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Matt Cutts: We're Going to Keep Iterating

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Google’s Matt Cutts engaged in a live chat with webmasters on YouTube, and had some things to say about the Panda update.

Barry Schwartz posted the above video, capturing a Panda-related segment of the chat, in which Cutts discusses the update.

“It came from the search quality team,” he says. “It didn’t come from the web spam team, so web spam engineers have been collaborating with search quality folks on it since the initial launch, but it originated from the search quality team, and it’s just an algorithmic change that TENDS to rank lower quality sites lower, which allows higher quality sites to rank higher, so it’s not a penalty, and I talked about how algorithms are re-computed, so there’s been no manual exceptions.”

“I don’t expect us to have any manual exceptions to Panda,” he says. “This is something where the signal is computed, and then when the signal is re-computed, if the sites are slightly different, then that can change the sites that are affected, and we’re going to keep iterating.”

“So we’ve had Panda version 1 in February and Panda version 2 in April I believe, and‚Ķpossibly March‚Ķand that started to use blocking of sites along with some other signals,” he continues. “And then we’ve had smaller amounts of iterations‚Ķ”

Referring to before the update came about, he says, “We had heard a lot of complaints. We’ve been working on it even before we’d heard a lot of the complaints to try and make sure that lower quality sites were not ranking as highly in Google search results.”

He then mentions the list of questions Google released a few weeks ago for content providers to ask themselves about their own content quality. The list, he says, “Helps to step into the Google mindset and how we think about these sorts of things.”

In the talk, Cutts mentioned that the update will still roll out internationally in other languages in time, “maybe in the next couple months”. So far, it’s been launched globally, but only in the English language.

The Latest On Panda Straight From Google
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  • Bob

    I think Google needs fresh faces and competent management. Whether it is search quality team or not they are all a bunch of morons that are running Google to the ground. Nobody trusts Google anymore, they are losing search share, the government is onto them hard and they will end up split by them. Panda is a royal joke and quality sites are buried and some have disappeared.

    • http://www.FreeGunInfo.com Adsense Publisher

      I agree with your observations as far as quality of search goes. Google’s results are worse off now than they ever were. Great that they went after sites that were showing up for the top 1% – 2% of searches, but what about the harmed they caused to the 98%-99% of searches which were fine as they stood. Because of that many big time advertisers are moving towards search ads and giving up on content ads. This hurts publishers all around who have Adsense ads on their websites and rely on content ads to make money. Basically for ads I’m seeing a lot of lower quality, lower paying ads showing up on most sites that I’ve visited myself, even when some of those sites may have really good written content.

      I just don’t see the better quality search. I see a bunch of junk on their pages. More now than ever. I really really liked how things were before. It’s the reason I only used Google in the first place and would never use Yahoo or Bing to search for anything. I trusted Google’s index and now they’ve given me reason not to trust their index anymore.

      There is a clear conflict of interest here, and anybody that can’t see that must be blind. Google is manually promoting it’s own sites over that of anybody else’s. So much for organic results anymore. All Google had to do was allow people to block websites from their search results and that would have been enough to improve on the quality of anybody’s search results.

  • Sam

    It is easy to make a blog post with disinformation. In the video Matts facial expressions gives the lie away…… Panda is about boosting adwords sales by reducing SERP quality than anything else.

    In the last 5 years, the trend i observed with my competitors is many of them have tried adwords for few months and then discontinued, if adwords was profitable advertising, they would have continued. Now google is desperate…..

  • http://www.dybob.com dybob

    very good! i like it! yeah

  • http://shshblobs.com Shshblobs

    I just very intrested in why the algorithms is named panda? special meaning?

  • http://newluxuryitems.com william

    I agree with those who have been doing white hat SEO and now see a need to just do what ever it takes.

    This Google Panda update will create the largest shift in bad practice ever seen.

    Panda was a bad idea

  • http://www.xgenseo.com Kiky Tse

    While it’s great that Google is trying to provide more relevant, quality results, at the end of the day they use an algorithm not a person to determine rankings. So the sad reality is webmasters who engage in purely white hat techniques often lose out to those who choose black hat techniques.

    As for the list of questions Matt mentioned, you have to wonder whether your answer will be in line with what Google expects. Some of the questions are incredibly subjective.

    Even with these guidelines, it really is a matter of trial and error trying to satisfy Google, and considering how long it can take Google to index your updates, it can become an incredibly frustrating waiting game!

  • http://www.seonorthamerica.com Tom Aikins

    I don’t think Google is depserrate as someone has suggested because the number of people who have tried AdWords and found it to be to expensive is very small. There are still plenty of fish out there ready to bite. I am convinced also, as the same person noted, that this is a way to make more money. Any word on how Demand Media is faring after Panda? They’re probably still up there in the SERPs and still raking in money for Google.

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