The Transformation Of Search Marketing

A keynote panel discussion at SES New York

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It’s no secret that marketing tactics must change over time – just imagine how far a modern newspaper would get paying boys to shout "extra" on city streets – and the search marketing industry may be changing right now.  Experts discussed how, along with how marketers should react, in an SES New York session titled Search Marketing: Analyze This.

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Brad Hill, the director of Weblogs, Inc., asserted that SEO has come to be about communities and personal networks as people form direct connections with sources that are important to them.  This doesn’t mean that Google’s unimportant, but the fact that the company’s scrambling to implement real-time search options does send a certain signal.

Erika Brown, an executive vice president of corporate strategy at Frost & Sullivan, then argued that SEO now stands for "search everything optimization."  Companies need to optimize pictures, videos – everything, really – and intertwine their SEO and PR efforts.

Mobile efforts might pay off, too.  Brown recommended making mobile versions of corporate sites and making mobile apps.  Jonathan Blum, the founder and principal of Blumsday, then added that it might be best to favor the Android platform over the iPhone, stating that Android will scale past Apple’s alternative.

All in all, though, Hill maintained that marketing will continue to come down to anticipating demand.  Companies should keep that in mind in terms of content creation and search optimization.

WebProNews anchor Abby Johnson contributed to this report.

The Transformation Of Search Marketing
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  • Guest

    I have a university degree in Computer Science, and have been doing an SEM (Search Engine Marketing) job for the past 3 years, but now I feel somehow bored by it .
    Joliese Tan

  • http://timetohealth.com/ blacksjasone

    I’m not have basic in SEM, but I wanna know about SEO is that same with SEM?

    • http://www.jflowers.com Janice

      SEO and SEM are not the same thing. SEO (search engine optimization) is a vital part of your SEM (search engine marketing) plan. In it’s simplest terms, SEO is getting your website or page in peak shape for higher placement in the free search results. Your SEM plan would start with optimizing your site or page, then add the paid options like Pay Per Click (PPC), those sponsored ads on the top and right side of the search results page. While paid search ads are immediately visible, don’t waste the click or your money on ads that are not optimized for what the visitor expects to see when they come to your site.

  • http://www.clearsense.se S

    In Sweden the same statement works, a typical client need to do so much more than just regular SEO.
    Now we need to focus on loading speed and easy access for visitors. More and more clients also have videos on their sites, most important in metrics is these videos. A client might love their videos but when faced with the reality that none of the visitors view or click on them they start to focus on what matters.

    This is a typical Swedish SEO s

  • http://www.frontpage.ee Internetiturundus

    I think search engines will just give better coverage to social media results. Involving and optimizing social media output will play more important role in search marketing. But any social media can`t replace search engines, their functions are different enough. User generated content makes environment more dynamic, noisy and unpredictable – more difficult for users and also search engines to sort out. It`s about finding the best model of integration, not about replacement. We have to use social channels as natural part of marketing mix. Actually I think most of modern internet marketers do that anyway. Rise or fall of any particular platform like Google, Facebook or Twitter doesn`t change much in the bigger picture. Marketers will always look for medias where their customers can be reached, they have to react faster, communication will definitely be more mixed, mobile and integrated.

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