These Chrome Extensions Will Let You Get More Out Of Netflix

    February 6, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Netflix may have 44 million subscribers, and add content frequently, but it really doesn’t add new features all that often, which can make the interface a little boring. Luckily, other developers have built all kinds of tools to help users enjoy a more helpful or otherwise pleasant browsing experience.

For Chrome users, there are quite a few options in the Chrome Web Store. Here are a few free extensions you might consider adding to your browser.

Netflix Enhancer

This one‘s been getting some attention on reddit recently for its random episode button, which lets you play a random episode of any TV show, but that’s not all it does. It adds ratings from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, lets you show and hide rows, and gives you trailers from YouTube. There are other extensions that provide some of these features separately, but this one is kind of an all-in-one.

Netflix Showdown

Netflix Showdown is for users who take too much time figuring out what they want to watch. You start a timer, pick up to three choices, and force yourself to quickly decide what to watch. Consider it something of a productivity tool.

Filtered Netflix

Filtered Netflix filters the movies you’ve already watched and rated, so the stuff you haven’t seen yet stands out more. It makes the browsing experience a little easier if you’re just looking to find things you’ve never seen.

Netflix Snob

Netflix Snob filters out the titles deemed to be a waste of time. You can adjust the number of stars you want it to use to consider a title not worth watching.

Netflix Sort Queue By Rating

If you’re like me, your queue (or “My List” if you prefer) is just about maxed out, meaning you have nearly 500 titles in it. This extension will sort them by rating, so you can at least push the more poorly reviewed titles to the end. It’s not perfect, but it does a fairly decent job. It only works with My List, and not with the DVD queue.

Better Flix

Better Flix will do a couple helpful things for you. It will add a hide button next to each movie so you can prevent it from showing up in your lists in the future, and remove the slider to just expand the whole section you want to browse so you can see the full list of movies. It also honors profiles, so it won’t hide the same stuff from all members of your household.

Netflix Popout

Netflix Popout adds a button to Chrome to open Netflix in a popout window. Pretty simple, that’s the point.

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  • boz

    i dont get why anyone pays a monthly subscription to netflix to watch a limited library of movies and tv shows when there are plenty of websites where you can watch literally any movie or tv show online for free. I have watched entire shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Walking Dead online as well as pretty much any movie even if it is still in theaters. You just have to know how to navigate the horde of advertisements and bs.

    • BlobDude

      People always have, and always will, pay for convenience. Without needing to put conscious effort into tracking down episodes or movies, I can turn on my PS3, my Xbox 360, my PS4, my Xbox One, my smart TV, my web-enabled Blu-ray player, my HTPC, or my laptop and be watching what I want to watch out of their vast collection in seconds.

    • charlie

      You know you're stealing those programs right?

      Netflix is a good compromise between the media companies asking for $15 for their film (much too high) and using the internet to steal it for $0 (forcing them to go bankrupt).

      It's the kind of service I want to encourage as it represents a future where there is money available to make new shows and films but at a reasonable price to the consumer.

    • David Gabel

      While I can agree, not all of those places are legally hosting/sharing the content, while using services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, etc are completely legal despite their library limitations. For some that is a tremendous deal

  • Stormofthedragon

    Why is Hola not on here? You can watch Netflix from anywhere in the world with it. Countries other than USA have MUCH better choices. Just remember to opt out of the adwhere if you install it.

  • http://www.techstorms.in Abinav P

    Cool extensions..THanks bro! :)