Amended CISPA Is A Direct Threat To Internet Privacy

    April 30, 2012
    Chris Richardson
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The bill we’ve grown to fear is much, much closer to being a reality in our lives with the passing of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), courtesy of the House of Representatives. The controversial bill passed with a vote of 248-168, giving us a clear indication of how much our elected leaders value your Internet privacy.

That is, they don’t.

Does the passage of CISPA, even though it is awaiting Senate approval, give you cause for concern, especially in regards to privacy and the respect of certain, fundamental rights? Are the elected officials in the United States capable of regulating something as vast and as complex as the Internet? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Aside from the fact that CISPA actually passed, there are other troubling issues surrounding the now-House approved bill. First off, as pointed out by TechDirt, the vote for CISPA’s passage wasn’t supposed to be until today (Friday, April 27). The second issue is the CISPA that just passed through the House has some amendments attached (PDF), and some feel this fact makes the bill a bigger threat to an individual’s online privacy than it was in previous manifestations. The amendments were sponsored by various representatives, but there’s one in particular that caught the eye of many CISPA critics: amendment number six.

Sponsored by Misters Ben Quayle and Mike Thompson, and Miss Anna Eshoo, the sixth amendment has been presented as something that clarifies and limits scope of CISPA, but after reading the text attached to the proposed alteration, CISPA is actually worse than it was before the amendment was attached. A summary of the alteration that is most troubling:

Would limit government use of shared cyber threat information to only 5 purposes:

1) cybersecurity;
2) investigation and prosecution of cybersecurity crimes;
3) protection of individuals from the danger of death or physical injury;
4) protection of minors from physical or psychological harm; and
5) protection of the national security of the United States.

Again, this amendment was introduces to “limit” the scope of CISPA, but as you might be able to infer, the vagueness of the alteration only makes accessing such information much easier. Essentially, if your actions are seen as a cybersecurity threat based on the five incredibly vague conditions listed, the threat information is readily available to any and all interested government parties, without the need of a search warrant or any other search and seizure protections offered by the Fourth Amendment.

It appears that by adding such vague terms, the House of Representatives has successfully found a way to circumvent one of the key components to the Bill of Rights, or, as TechDirt puts it:

Somehow, incredibly, this was described as limiting CISPA, but it accomplishes the exact opposite. This is very, very bad.

Very bad indeed. You want to know what’s worse than that, however? The complete lack of outrage on various social media sites. Apparently, the sheep won’t get outraged unless Wikipedia conducts a site blackout or someone releases a 30-minute video that everyone shares on Facebook.

An example of this apathy can be found on Twitter where such popular trends like Lady Gaga, Colt McCoy, Finally Friday and Delmon Young are active. While the #UNFailsSyria trend gives us some hope, once you click the trend, you quickly see there aren’t many Americans commenting on it. I guess they’re saving their tweets for Lady Gaga and celebrating the fact that Friday is indeed here.

Apathy at its finest.

Of course, there has been some reaction, but clearly, not enough to stir the masses the way the SOPA blackout did:

CISPA worse than thought! Last minute provisions are chilling! http://t.co/ucssH1WW #RonPaul2012 1 hour ago via twitterfeed ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Pls RT. Congress deletes 4th Amendment: CISPA passed in sneak attack http://t.co/75pPfmGD 14 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Our government is run by people who are too out of touch personally, and technologically. #CISPA 1 hour ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

While CISPA passage through the house is indeed troubling, there’s still hope in the form of a President Obama veto, but then again, like a wonderfully-insightful Twitter user pointed out:

Sure, Obama is promising to veto #CISPA, but how can I trust a man who can’t even ADMIT HE AM A MOOSLIM? 58 minutes ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Yes, that particular tweet was done in jest, but do not doubt there are people running around who hold that very thought dear, and that’s almost as bad as the apathetic attitudes the American public has towards CISPA. In case you’re wondering how this amended version of CISPA affects you, provided it survives a potential Obama veto, CNet has thrown together a handy FAQ discussing the many ways the bill could impact your Internet privacy.

Among those that stood out:

Q: Is CISPA worse than SOPA?
For all its flaws, SOPA targeted primarily overseas Web sites, not domestic ones. It would have allowed the U.S. attorney general to seek a court order against the targeted offshore Web site that would, in turn, be served on Internet providers in an effort to make the target virtually disappear.

It was kind of an Internet death penalty targeting Web sites like ThePirateBay.org, not sites like YouTube.com, which are already subject to U.S. law.

CISPA, by contrast, would allow Americans’ personal information to be vacuumed up by government agencies for cybersecurity and law enforcement purposes, as long as Internet and telecommunications companies agreed [Emphasis added]. In that respect, at least, its impact is broader.

CNet’s entry goes hand-in-hand with the idea that CISPA in its current state ignores the principles laid down in the Fourth Amendment. If that’s not enough to raise your level of consternation over how elected officials in the United States view Internet regulation, I’m not sure what will.

