The Walking Dead Comes to Netflix

Just not the new season

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The Walking Dead Comes to Netflix
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Netflix and AMC already had a partnership in place, but reports indicate that the two have expanded upon it to give Netflix members access to the hit zombie TV show The Walking Dead.

Season 2 starts on Sunday October 16, but don’t expect to watch new episodes on Netflix. According to MarketWatch, the deal only allows Netflix to stream previous seasons. Past seasons will be made available right before new seasons air.

In other words, if you want to watch Season 2 on Netflix, you’re going to have to wait until AMC gets ready to air the season after that.

Of course, there are other viewing options for the upcoming season. You can watch it AMC itself or download episodes from Amazon or iTunes. New episodes are available the day after broadcast. It will cost you about $3 bucks for an episode on iTunes though (at least that’s what they’re still charging for Season 1.

Here’s a trailer for Season 2:

As previously reported, AMC is also making webisodes available leading up to the launch of Season 2:

Netflix recently revealed that 50 – 60% of viewing on Netflix is TV episodes.

The Walking Dead Comes to Netflix
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    fantastic publish, very informative. I ponder why the other specialists of this sector do not understand this. You should proceed your writing. I am confident, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

  • Aaron Daugherty

    Why does netflix make you wait so long to watch the next season, when it’s a paid service? I’ll realize that 8 dollars a month is not very much, but about 75 to 80 percent of all the shows on netflix are not worth watching anyways, or to be nice let’s just say they do not fit my interest. Just do the math; if you figured in how many shows someone gets on dish satellite or cable for roughly 75 dollars a month with mostly all new seasons! Please tell me how it all adds up? I am by no means a netflix hater, but It would be nice if they would get their act together and be something above mediocre! I would really like to see somebody with a great selection of new movies at a red box price and tv shows that follow up at least a week after their released for under 10 dollars a month and not have to wait for dvd’s to come in the mail. That may just be a pipe dream, but maybe someday-somebody will have something on the market a lot better than what’s out there right now. Come on, let’s have some vision people! Thanks for listening to my rant.

    • Josh

      Its not Netflix that makes you wait. The networks which own the shows will not release them to Netflix in the short manner of time you are looking for. An example is as stated in the article, AMC will not release rights for Netflix to stream any episodes from a season until just prior to the following season.

    • Hugh Johnson

      Total moron douche. Netflix is a ridiculously great service that brings fantastic entertainment @ Chinese slave labor prices. Dominance like this must be encouraged, & start to revolutionize the shitty cable&dish services which are dogshit in comparison. This trolls whole theory is built upon a broken premise & he/she/it even admits to the outlandishly high cost of these subpar services. On-demand will offer a couple new episodes & many have COMMERCIALS intact! Some services have no on demand whatsoever so you’re stuck watching weekly episodic commercial filled trash instead of seeing what you want, as much as you want, uninterrupted!!!

      Don’t listen to the troll, Netflix is a SUPERIOR service & best entertainment investment you can make, especially if you have a wife/girlfriend to cuddle on the couch with & enjoy hours of untainted (& many shows are the UNEDITED versions with no bleeps) joy. Watching South Park with Cartman’s “fucks” flying freely is a most wondrous experience! :)

      • fucking your wife

        netflix sucks and guess what so do you

  • Mike Island

    can’t blame netflix but paying $3.00 for episodes is a way to go broke quick. I mean for the cost of a movie you 40 or 50 minutes of what is basically a great TV serial which is meant to draw you in and drag on; not exactly like a complete begin and end of a typical movie format.

  • Its Not Up To Netflix

    Aaron Daugherty
    Netflix does not own the show AMC does, Netflix would stream it right after the episode airs if AMC would allow. It is the same reason you do not see the show on Hulu, AMC has not reached a deal with either of them to be able to play current seasons.

    Unlike Hulu Netflix did reach a deal with AMC that when they start season 3 we can see season 2.

    Mike Island
    Netflix is not charging $3, iTunes & AMC are!

    AMC won’t release something freely they can make money on.

  • Turd Ferguson

    The whole situation stinks to high hell of rotten boners (yeah that’s right, I’ve actually sampled that god awful smell). But it makes perfect sense. The networks want to make their money before Netflix, so be it. Besides, its a very simple task to record all your fav shows upon first airing anyways. I like to think of netflix as a nice escape from whatever is currently on, and get lost in some classic whatever it is that you like (which there is plenty of, and even then some of hidden gems you may have never seen). To pay your $8 a month expecting otherwise is a waste.

  • Charlene

    Don’t get me wrong I love my netflix, yes it is frustrating that certain shows and seasons aren’t on, but I get it, it is the networks. But then what is the excuse for netflix only putting certain movies on when there are mutiple, even old ones..for example they have Resident Evil, and Resident Evil 3..like why the heck isn’t the 2nd one there? anyone know, and they do that with allot of movies that have more then 1 out.

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