‘The Sopranos’ Tops Best Written TV Show List

    June 3, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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In arguments about the best TV shows of all time, The Sopranos will invariably come up. The show, which follows antihero Tony Soprano as he reconciles his mobster lifestyle with a family and mental health issues, became a huge hit for HBO and spawned the modern era of premium cable dramas. Now, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has officially named The Sopranos the best written TV show of all time.

The WGA has just released its list of the 101 best written TV series’ of all time. The list was created using online votes from the WGA’s members.

One other HBO show appears in the top 10, The Wire, coming in at number 9. Many of the other shows toping the list, such as All in the Family (#4) and M*A*S*H (#5), dealt with issues that were controversial in their time. Others, such as Seinfeld (#2) and The Twilight Zone (#3) placed highly on the strength of creative writing. Some fan favorites that appear in the top 20 include Mad Men (#7), The Simpsons (#11), Breaking Bad (#13), Arrested Development (#17), and Six Feet Under (#18).

“At their core, all of these wonderful series began with the words of the writers who created them and were sustained by the writers who joined their staffs or worked on individual episodes,” said WGA Presidents Chris Keyser and Michael Winship in joint a statement. “This list is not only a tribute to great TV, it is a dedication to all writers who devote their hearts and minds to advancing their craft.”

  • Team

    Breaking Bad runs circles around Sopranos, which by the way had a worse ending than the previous worse ending which was held by Seinfeld.

  • http://www.maturechristians.com BoobTubeBrain

    “Of all time”? I don’t know about that, but HBO can crank out some of the best. “Boardwalk Empire” is on of the better “T.V. dramas around pound for pound even as we speak. Mob shows are always going to be considered the best T.V. shows because those characters in those shows are getting by with what politicians get by with and we all want to stick it to the system. I’d say “The Sopranos” in the Top 10 of all time maybe but #1 is a big stretch considering the future may even be a lot brighter for us “idiot box” watching gurus as time goes on. This kind of article ought to be a hint for writers, directors and producers that maybe we all would like a little “Mob Power” in our T.V. shows and a whole lot less reality series junk.