Let us know your thoughts on this potentially-damaging bill. Are the fears legitimate or much ado about nothing?

  • psic88

    Americans are burying their heads in the sand. Pretending this is a glitch, a kind of temporary aberation. Due process is no use in controlling a mad dog. The thing is out of their control. The shit is hitting the fan. OMG factor ten.

    Occupy has turned into an excuse/reason to turn the control / intimidation machine up to full speed.

    The free world is where the Muslims live :(

    • Cj

      Throughout history governments will always suppress the freedom of the people during time of war. This always goes terribly wrong when the society in question does not have the moral advantage in the conflict. You only have the moral advantage in a war if you are fighting in self defense.

      The average person has an instinctive sense of justice, and will support a governments declaration of war(*) if they feel it is for their defense. Empires do not evolve from self defense, hence propaganda plays a crucial role in convincing the populace on entering a war. Freedom of speech, which requires privacy when speaking against authority, is anathema to propaganda.

      CISPA is a direct attack on individual privacy, which is a covert attack on free speech and ultimately helps support propaganda. Every American should ask themselves the following questions:

      1) Is my government engaged in building an empire (how many countries does the US occupy)?
      2) Could my understanding of the world be influenced by propaganda?
      3) Can a handful of mass media sources controlled by global corporations offer true freedom of speech?
      4) Why is the Government so afraid of the Internet?

      (*) See the US Constitution on how the US Government should declare wars.

  • http://gregthetrainer.com Greg burkett

    They do not have any right To monitor our free speech Or to eavesdrop On my personal communications Weatherby business Or whether the personal We need protections However blanket Unauthorized monitoring If the individual Has not previously Came under the radar Does not need to be done Big brother needs to go to bed Big brother Needs to stay out of my life I do just fine without him He has a way Ok making a mountain Out of a molehill On limited And most time unsubstantiated Information The problem with big brother Is once they start They Fernley believe That they are on something And even if they discover They are wrong They will continue to make a case This leave you The individual In a position Of having to spend a lot of money To prove them wrong Big brother go home I do not want you In my house

  • Steve Kinney

    The most disturbing thing about this legislation is that it “legalizes” crimes that are already being committed, like the FISA Amendments Act which was passed to shield AT&T and other carriers from prosecution for their already well entrenched roles in illegal warrantless wiretapping of domestic targets.

    Key words and phrases in this post – “FISA Amendments Act,” “illegal warrantless wiretapping,” etc., add points to my lifetime score and move my Federal dossier just a tiny bit closer to “person of interest” status. Yesterday’s paranoid fantasies are today’s real world. Total Information Awareness is alive and well, so be careful what you say in any communication that passes through electronic media: It may not be radical enough to help raise awareness of this problem.

  • Peter Holmes

    Oh my God! Can not believe this is happening, beginning of the end for the freedom of the internet. The governments do not like the farmed humans being able to communicate ideas freely, that might mean we can think for ourselves and run this shit without there help and economy.

    It is more frustrating for me as I am being effected in England from laws being passed in America. American government thinks they rule the world, and some respects they do, someone or some group needs to stand up to this. We need to develop a secondary untouchable internet out of their hands. The western world is far from free, it is an illusion of freedom, they can now detain you without question, they can find out everything about your personality through Facebook, they control what we watch and we read, they now have control of what information we share with each other, when will it end and when will people decide to stand up to this.
    I vote for revolution! And its my right to say that with Free speech, but someone somewhere probably has the right to imprison me for saying that alone. What about burn it down! What about sort out your policy and perspective on how to treat human life. Ifyour wearing a suit and your work in politics look at yourself.. really look and think am I perpetuating this human farming, am I helping people or helping the institution?
    I just want to find a part of the world that isnt effected by materialism, money, politics and all the bullshit that follows!
    Fuck CISPA, Fuck the American Government, Fuck Politics and Money, Fuck the Economy! Power to the people, love peace unity and repsect. That is all, from your friendly Englishman

    • Spamexterminator

      Nice! Well that puts England on the foreign supporters of a revolution. The Government keeps up the BS they risk uniting the entire world against them including their own people. Maybe one of the Prophecies of 2012 is correct. The one that states a great change followed by a new era of peace and harmony. No more borders, no more Governments waging wars against other Governments over resources but calling it self defense, and a new level of freedom.

    • Jay

      Right on my friend. I agree with everything you say. One of these days the people of the country will start a revolution. I hope they all burn for what they are doing. our government is slowly becoming authoritarian. No freedom of speech. In america, one of their preserved rights is their freedom of speech. America’s government is betraying their own country with this bill, and england is getting some of the shit of it. FUCK AMERICA! FUCK POLITICS!

