These Amazon Engineers Want You To Know How Great The Kindle Paperwhite Is

    September 28, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Amazon announced a lot of new Kindles at their press event a few weeks ago. Since then, all of the attention has been deservedly focused on the Kindle Fire HD. The other big hardware reveal – the Kindle Paperwhite – is now starting to pick up steam as we heard towards its October 1 launch.

Amazon revealed a video with Amazon engineers waxing poetic about all the new technologies that are contained within the Paperwhite. We already know about the frontlit display, increased resolution, and prolonged battery life, but we have yet to hear how it all works together. That’s what the below video is for:

The Kindle Paperwhite has already proven to be extremely popular among consumers. Amazon has completely sold out of their initial shipments that will be heading to consumers on October 1. Those who pre-order now won’t be getting one until October 22.

The Paperwhite is available in two flavors – Wi-Fi and 3G. The Wi-Fi version retails for $119 and the 3G version retails for $179.

  • http://www.appfortaxis.com Martyn

    Front lit is a winner!

  • Jack N Fran Farrell

    Amazon has to sell Paper white now. Next year 1080×1920 pixel screen in 3×5 and 5×8 sizes will become commodities and reskinned content consuming Androids will be ubiquitous.

  • http://www.manilacomputerservices.com Texas Web

    like this device, make reading enjoyable

  • http://www.vesta-tech.net Manila

    Thumbs up for kindle

  • http://www.angersausomeaussies.com AngersAusomeAussies

    I guess I will never understand why anyone would want to pay for downloading a book, worry about the battery wearing down or going out, only to have to replace it, then have to pay for Wii Fi just to downlaod & read it, then only to find in a couple yrs, your Kindle is now outdated & it some how got all scratched up & or broken. Companies sure know how to market to the ppl that “have to keep up w/the Jones”. I would much prefer to just go buy a paperback or better yet, get it free from the library, read it & not have all the other worries that go w/technology.

  • http://www.engage-2012.com/ Engage 2012 Conference

    This will really be a great device, with the front light not shining directly to your eyes, as well as preserving the battery life. I really take my hat off to the guys at Amazon that invented it and made it possible for us to have such a brilliant device.