The Mu Is The Future Of Plugs

    February 24, 2012
    Zach Walton
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I like to think that the USB outlet adapter that my Android gets its power from is already pretty small. A team in the UK has made it even smaller.

Say hello to the Mu, a transformable folding USB adapter for your phone. It’s a pretty neat little accessory that fits in your pocket and folds out to handle all your recharging needs.

The device was made by Made in Mind, a team made up of Min-Kyu Choi and business partner Matthew Judkins. Choi created the concept of a “folding plug” back in 2009 and has applied the technology to the current Mu device that we see before us now.

Choi talks about the inspiration for the Mu:

“I was frustrated by the dimensions of the traditional plug, and felt that the existing unit which dates back to 1947, was out of touch and incongruous with modern design. My idea was very simple – redesign the plug to bring it in line with the clean look and feel of today’s technology; without compromising functionality.”

The Mu itself reduces the traditional plug size by a whopping 70 percent. When not in use, it folds into a shell that’s only 14mm thick.




It’s an impressive device and one that I would totally buy, if I could. Unfortunately, the Mu is only available for our friends in the UK at the moment. The team said that that they are hoping to bring the product to other markets in the near future.

While I don’t normally buy into this future design stuff, the Mu is actually pretty cool. It has a nice futuristic design that isn’t obnoxious.

It’s only £25 and available for pre-order on the manufacturer’s Web site.

Here’s the original video that showcased the first folding plug that Choi invented:

  • Vlad

    “The future is only in the UK at the moment”? I beg to differ. Only Brits need to re-invent the wheel like this because of their terrible plug standard. This device will never sell elsewhere in Europe (or even US) because their USB power supplies are already much smaller.

    • Vlad

      P.S. “It’s only £25”??

      You gotta be kidding me. That’s 25 times more than a much smaller equivalent for US/European standard plug costs. And it’s been around for years. Talk about re-inventing the wheel…

  • Joe Joe

    The new MU charger shares some of the design features of Min-Kyu Choi’s ill fated and illegal design for a folding plug, but it is a CHARGER not a PLUG! To make it safe the wings are reversed, making it 40% thicker and making the multi-way adaptor he originally touted impossible. But there is still no space for a fuse to be safely fitted, so it cannot become a general purpose plug which is legal in the UK.