  • JimF001

    Adding this to the previous anti terrorist laws on the books, makes it nearly impossible to have any real internet privacy. Republicans seem to be either shooting themselves in the foot in an election year or maybe they figure we won’t notice what they’ve been doing to take away basic freedoms, and budgeting away basic human right to decent healthcare.

    So in my mind any smart person will vote and will vote democrat to keep these Retropublicans from creating complete 1984 existence in 2012. Assuming the Senate and President cannot stop this silly law we will need to have the power next year to undue this anti-internet-freedom law.

  • JimF001

    The Retropublicans in Congress would like you to believe they are working for you. They are not; and with few exceptions, are arranging for more power to fall into the hands of the very wealthy. This law along with the Patriot Act would allow a wealthy person who help$ local law enforcement people get into office, be able to gather your emails to see if you need to be hired, fired, or rewired. This is happening now but CISPA will make it an every day practice.

    So either stop the law by asking Senate to block it or get busy making your pile of money so you can afford to block the internet spying on you.

  • http://blogaude.com Brian

    The lethargy towards this bill is probably as a result of the fact that most people live on the premise ‘it won’t happen to me’. I guess we will have to wait until it does to see the outrage. But then it will be too late!

  • Steve Kinney

    Um, guys… This is not a partisan political issue. The Obama Administration never met an illegal surveillance program it didn’t like. Remember, this the President who asserts the “legal right” to secretly detain or even kill U.S. citizens, on his own sole authority and with no Judicial review, any time he asserts that the citizen is “suspected” of terrorist activity. As Howard Zinn used to say, “You can not vote for change.” Boots on the ground, in the form of both technical countermeasures (TOR, i2p, Freenet, GPG) and civil disobedience campaigns (i.e. Adbusters’ “May 2012 Insurrection”) are the only constructive options.

    In anticipation of the “Love it or Leave It” guys – a loyal & patriotic American is obligated to fix this kind of problem. If you find it inconvenient to even see the problem as a problem, or to lift a finger to contribute to a solution, then yes: Leave my country and I don’t care where you go as long as you stay gone.

    • Dr Steve H.

      Steve OUR current President is against this Bill and it is the republican party that voted all in for it so go ahead let your rights be taken away from you . Me i can no longer sit back and watch our constitutional rights be stripped away by the republican party think i am joking look at the votes and see why this bill passed

    • http://www.nucow.com Lance

      Yes it is “partisanship” the republican party came up with the patriot act and in the House, the republican vote is what passed this bullshit. Tired of this Bullshit lie they call democracy? Ignore the radio comments (page serves two purposes)and see a new simple idea that would give us a true democracy. This is not an advertisement. Visit http://www.nucow.com/JYC.htm

  • http://evrn.net/ Howard Crane




  • Russ Palumbo

    The concern about CISPA voiced in your article has validity. In order for the general public to raise their collective voices so that the House and Senate would listen is next to impossible. Why? Yes, there is a percentage of Americans who are staying on top of issues like this and attempting to do something about it but I believe to have a real impact it would take more than just that concerned group doing something. I believe Americans in general want their cake and eat it to. They become outraged at the thought of their privacy being invaded but when push comes to shove requiring them to act on their on behalf, well….that’s where apathy rears it’s ugly head. Most Americans today are more worried about their jobs, families and putting a roof over their heads than they are about some political bill that may or may not get passed. I am not sure we Americans have it in us to raise a collective voice like the Egyptians did with Gaddafi, unless we have finally reached a point where we can’t take it anymore and we rise up against our own government. I personally don’t think that will ever happen. So, what’s the answer to our current dilemma? I am not sure there is any one correct answer. Which leads us full circle. What do we do about CISPA?

  • Yarro

    Does this give cause for concern? Why should it? If you’re not breaking the law then you’ve nothing to worry about.

    If my actions get a glance from the authorities “just having a peek” from time to time, then so be it. I know I have nothing to hide, therefor, nothing to fear.

    If such a bill would protect my children from online predators, our Visas from fraudsters and our communities from terrorists then whats the problem?

    The populace need to begin to understand that they, and quite rightly so, don’t have a right to be “free to choose”. Complain as you may but when push comes to shove, the government will shut you down for whatever it deems to require action on their behalf.

    This is, and how it should be. You’re alive and well with decent lives. Accept that you have no say other than a mere vote here and there and spend your energy enjoying what you do have and like it.

    • Spamexterminator

      “The populace need to begin to understand that they, and quite rightly so, don’t have a right to be “free to choose” This is, and how it should be. Accept that you have no say”You must work for the Government to believe that the people “and quite rightly so” don’t deserve freedom of choice or speech. GET THE FACK OUT OF THIS COUNTRY YOU EFFIN COMMUNIST!!!!!!!!

