This Bra Has a Hidden Pocket For Your Phone

    April 30, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Have you ever had trouble wondering what to do with your phone, lipstick, or bank card when wearing a dress with no pockets? This Kickstarter project has got you covered. A duo from Seattle has invented a bra with a small underarm pocket for discretely storing everything from lipstick and gum to credit cards and iPhones. Meet the JoeyBra:

The duo, Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow, are now taking pre-orders at their website. The bras, for now, only come in “Sexy Leopard” and sizes range from small to large, meaning roughly bra sizes 32A to 32D. The special spring per-order price of $19.99 ends today, so act fast if you are intrigued.

The Kickstarter fundraising for the JoeyBra is still active for the next 19 days. Bartlow mentioned in the video above that a prototype sports bra is already in the works, and could be rolled out if the Kickstarter is very successful. Donors can receive everything from a video thank you to a trip to visit Kangaroos in Seattle.

If you are ambitious, you could also get this iPhone case and stash a condom inside of it. Then you could have a condom inside of a Playa Case which is on an iPhone that is inside of a JoeyBra which on a woman who is wearing a dress over all of it. You could be a strange russian-doll-like condom hoarder.

What do you think? Is a bra of this sort useful or silly? Leave a comment below and let me know.

(via BuzzFeed)

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    I’ve been reading alot about people trolling lately. Notably, the incident where trolls e-mailed photos of a girls mutilated body to her family after she died in a car accident. And the guy who posted child porn on the memorial pages for children who had died.

    If you are a troll, why would you find pleasure in doing something as extreme as that?
    If you aren’t a troll, what is your theory as to why trolls find pleasure in doing something like that?

  • Brian

    My patented bra has a pocket in it that is much easier to access than this bra does and as soon as we get production rolling on it, you won’t stand a chance ! Ours is also patented for sports bras ! Who is going to want to reach all the way around , under there arm to try to access there phone , none the less the sweat in that area ! Ours is made out of a water resistant material that stretches 2-3 x each way !
    But none the less good luck !!

  • Pauline graham

    Not too sure about this as phones give out radiation and could be a factor in breast cancer

  • louise macrae

    i am always sticking me phone in my bra. this is a fantastic bra, but u should provide for the larger ladies too, i am between a 38-40DD and would love one of these!!