The NSA Wants To Build A Quantum Computer

    January 3, 2014
    Zach Walton
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Quantum computing is the next big thing, or at least it is in the eyes of futurists and scientists. The proposed technology promises faster compute speeds beyond anything currently available. The crazy thing is that we’re almost there, and that’s mostly a good thing. The only concern is that quantum computing may be used for purposes that don’t benefit mankind in the slightest, and of course the NSA is at the forefront of that endeavor.

The Washington Post reports that the NSA is working on a quantum computer that would be able to crack nearly every type of encryption currently available. The plans, which were revealed in documents leaked by Edward Snowden, detail a $79.7 million research program dedicated to the creation of a quantum computer.

So, what is a quantum computer? In short, a quantum computer is a computing machine that’s built on the theory of quantum mechanics. As the Washington Post explains, a quantum computer is unlike a traditional computer in that it communicates using quantum bits which can exist as zeroes and ones simultaneously. Theoretically, this would allow a computer to reach a solution much more quickly.

As you can imagine, a quantum computer would be a major benefit to nearly everyone, including the NSA. It’s already been shown that the NSA broke the encryption protocols employed by the big guys at Google and Yahoo. Upon that revelation, both companies moved to employ new encryption methods that could take the NSA months to crack. With a quantum computer, they could theoretically reduce the time needed to crack new encryption methods to just a few weeks.

A quantum computer in the hands of the NSA is a pretty scary thought, but it’s nowhere near completion yet. The leaked documents show that the agency is making steady progress, but its own efforts are only matching the pace seen in public quantum computing projects in Europe. Barring a significant breakthrough, those quantum computers are still years away, and the NSA’s own quantum computer is likely still just in the experimental stage at this point.

Regardless, the mere fact that the NSA is building a quantum computer is cause for concern. Quantum computers will one day benefit humanity in many ways, but its unfortunate that the technology might also be abused.

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  • Trust Huh?

    Every year, the government classifies over 16 million documents as top secret. So essentially, anything that is the slightest bit important is secret. For all we know, every major event in this country could have been caused by this country itself. We literally have no clue as to what the truth is. In a very real way, we see only select things our own eyes, but really we are TOLD the truth. We don’t see the truth. Being TOLD the truth is not the same as seeing the truth. Doubt what I say? Pull up the Sandy Hook video released by the police. You see very little. Then you see a blue screen for 50 minutes. Then you are told in police reports what the “truth” is. You can’t compare the reports to the video because there isn’t video. I hate to say anything can be written on paper. We see it all the time. It is called fiction writing. Libraries are full of that.

    I hate to use 9/11 as an another example, but really all we saw that day was two buildings being hit by aircraft — even though three fell that day. We haven’t slightest clue as to who or what was in those aircraft let alone who was controlling them. The rest we were told by a government that has lied to us before and like I said above, keeps everything classified. We honestly don’t know the truth about anything really. In fact, the people we blamed 9/11 on, said they didn’t do 9/11, but we just automatically assume they are lying because we don’t like them. Then in the ultimate ironies of ironies, it turns out that we created the very group – al Qaeda – that we said did the terror attacks. Then to top it all off, we spent less money investigating 9/11 than we did on investigating Monica Lewinsky sucking Bill Clinton. A blowjob apparently is more important to the America government. So, in reality, we didn’t even want to find out the truth. Don’t ask me what the truth is because I don’t know. I know what I am told is the truth, but really what I saw doesn’t support any of that. I am just supposed to trust. Even though I have been lied to a million times before. You ever been cheated on by a girlfriend or boyfriend? Tell me what happens once that happens. Tell me then how important trust really is. Trust is everything.

    Bottom line is this. We can’t trust government with anything. Yes, there are good people in government. Yes, there are probably very good people at the NSA. However, there are also very bad people. How do I know there are bad people? Well, we have a body count of over 2 million people killed or severely injured since 9/11 and most of those people had nothing to do with 9/11. Hell, there was not even one Iraqi or Afghan terrorist on the planes who did 9/11. Two million people died and nothing has changed. In fact, things are worse. Good people create positive outcomes because they actually have a conscious. There have been no positive outcomes since 9/11. Just look at the state of this country. You can feel it. Our country is dying.

    Trust the NSA with a quantum computer if you want, but I assure you that it isn’t being used for good. In fact, I will tell you what it is being used for. Capacity. They need capacity and processing speed so they can eventually handle all the video that will be recorded around this country from every camera available. Everything from webcams, to traffic cams, to security cams, to cameras in TVs, to cell phone cams, to Google glass. On top of that video, will be placed facial recognition software. Then they will be running predictive software and arresting people before events even happen. We are literally going to have thousands of people in prison for things that do not happen. Mark these words. The very worst parts of George Orwell’s 1984 is coming true right before your eyes. I honestly believe someone in government studied the book 1984 and determined it could become a reality. If you look at everything since 9/11, it is pretty much following lock step with the book. Create a culture of fear, censor everything, control the media, use double speak, build up the police, build up surveillance. Now, all we need is a real war, and the government can easily clamp down on its own people.

    The sad part is I am not even sure the NSA is really the group behind all of this. Yes, that is who we see, but really, who pulls the strings in the NSA? You ever see video of NSA officials talking about what goes on? They don’t even know who is really pulling all the strings. Of course, all of that is classified. We laugh at conspiracy theorists, but they could very well be right about a lot of things. History is full of conspiracies. Lord knows the mainstream media doesn’t do honest in depth reporting. If it hadn’t been for Snowden, we would still be hearing Clapper say the American people are not being spied on. In the American movies, the good guy always wins. Jack Ryan is always their to save the day or there is always a very noble and great President to lead the country. Good triumphs over evil. I hate to tell people. Movies aren’t real. Evil is very much winning in the real world.

  • wertwert

    This article is fear mongering… when quantum computers come out we will switch from 2Kb encryption keys to 10Mb encryption keys… The great thing about infinity is how infinite it is… there will always be a scale at which prime numbers are very time intensive to compute…even for future quantum computers… quantum computing would change the scale but not the degree of security. To change the degree of security you would need a less infinite number line or to find a predictive pattern in prime numbers. If you think either of those is going to happen then you are probably already wearing a tin foil hat.

  • http://techzeppelin.blogspot.com/ Tech Zeppelin
  • John D

    Building Quantum computer is a good idea it will help NSA find out why crazy people in Hollywood are producing Werewolf, Twilight, Green Lantern movies. Banksters many not be instructing hollywood to make such movies, we all know banksters are only interested in fiat money and recently bit of coins and pretty much no interest in social engineering…..

  • Pizzaman7

    I vote to starve the beast called NSA and stop the police state. They have no need to spy on us the way they do and it is not improving efforts to stop terrorism. I don’t know who is worse anymore….the NSA or the terrorists.