The Social Media Leaders [Infographic]

    June 1, 2012
    Shawn Hess
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So you think you know everything about social media and networking? Well the truth is, it has been around a lot longer than Facebook, but like a lot of things on the internet, we don’t hear about them until they are trendy and popular, or somebody gets sued over them.

This next infographic from Socialjumpstart.com shows us who the big names in social networking are and how long they’ve been around. It covers everybody who has a presence online today. Of course, Facebook comes out on top, no surprise there.

Reddit, Club Penguin, Tagged, Spotify, and even the big guys like Twitter, and Linkedin show up on this graphic. So if you want to get the lowdown on what’s happening in social networking today, you need look no further. Enjoy!

social media giants

  • http://www.thewebtheory.com Hector Mesa

    This infographic provides a great visual. It’s incredible to see the extremes on the graph. For example, the almost billion users, around 850 million and counting! Also, how Reddit with only 11 employees can run a site that has over 600,000 users. I feel that Google + with all it’s changes should have probably had it’s own specs listed, but overall great infograph, thanks!