  • http:://www.attentionshifting.com Michael J. Emery – Personal Development, NLP, and Hypnosis Coaching

    Rarely are we seeing any legislation that is not in favor of multinational corporations and the ever-expanding government. I agree with Steve, this isn’t a bipartisan issue – this has everything to do with freedom and autonomy. This includes where you choose to obtain information and products that are valuable and relevant to you. If we aren’t careful, there will only be a handful of big box stores like Best Buy and Walmart, and online there will be Amazon and iTunes and a few government-ordained media outlets for “news”. True free market capitalism (not what we have today with government subsidized businesses and corporate lobbying) is fueled by innovation, technology, and adding value to customers. In the past decade, there has been every effort possible to stifle competition and create monopolies within almost every sector of business. Right now for our generation, the Internet is the level playing field where a person or small business can actually compete by adding value. Let’s keep it this way and keep government intervention at a minimum.

  • Dr Steve H.

    The Fourth Amendment applies to governmental searches and seizures, but not those done by private citizens or organizations who are not acting on behalf of a government

    Now you see that the republicans are trying to jam this down our throats so what they can do is come after you threw a 3rd party well make it look that way.

    bottom line is internet security is a tough thing however has anyone noticed that businessmen and company’s and even people at home take and secure their own things we don’t need them to secure anything its just a bill so they can violate our privacy once more and you can blames the Republicans .. it has nothing to do with Irans ability to shut down the internet that’s what they want to do they want to be able to shut down your internet at any given time this violates all of your privacy’s ..

  • Eric Landmann

    Does this give cause for concern? Why should it? If you’re not breaking the law then you’ve nothing to worry about.”
    Wow. Government abuses of private information have been well-documented. Ever heard of Cointelpro, for just one? Unfortunately I feel fighting this is a losing battle as the citizens are sheep and won’t stand up for their rights and many are primarily concerned (rightfully so) with just getting through life.

    The Military Industrial Complex knows this and has their legislative lapdogs do their work, where they are assured to get a cushy job when they are out office. This is also a much-documented phenomena. Hard to feel at all optimistic about the future.

  • Doug

    The same people we voted in to protect us are Killing us. People better wake up It almost to late.

    • http://www.bnoticed.com Gregg

      You are correct Doug! We the people voted for the people who are making decisions for us all. Why do we keep voting the same people back in election after election. It’s time for change now and to really look at the person and what they have done in office before voting. Are they there for the people or themselves?

      • Spamexterminator

        That give me an effin awesome Idea. Maybe their should be a vote Protest by refusing to vote for any of the candidates. Instead of voting for the 3 or 4 candidates that they give have a get together in your state and pick a name out of a hat and vote for that person instead. and vote on people who have never been in the Governments pocket(Already A political Figure)After all it definitely can’t be worse than the original choices and it may just prevent those scum from getting in. The Government might actually be by the people for the people once again.

  • Jordan Kratz

    I for one am totally fed up with my Government.Yes you can look all you want at who voted it in and you do find a lot of GOP said Yes but don’t brush over the fact a bunch of Democrats also Voted yes.
    This is a Game to these people and we are nothing but Pawns.It angers me to see a bunch of Non-Tech Using Officials making up Tech Rules and not inviting Tech People to even sit at their Precious Government Sessions.
    This violates our Constitution and it should be looked at that way but these asses made sure to state that a 3RD Non-Gov Party is Collecting info and we can get it from there anyway.I want to see this Government fall at this point.Over 3 Decades of watching the garbage spew out over and over.
    We are all doomed.Most Voters are nothing but mindless consumers who will all Vote blindly down two party lines and nothing else.

  • http://areesportal.com Aree Wongwanlee

    Let’s not give up. We just can’t roll over and die. The internet is an integral part of our lives. If we don’t fight for our right to a free internet, there will soon be nothing to fight for.

    So, who’s organizing the fight this time?

  • Robert Bushnell

    I have already signed several petitions opposing CISPA. This threat is not new news. What I expect now is the naming of names and party affiliation for those in Congress that are acting as a threat toward the citizens of the United States. I strongly suspect the Republicans are pushing this forward. They and the Tea Party club are the only ones in DC (and state government) who want to return to slavery only this time slavery of the entire citizenry.

