actually utilize in every day real life? Yeesh.

  • Steve G

    I foresee something like Google glasses to be good for mobile computing but not for everything in my everyday life. I’m already overloaded with information and don’t need my reality augmented with it as I go about my day and do things in my daily life. I mean if we don’t as a society already have A.D.D. just imagine what Google glasses would do to create A.D.D. environments where everything is a distraction. Not to mention that Google would be tracking you everywhere you go and probably recording everything you did. They would claim it’s to make their product better, however it’s just really so they can find new ways to sell products and services to you. Which probably will be in the form of advertisements that are difficult or impossible to get rid of.

  • knysna

    Wow man, Google Project Glasses you say. Where can I purchase a pair of these Google project glasses? You could just imagine the fun I could have with them. Let me explain myself. I tend to enjoy wearing sunglasses in the bedroom (intimate moments, if you know what I mean?) Just imagine a live image show whereby I’m able to catch out an unaware partner. Live on Google while we get taken to places where our fantasies are fulfilled, while we ride the rush and rapids of the Zambezi river as if we were white water rafting, like been flung over a deep ravine while bungy jumping, like mud wrestling your opponent in a mud bath, crutches entwined. Absolutely exhilarating. And all of that live on Google. Wow man, I need to invest in a pair of these Google Project Glasses.

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  • A. Weiner

    Conspiracy Theorist? Maybe. But there are alot of potentials to this technology.

    Google wants you… the cavalier, the tech-heads, the police-minded individuals.

    This is a definite red flag to a behind the scenes police state. It will be tied into the ever expanding Feds database and will analyze real-time information, such as face recognition, facial mapping, GPS co-ordinance, and as time and technology progresses retinal scanning and a whole slew of other data storing.

    Are you wanted? You won’t be for very long! You’ll be apprehended in moments. Welcome to the infancy of the Minority Report.

    Google Friend or Google Foe?

  • http://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html Andy Graham

    This is humorous to me, Google.com has no business restraint; their lawyers are negligent here. Facilitating people to invade people privacy is not what a multi-national should get involved with, it appears the techies Superior, we can do anything we want mentality has won.

    However, I suspect the investors are doing anything to run up the price of the stock before the U.S. Government takes them apart. I hope someone is smart enough to see the end game, and their exit strategy.

    It is just a matter of time until a lawsuit, supported by the U.S. government takes away their too big to stop stance on business. We all want to think the Government is big brother, well meet the new boss, the true behind the scenes boss.

    Thanks Andy Graham

  • http://www.inalienablerights.org John Melchinger

    So where’s the device to protect your privacy, like one that detects Google goggles and broadcasts a signal to block any within 50 feet? This shifts the onus from the privacy invader to the person invaded, but it will negate the invasion for a moment (in tech time). Another long war in legalities ensues.

    At least we Amerians still have a law that says it is our right to detect, intercept, decode and analyze any radio wave signal we can. I will bet that NSA is already on to surreptitious ways to burrow into this and tap those innocently complicit “eyes everywhere” roaming reporters.

  • cormac

    Folksy music and Apple-type branding aside, I do not want this amount of technology in my life. I’m happy taking my phone out of my pocket to do what I just saw demonstrated in those videos – when I need it.

    They left out the part in the hipster video when someone runs by, sucker-punches him and grabs the $400 glasses off his head.

  • http://www.GLoLady.com GLoLady

    As long as there is an OFF Button, I think it would be cool.
    It would also be great evidence for those the police are targeting.

    • Pete

      What happens when you become the person the police are targeting? Then you will be asked, why did you turn it off, do you have something to hide? If you believe the police or authorities would never abuse this then you are seriously deluded. Who knows who will be in power in 20 years time, imagine if the Chinese gov had this at thier disposal. When governments get more control the more oppressive they get.

      You should watch Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror where people have eye implants so everything is recorded, you don’t stand a chance in life against people who have them (i.e. perfect memory as you can rewind what you saw at any time) so you will be a minority if you don’t. 1984 looks tame compared to a world like this. Do you really want all of your life transmitted to the cloud??

      have a look at the short film Sight as well

  • http://admiral-inground-concrete-swimming-pools.4t.com/ Roger Owen

    I view this as almost a partnership between Google and the people who are willing to take the time to wear these glasses. I am sure that there will be many (including myself) who will enjoy the extra content when doing a search. Not to overlook the added benefit to small business on showing store/office front location. Or finding a customer’s location. I give Google a thumb’s up on this new achievement.

