The Most Honest Windows 8 Criticism Comes From A Drunk

    November 7, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Windows 8 has been controversial to say the least. Prominent PC developers have criticized the operating system and regular users have expressed confusion over the design choices Microsoft made. Now it’s time to put Windows 8 up to the ultimate test – a first time user who happens to be drunk.

Three Sheets Market Research conducts a series of Web usability tests called Drunk UX. The latest test was for Windows 8 in which the group got a hold of Jennifer, a 40-year old woman. She’s described as “an active consumer of PCs, software and alcohol.” It shows in the video as she obviously knows her stuff, and calls it the numerous quirks in Windows 8 that just shouldn’t be there.

Interestingly enough, Jennifer makes a unique observation that not many people have made so far. She describes her time with Windows 8 as being trapped, and that she wants to retreat. It could be a result of her being drunk, but it’s a valid complaint. The closed nature of the start menu could feel overwhelming to first time users.

It’s also interesting to note that even a drunk doesn’t want to use Internet Explorer or Bing. If only she knew about Google’s campaign to put Google search and Chrome front and center on the new start menu in Windows 8.

  • http://www.frogdice.com Pang Hartman

    Haha. Great article. MS could do well to team up with Google. I use Google for everything!

    • natclayful

      Windows 8 is not all that perfect. I think I will start only by buying “Odd Numbered” Windows operating systems Windows XP to Windows 7 to Windows 9…I have came up with this and its a brilliant idea.

      • http://www.Marisic.net Chris Marisic

        Your loss. Windows 8 is the best operating system since Win2k Pro Sp4.

        Also don’t plan on buying a computer for the next 6 years or so.

        • Dale Marcum

          Chris this operating system hinges on sales and sales alone….if it doesn’t “catch on” with mainstream users in mass, 6 years from now Windows 8 will just be a memory.

  • http://www.Marisic.net Chris Marisic

    Did she get the full windows 8 introduction experience? Or did you that get skipped like I bet it was.

  • Rye

    She’s troubled from exiting an app and those squares and rectangles with various colors.

  • Red

    It’s funny how people are so formated with apple products that they totally lost the ability to learn quickly how to use a new interface… I guess people were also saying “wtf duh I want meh programs !” if nobody told them to make the bottom OSX program bar show up…

    It’s so ridiculous.

  • Simon

    What a pathetic way of reviewing an operatingsystem: looking at how easy it is for a drunk person to use it… I’ve seen drunk people fail with things as easy as doors, shoes, bicycles, etc. so how on earth is the ease of use for a drunk person a good indication of the usability for normal people?

  • Peter

    Windoes versions up to date has been similar so as a new one is released we all feel at home with some searching. Also If I use Windows pre 8 in any country, even if it is a foreign language I can get by. The Windows 8 screen and set up has to be configured to suit you making it very individual. Because of this in the work environment each Windows 8 PC will look different so if you have to share several PCs each one will look different and you will have to learn how to use each individual PC. This will not be good for work production in a busy environment. No Windows 8 is not work place freindly and will be a night mare especialy for those who struggle with PCs. Also if you have to fault find different PCs the individual set ups will make this that much harder. I feel that dows 8 will go the same way as Windows ME. Not for me thanks.

  • Robert F Rohrer

    They are making their operating system and office apps too complicated for the casual user. Computers should make things simple for people.

    Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS principle), Ease of access and intuitive are good goals.

    I do not intend to upgrade to Windows 8 from 7 and wish that I had not upgraded from XP Media to v7. I have had more crashes with v7 than I ever did with XP Media.

    Microsoft may be betting on the demise of the desktop PC as the trend is in that direction. They may be hastening its demise with pushing V8. But, in the interlude, I will stay with v7

    Another snafoo is their Shuffle, or is it Bangboard, or whatever the name of their pad is . . . it does not sound like I could switch back and forth from my desktop to this device using USB3 media and my favorite software apps. Phht! More incompatibility. More confusion. More techy details. Not for me!!!

  • http://richandhealthylifestyles.com Genaro

    I was waiting for her to spill that drink; it was such a circuitous ride.

  • Damian

    “I feel like I’m being punished”.. what a fantastic way to sum up windows 8.

  • Taylor

    Windows 8 has a ton of useless “apps” and it keeps switching back to the start screen whenever I try to scroll.

    I agree with the fact that this should be a lot simpler. I don’t want to learn a new operating system, I want to be able to do the tasks I need to do on an everyday basis without installing an app for Google or randomly switching back to the home screen while in the middle of a video.

    Too complicated and the whole “Start Screen” and “Windows Store” are perfectly unnescesary (Sp).

  • Rob

    I disagree with virtually all of the criticism Microsoft has received for Windows 8. As an avid builder of personal computers for over 15 years, I think Microsoft made the right steps… and I also think they didn’t step far enough. The new Windows 8 start screen is superb, and the legacy Windows 7 desktop should have been omitted. All of the core windows functionality should have migrated to the new Windows interface. We’ve been using the old interfaces for so long that our minds have atrophied. Learn something new for a change.