  • http://www.truecarpentry.org Daniel Parr

    Because of so many theft scheems on the internet by large corporations such as google, microsoft, eaby, pay pal, and many others, i myself, am not surprised at any of the theives, for even the fcc, and the base of the United States Goverment, are very big theives today. They have stolen the peoples monies at the pump, and across the internet, and they proclaim that they are honest, when most policys and rules you do see on the internet, are two faced and hippocrite rules, that have not one ounce of trust built into them. The computer is a machine meant for communication, and so is the radio, but they do not proclaim such things as this on radio, for if they did, no one would listen. As far as to fix the non trust problem, that only starts with the people, who do the writing on the internet. Trust only happens, when a person is inside the trueCatholic Church, for anyone that is outside of obedience to those ten commandments, is very much so, not trustworthy. So just because the internet exists, gives no one the right to wi gi board the public. Which is what pagans do. So in the case of these stupid laws that they want to make, It is against Freedom of Speech, but then again, so is the SPAM law, which all large corporations especially them, abuse it, for they are, the largest spamers on the planet, yet, what has the goverment done, to stop them? Today, the United States Goverment is a Communist Gov, that has no intention of doing anything by the true US Constitution laws, for if they did, they would stop beating on small business with such laws that are against freedom of speech, such as even spam, as that is the largest law the freemason fcc ever did make against the US constitution, but then again, the fcc has and does break their own laws, such as, the cell phone 911 deal, of analoge, that they broke it themselves, the hippocrites, for they denied 911 calls to be made from analog type cell phones. So a law such as this one that they are trying to shuv down our throats, never will surprise us here, at trueCarpentry. For in the truth, NONE of them, obey the true Carpenter of this world. For if they did, they would of started by obeying their own Constitution. Which still today, the fcc breaks it by its own bogus new laws that they have created, which in the true fact of this life, only stands up for the large corporation, and to delete small business altogether. They are in fact, 666 pushers. Who are in fact, in large disobediences, to the true United States Constitution. Which also says, they do not obey the ten commandements.

  • Lee

    The biggest issue is no matter who we vote for, we are screwed. ALL politicians are in office to receive tax-payer money to fund their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th homes, yachts, 3-month long vacations, free medical and dental benefits, retirement plans, etc. They don’t give a damn about you, me or anybody else except themselves. They’ll pull up in their limos and tell you (who are living off a $35k/yr. salary) to donate your money to this and that cause, while they’re pulling in five and six-figure incomes and not donating a damn dime. We the people are their MAIN source of income, so they always want to know as much as possible about our every move. CISPA will aid them in their quest to achieve that goal. The U.S. Government used the 9/11 incident as an excuse to start capturing as much (beforehand illegal/unconstitutional) info on everyone in the U.S. as possible. From then on, the government has used the word “SECURITY” to gain access to any info that they normally do not have the right to obtain without a search warrant. Our government has become what the KGB used to be. Sad, isn”t it? Time for another revolution?

    Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither. Benjamin Franklin.

    • Spamexterminator

      Glad I’m not the only who feel this way. I don’t know how the KGB used to be, but your absolutely right about the rest. The problem is the Government believes that the “sheep” are no threat to their superior forces and firepower. But we the people make their superior weapons and the ammo they load it with. I know this because there is a munitions factory that’s less than 50 Miles away was hiring recently. After all when is the last time any one of those Government Officials did any kind of Manual Labor. They sit in their posh offices eating $500 a plate meals while telling their “sheep” that they need to work harder. While the slaves oops I mean “sheep” break their backs and barely make it from paycheck to paycheck. And I’m also betting a minimum of 33% of the U.S. Forces would side with the revolutionaries since they didn’t sign on to slaughter civilians let alone their own families.

  • http://www.truecarpentry.org Daniel Parr

    The one thing that there really is; Is Christ. Funny, they did not look up lately, the hippocrites. Nor do they believe me, that yes, God never lied. He said, it was there, in the sky, and it is. His true Cross. So, no matter who says what or does what, they will all, including you and me, be subject to Him, at the end of this life. It says so, in the sky! And it is very loud and clear. If you don’t believe me, go to the truecarpentry website, and look under the Biography link. Pay very close attention, or you will miss it.

    • Spamexterminator

      Go troll for “GOD” somewhere else, the whole reason that our country is in the state it is in is because they mixed religion with politics. Religion has no place in politics and mixing them will always lead back to where we are today..

  • http://www.evsroll.com EVsRoll

    Kill the Bill

  • Spamexterminator

    I am absolutely fed up with these Bum Pokers(I would cuss but then my comment would probably be deleted) in office Hell Bent of taking away all our god given freedoms. It is TIME to remove them from office, if a criminal got 3 strikes he would never see light of day again but these Bum Pokers have directly attacked our freedom on so many levels and so many times that I don’t know if you can even put a number on it. It is time for the “sheep” to vote these pricks out of office better yet kick them out of the country, they want to take away all our freedoms see how they like living without theirs. I think the “sheep” have forgotten that the Government is FOR the people and BY the people. When was the last time you voted on any of these laws that have passed, that take away your freedoms? How many of these laws have passed before you ever even heard of them? How many of your freedoms are you willing to loose before you decide to do something? How many freedoms do you have left? Freedom of speech you say. I don’t know they may come and interrogate me because of what I wrote here, and try and force me or WebProNews to delete it or worse. The Entire government needs a complete overhaul, need to have a Government that is BY the People and FOR the People again. We need to get the bill of rights back on track and maybe add rights to it that couldn’t of been foreseen back then, like the right to drive. Once a government starts taking away your freedoms they will not stop until they have them all, you all might want to start practicing you HAIL PRESIDENT Speeches.