    • http://admiral-inground-concrete-swimming-pools.4t.com/ Roger Owen

      Reading some of the comments from these paranoid freaks makes you wonder what they are trying to hide. And we are talking in public places (Like a public street). It is not like Google is sneaking into their bedroom watching them make bombs for the next Batman movie. I bet these losers are the same fools who are looking for another free meal ticket from the next class action lawsuit. It’s Losers like these that Hurt small business. I am so glad to be Out of the US and all those Bloodsucking Attorneys that feed these Fools with illusions of a free ride on the other person’s hard earned Money..

      • http://darkcalf.com Matt K.

        Yes Roger that makes complete sense…

        I’m glad you’re out of this country too.

  • Kathryn

    As I wander around innocently looking at plants and trying to identify them, this sort of technology might be convenient, and fun. As someone walking down a city street having my photo posted to Google unbeknownst by me, such a bad idea. Stalkers, FBI, people with bad intentions in all walks of life (legal and illegal) will have a heyday with this. SUCH a bad idea. It doesn’t matter if I don’t buy into this technology, others will, and THERE goes any bit of privacy I still have. That anyone thinks this is a good idea says something about how insane we are as a society.

  • http://www.infowars.com Banatu

    Well I’m one of those ‘privacy people’. I do not welcome any sort of technology that tracks my habits/patterns into my life, and this is the grandaddy of them all.

    That said, like most tech, it’s a tool and can be used for good or evil. It most certainly has some really interesting potential. I would not like to see such tech banned or anything; I just want the choice to be involved or not (I do not appreciate my house/yard/car/self being on streetview, for example).

    I think the average person is woefully uninformed as to the potential risks and ramifications of allowing such tech into their lives. But that is not Google’s fault any more than it’s Toyota’s responsibility to teach people about automobile safety. That is a responsibility of (and failure of) society as whole.

    • Lyddie

      I can see the CIA and National Security eyes just sparkling at the thought of getting their hands on this. They too want “.. to get to know your (or OP) every day routines”. Nothing new, though, ask George Orwell.

      And “This is effectively Google storing the world as seen through your eyes.” sounds like the ultimate in narcissism.

  • http://darrylmanco.com Darryl Manco

    Excellent data tool collection for online marketers, but not for consumers who do not understand implication of use.

  • http://www.papadanart.com Dan Fussell

    The eyes of the King are everywhere. Roll over in your graves founding fathers.

  • http://nucow.com Lance

    I think after you put on Goggle goggles they will soon add a nose to them. This way they can also breath down anyones neck. Whats in your wallet? Is now on your neck. The Bank of Israel. Do visit http://www.nucow.com/JYC.htm for raw data.

  • whataloadofguff

    It’s guff isn’t it, get a life.

  • http://www.captaincyberzone.com Cap’n Cyberzone

    Google keeps me perked and keeps me smiling … what with all their innovative ways to capture one’s personal information.
    Keep the fly-paper coming.

    • http://www.captaincyberzone.com Cap’n Cyberzone

      P.S. When does the Google condom hit the market?!

  • Chuck “The Technomasohist” Small

    I do not understand why all those publications that continue to pick up Google’s press releases for its Google Glass, ripping and running the release more or less verbatim and without comment, have yet to think through the implications of such a perfidiously attractive device.

    Currently, those cretins who go about constantly with a Bluetooth headset stuck in their ears, get right up in your face within the “conversational,” if not the “intimate” distance, and then talk to someone else are bad enough. But the Google Glass will make “connected” people completely egocentric. That is, they will be able to go anywhere, any time, yet still be totally wrapped up in no one but themselves.

    Sergey Brin and Larry Page are on record as drooling at the prospect of combining your physical location, what you are actually looking at, and all the data Google has amassed about you (by reading your g-mail, tracking your Internet surfing with Google Analytics, and suckering you into “socializing” on Google+) to enfold you in an alternate reality. And that alternate reality will be an e-universe populated by just two classes of entities: you yourself, electronically isolated all by your lonesome; and what Google knows, better than you know yourself, who you want to interact with and what what you want to see, learn, and experience.

    The Google Glass is non-blocking. Non-blocking means that a “jacked-in” Droid (as per author William Gibson’s prescient “Neuromancer”) can use Google Glass while they do other things — such as living life. In modern Western countries, the extended family broke apart long ago into the nuclear family. Lately the nuclear family has fissioned into individuals. Even in “intact” families, it is common for each member of the family to spend time in their rooms by themselves because each room is equipped with a phone, TV, personal computer, video-game console, microwave oven, and dorm-sized refrigerator. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that an unprecedented number of people in the U.S. are living alone today. The divorce rate in the U.S. is around 50% and the birth rate is below the 2.1 children per female needed to sustain the population.

    I think that devices like the Google Glass will make the worst psychotic nightmares about confected realities of the late, psychotic – but brilliant – author, Phillip K. Dick, come true.

