This iPhone/Cup Holder Is the Ultimate First World Problem Solver

By: Josh Wolford - January 25, 2013

A new solution to a first world problem wants your money.

How often do you find yourself unable to properly text, Facebook, or play Temple Run because you’re forced to use one of your free hands holding a cup of coffee. If this scenario hits home, help may be on the way.

It’s called the UpperCup, and it’s the iPhone/cup holder that you never knew you wanted.

“No more one handed typing. No more spilling coffee. Have your hands free for your optimal texting, gaming and social networking pleasure,” says Dutch marketing agency Natwerk.

Awesome! You want one, right?

Well, you can’t have one – yet. Natwerk is currently crowdfunding the project on indiegogo. They’ve set a goal of $25,000 to get the UpperCup into production and say that if/when it hits the shelves, it will do so with a $35 price tag. As of now, the’ve only managed to collect a little under $800 with 36 days left in the campaign.

This is admittedly a little ridiculous. But I can totally see it selling.

UPDATE: It looks like I, like many others, have written up a publicity stunt.

[via BuzzFeed]
Josh Wolford

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  • Matthew

    Says it all really!

  • KaleoK

    Two problems:

    1. The whole presentation sound like an SNL ad.

    2. They are missing the obvious. The weight of the liquid will make it very difficult to keep the whole thing, with the phone, straight and stable.

    Bad idea!

  • ron

    Its a spoof publicity stunt for the company which seems to be doing well. I would never have heard of them if not for it. Cant work as has been stated you would end up with drink all over your shoes when you took one had off holding to type.
    If it were viable there would be Chinese versions hitting the market right now!