  • http://None Bobie

    Soon each one of US will have a number.
    and anyone punching in that # will know about US more then we know.
    But not the terror people. They will have a fake #.
    Like Home land Security.
    anyone that thinks that a terrorist can not come to the USA because of the Terror HLS is terrorizing us? at the airport (TSA…)
    well think again.

    Stalin (the one that turned The east block to Kommunizma) new Technology !

    WE need NEW people in the 3 houses

    • Spamexterminator

      If you only kicked out 3 of the houses the remainder would slowly influence and guide it back to the way it is now. So actually every single one of them must go or it will just rear it’s ugly head later on down the road.

  • http://websedu.com/ Website Education

    Thank’s For Share.. :)

  • Michael G.

    CISPA is a continuing attack on the Constitution and our Fundamental Freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and the latter document. Look at the removal of Habeas Corpus, Posse Comitatus, and the birth of Free Speech Zones, phone taps and many other infringements. These changes make us less free and subject to whims and not to the Rule of Law, applied equally to all of us. We need more Progressives in office now, and to put a stop, once again to the Robber Barons taking over our Country by buying everyone in office, think ALEC, Norquist, Progress for America and don’t forget Citizens United, unlimited money by those with the most money, we are the 99%, vote and vote Progressive and not regressive.

  • http://www.captaincyberzone.com Cap’n Cyberzone

    Pay Attention People!
    0bama just signed an unpublicized “Executive Order” BANNING protests against HIM in his presence. It gives the amoral Secret Service the power to arrest and detain ANYONE “considered” protesting his Communist butt … oops … someone’s knocking …
    Chip, Chip, CISPA.

  • http://thegreat4thofjulypitchforkparade.blogspot.com/ Bronk

    Congress is long removed from listening to the people’s wishes because most of them are as complicit with the purposeful destruction of our nation and our freedom as is the imposter sitting in the White House.

    When America finally realizes that it is the “Gangster Bankers” or “Banksters” that has been at work destroying the US economy in order to implement the “New World Order and the New World Banking System”, then maybe, providing that it isn’t too late, we can stop the internationals from taking over our country.


    • Shadow

      Dude, we’ve got a lot more to fear from our own government than anything overseas.

  • http://www.susitiofacil.net juan

    No estoy de acuerdo, creo en la libertad en todas sus formas.

    I disagree, I believe in freedom in all its forms

  • Paul Johnson

    This comment has been removed via CISPA takedown order.

    • Shadow

      This reply has also been removed.

  • http://www.poetryrepairs.com John Horvath

    CISPA and SOPA are both attacks on freedom of speech, one of our ‘inalienable’ rights. The idals for Americans are also for the world. How we watch the internet others will follow. Alrady, corporations have changed the look and feel of the internet. We cannot go back.

    But, since most internet goes over telephone lines, I would think eaves dropping and wire tap laws would cover the problem.

    Will reporters fear that what they report might get them blacklisted by the government. They should. Anyone will be open to the kind of scrutiny and government response such as FOX news received from the Obama administration.

    In ’08 I published a poem which suggested the TV style, ‘good looking’ candidate was not always the best man. The poem named from Kenedy to Obama. The ISP I then have, closed my accounts for three months. It is wrong but the internet was policing itself both in shutting down poetryrepairs.com and in allowing us back online.

    Look, the internet works; courts will allow eaves dropping and wire taps on a case by case basis; they can do same with internet sites.
    Let’s not change what works.

  • http://www.heronbilliards.com.au Michael Heron

    I thought communist countries would be the ones to limit our freedoms, instead its the United States Government, who I always thought would be the bastion of our freedoms, no matter where we live. There is a increasing number of badly made laws being pushed through, or are they a deliberate attempt to enslave the masses. Imagine if we complain about an unfair law, this could now be construed as cyber terrorism. I hope you can wake people up, before its too late.

    • Spamexterminator

      I am absolutely fed up with these Bum Pokers in office, Hell Bent of taking away all our freedoms. It is TIME to remove them from office, if a criminal got 3 strikes he would never see light of day again but these Bum Pokers have directly attacked our freedom on so many levels and so many times that I don’t know if you can even put a number on it. It is time for the “sheep”(their word) to vote these pricks out of office, better yet kick them out of the country. They want to take away all our freedoms see how they like living without theirs. I think the “sheep” have forgotten that the Government is FOR the people and BY the people. When was the last time you voted on any of these laws that take away your freedoms, that have passed? How many of these laws have passed before you ever even heard of them? How many of your freedoms are you willing to loose before you decide to do something? How many freedoms do you have left? Freedom of speech you say. I don’t know they may come and interrogate me because of what I wrote here, and try and force me or WebProNews to delete it or worse. The ENTIRE Government needs a complete overhaul, need to have a Government that is BY the People and FOR the People once again. We need to get the bill of rights back on track and maybe add rights to it that couldn’t of been foreseen back then, like the right to drive. Once a government starts taking away your freedoms they will not stop until they have them all, you all might want to start practicing you HAIL PRESIDENT Speeches.