    • http://Mabuzi.com Kevin

      Its the i in individual.

      I do see massive privacy issues. Its bad enough the state having cameras everywhere but now private companies and have drones and cars and people filming you without consent or knowledge.

  • Ligia Prado

    I don’t like the idea of Google Glass seing through my eyes. This is big brother.

  • http://westcpw.deviantart.com/ Christopher West

    How about military inplications (im sure the military has something like this already) but imagine doing something similar with a closed circuit (ie uploaded to military HQ or the nearest base)

    Also what about the future?

    Bionic Ears and Eyes are coming closer than every (as medical replacements for those who are deaf/blind) – easy to install a recording device into them

    or even making them small enough to be contact lenses :)

    Bring on the future!

  • http://blackdiamondblasting.com I Want One

    For all “privacy” paranoia…

    Have you every ONCE heard of ANYONE harmed by Google or Facebook’s data. Even ONCE?

    Almost all of you will have an INTEGRATED device (could be an implant, a contact lens, or glasses) on you one day to replace that SMART PHONE that even you “privacy” freaks resisted for so long.

    And you won’t believe you once lived without it….

    • http://admiral-inground-concrete-swimming-pools.4t.com/ Roger Owen

      @ I Want One, you are 100% correct. It is because of these so called “Privacy” fools that the US is falling behind. They hinder growth and advancement. I ran for US Congress (TX-01) in 2006 and 2008. I seen the many dangers from failed policies and self-serving issues dictated by special interest groups being turned into law. The success or failure of any country is the direct result of the people’s actions of that country. The demographics of the US has greatly changed in the last 60 years. I seen the US sliding down that slippery slope to destruction. And there was nothing I could do to stop it. I knew it was time to move on. So I moved in the Philippines after I lost my independent bid for US Congress in 2008. As the same way our Founding Fathers did when they left England. Asia is the next great market. Most people may not like China, but they still continue to buy their products at WalMart. While the trade deficit goes up and a lot of the US national debt is owed to China. Not to mention China is Kicking our rear end in medals at the Olympics. And I didn’t even touch on how over 50% of the students in US universities are from other countries.

    • No, I don’t give my name

      “Have you every ONCE heard of ANYONE harmed by Google or Facebook’s data. Even ONCE?”

      Yes, there are companies who request your private facebook pages and if you don’t give it you out of a job

  • http://www.seo-systeme.fr/visibilite/locale.html rĂ©fĂ©rencement naturel nice

    By using Google Map for every move you won’t even now your own city, and if your high tech device runs out you will be lost like a little child.

  • http://www.evanislam.com Evan Islam

    Lots of negativity… think of all the possibilities. This is great. I’m willing to give up my privacy(within reasons) for science.

    Go Google!!!

    • No, I don’t give my name

      Please, read “1984” by George Orwell

      • Khao

        Then we should sit in our hovels cowering from what might be used against us?
        Evolve your mind, any security you ever though you had was removed long ago. Forget your fears and embrace the joys that come with new technologies.

      • http://gpysportrs.org/dice.html Jim Mooney

        The problem is not the tool. The problem is the jerks who abuse the tool. There is no Google glass in Syria but they are doing a fine job of murdering their own people (and trying to block Google, of course.)

  • http://www.webolutions.com/strategicmarketing.cfm Joe

    Google glass might be used for special purposes security-wise (e.g. taking pictures for proofs, evidence, etc.) If this can be used for sky-diving, can we use this underwater, too? Does it come with a special tool for underwater capture? If so, I’d be glad to be taking pictures with Nemo.

  • http://www.sexo Valentina

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    one is sharing facts, that’s really fine, keep up writing.

  • http://gpysportrs.org/dice.html Jim Mooney

    I don’t see a problem with it. It’s a good tool for a world where people are not buttholes. Of course, most are now so there would be abuse. But if we continue as we are civilization is about over anyway. So either we become non-buttholes and this tech is available, useful, and harmless, or civilization ends because we remained buttholes, and the point is moot.

  • http://gpysportrs.org/dice.html Jim Mooney

    There is no privacy. God sees up your ass all the time ;’)

  • AcerasWbnws

    I don’t understand. What do those of you calling yourself “privacy” people have to hide? What are you so worried about?

    Are you scared that I will find out you take a shit just like me?
    Are you afraid I will know that you sometimes trip over your own feet just like me?
    Are you terrified I will see that you hate looking weak just like me?

    Why are you limiting your lives by living based on your fears? Not only will you not go anywhere with that outlook, you’ll put the rest of use at a standstill too. And I am NOT okay letting YOUR FEARS make MY LIFE less than it can be.

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