  • http://www.cleverenglish.comze.com Gerardo Javier Gálvez Arellano

    I think this is an issue that should be dealt with by experts in legal matters and people that understand profoundly of ethics and moral. If one person is harming somebody it should be punished inside the Internet and outside the Internet, within the legal system and outside the legal system. For a person not very closely related with legal matters and not a profound philosopher like many of us, even when we may have expertise in a couple of areas, the idea of interference in an individual’s privacy inside or outside of Internet is sheer madness. We had better let these matters into very professional people that can guide us about what is the best course of action. At these times of trouble probably the legislators are not the best people to follow. I do not know for sure. I would like to hear what the best people in the world has to say about this.

  • http://childrenscastle.net Brenda

    NO, the US Government is not capable of doing anything correctly and fairly.

  • http://www.onlinetv.us Randy Penn

    CISPA is nothing more than a bill to give immunity from prosecution to providers on the Internet. Google and Yahoo being the two largest offenders of free speech are no longer seen protesting this bill as they had in those about copyright, and are actually promoting it. So your observation “The complete lack of outrage on various social media sites” has its root in this fact, as Google will fund the protest cutting its core business, copyright infringement. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Youtube were all promoting and supporting the movements to stop the bills on copyright, because they are the biggest offenders, but when it comes to what they do ALREADY for government in sharing data they want legal protection.

    All the information is legally attainable if government goes to a court and proves they need such access. Since Google hands it over without courts already with direct fiber to government agencies it needs this bill so that privacy prosecution of their corporations are stopped.

    As to freedom? How long has that been dead? Like free nights and weekends for $4.95 the word free has been diluted to include highly restrictive governments under its guise. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Free is free, once you have many restrictions you are in a restrictive society and not a free one. If you really think you are free ask yourself, how many restrictions can be put on you before you understand you are not free?

  • http://www.earthboundlife.com Javk Vorster

    This goes far deeper than a supposed protective law. It is the forerunner of something far bigger. In a nutshell, we will be known by our views, which will determine our fate with the authorities.
    Perhaps the situation is best summed up in the summary passages of two of my eBooks, which are as follows:
    1. The world is one big prison where everyone is enjoying the freedom of a fake parole, with no-one knowing that they are really on death row awaiting summary execution.
    2. The world is swirling in a soup of darkness within which human activity is taking place oblivious to the perils that make up the ingredients.

  • Watching the Wheels

    Personally, the only entities within cyberland who seem to have ANY levels of privacy are the nerds that code and own the various sites.

    Cyberland NEEDS to be reined in. HAD the “Geek Squad” conducted themselves with any level of real transparancy, and accountability and respect that they all seem so fond of quoting, as they attempt to manipulate the masses into fighting their battles for them, …

    NONE of this would be a concern now.

    SOPA? And now this?

    You did it to yourselves.

  • http://fischertranscripts.com fischertranscripts

    Thank for bringing this issue about this bill destroying
    internet safety to my attention.
    However, I think this is the natural tendency in history:
    as a society gets worse,
    the ability to combat it with logic and discussion
    (such as “hate” on the internet) is blocked by that society,
    and so wars are required,
    however nicer a feeling it may be to deny that,
    since government weapons have gotten so devastating,
    the sacrifice will thus need to be large.

  • Chuck

    The picture accompanying this article about says it all. Ever since 9/11 the enemies of this Country have been successful at tearing it apart, a piece at a time (with the full consent of an apathetic public). As good ol’ Ben Franklin said in 1775, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

  • Richard O

    Chip, chip, chip, soon we’ll be a 3rd world country. As a vet, it sickens me. This is not what I swore to defend.

  • John Westberg

    The frog in the pot syndrome. Explanations of legislation by politicians, as Pelosi put it, we need to pass this thing to see how it is going to work (obombacare). Write your senator, now.

  • http://cass-hacks.com Craig

    Some people are afraid of the dark. Why? Because they don’t know what’s out there. More so, they watch movies of fiction about what could be out there.

    In this case though, it is more a matter of the blind, Chris Richardson and WebProNews, leading the blind on a merry chase down the rabbit hole.

    The same can be said in this case, people are getting all upset because they don’t actually know what it is they are afraid of.

    How many have actually read the proposed legislation? ANYONE??? How about you Chris Richardson? If you did, you wouldn’t have published such a pile of misinformed and misleading crap evidently intended to feed a frenzy of blind paranoia.

    Case in point, the amendments which supposedly “makes the bill a bigger threat” specifically includes the following text:
    1). “Would strike the exemption from criminal liability,”

    That means that a person who uses cyber-security information is NOT exempt from the law.

    2). “Would make clear that regulatory information already required to be
    provided remains FOIAable under current law.”

    That means that the Freedom of Infomation Act will apply.

    3). “Would limit government use of shared cyber threat information to only 5
    purposes: 1) cybersecurity; 2) investigation and prosecution of
    cybersecurity crimes; 3) protection of individuals from the danger of
    death or physical injury; 4) protection of minors from physical or
    psychological harm; and 5) protection of the national security of the
    United States.”

    That means that information collected can only be legally used for those purposes.

    4). “Would prohibit the federal government from using, inter alia, library records, firearms sales records, and tax returns that it receives from private
    entities under CISPA.”

    That means they can’t just use any and all information they get for unrelated purposes.

    5). “Would provide clear authority to the government to create reasonable procedures to protect privacy and civil liberties, consistent with the need of the government to protect federal systems and cybersecurity. Would also prohibit the federal government from retaining or using information shared pursuant to paragraph (b)(1) for anything other than a use permitted under paragraph”

    People’s response here seems to suggest you do NOT want their privacy and/or civil liberties protected. Right?

    6). “Would add a requirement to include a list of all federal agencies receiving information shared with the government in the report by the Inspector General ofthe Intelligence Community required under the legislation.” Anyone heard of ‘transparency”? You people do NOT want that?

    7). “Would clarify that nothing in the bill would alter existing authorities or provide new authority to any federal agency, including DOD, NSA, DHS or the Intelligence Community to install, employ, or otherwise use cybersecurity systems on private sector networks.”

    Here we see that people claiming it would increase government or give them new authority are out to lunch. Maybe they too haven’t read what they are foaming at the mouth over.

    8). “Would narrow definitions in the bill regarding what information may be identified, obtained, and shared.”

    So, opponents of the bill would prefer that the government be able to have access to everything for whatever reason?

    Thank you Chris Richardson, I mean Chicken Little for this very (un)informative, misinformed and sensationalizing piece of (crap) reporting. Cyber criminals can sleep safe and sound at night knowing they have a friend in you.

  • Gary Wagners

    Over the last several yrs They are voting away the peoples civil rights and tearing up the constitution.

    An election is coming up…..

  • http://bongotronics.com Corky Swanson

    Freedom seems too important to leave to politicians to decide.

  • Rwolf

    Is CISPA A Government Trojan Horse?

    U.S. Government Can Use CISPA To Control and Forfeit Corporations & Businesses.
    CISPA: The Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act if passed by Congress would allow U.S. Spy and other government agencies to share confidential Internet and other information with Government Certified Self Protected Cyber Entities, Certified Cyber Entity Employees and Elements in both government and private sectors to help protect them—against Cyber threats.

    However—CISPA would also allow Government agencies, police and government quasi/contractors (WITHOUT WARRANTS) OR LIABILITY to take out of context—any innocent hastily written email, fax or other Internet activity to allege a crime or violation was committed to cause a person’s arrest, assess fines or civilly forfeit a business or person’s property. U.S. There are more than 350 laws and violations that can subject property to government asset forfeiture. Government civil asset forfeiture requires only a civil preponderance of evidence for police to forfeit property, little more than hearsay. No one need be charged with a crime. Corrupt Police can even create the hearsay. Government can use CISPA to (certify any Self Protected Cyber Entity or their employee—to spy on their employers and clients: (CIVIL Asset Forfeiture Incentive). U.S. Government is not prohibited from paying any Government Certified Cyber Self Protected Entity or Employee; or Element part of government forfeited assets or other compensation that result from the aforementioned providing U.S. Government a corporation’s or clients’ private/confidential information—that (now) require a warrant or court order. Federal. Government currently contracts on a fee/commission-sharing basis with Self Protected Cyber Entities, Elements and Contractors that have security clearances to participate in facilitating arrests and Government asset forfeitures. It is expected U.S. Government, police and private contractors’—Civil Asset Forfeiture of Americans’ property will greatly escalate if CISPA is passed allowing Government certified private cyber entities and their employees—No Warrant Searches of persons’ and Businesses’ confidential Internet Information—that can be handed over to the government e.g. private emails, faxes, phone and transmitted files for investigation, prosecution and asset forfeiture—circumventing the Fourth Amendment.

    Since CISPA, two additional cyber-security bills have been created in the Senate called, “The Cyber Security Act of 2012” and “SECURE IT Act”. Both bills appear unconstitutional; appear designed to circumvent the Fourth Amendment and public Freedom of Information Requests. The Cyber Security Act of 2012 formally known as S. 2105 was created by Senate Democrats, Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins. Similar to CISPA, the Cyber security Act of 2012 would abolish legal walls that stop Federal government and private companies sharing information.

    The SECURE IT ACT: S. 2151 was introduced by Senate Republicans on March 1st 2012: would (require) federal contractors to alert government about any cyber threats, forcing such communications between government regulators and corporations. The SECURE IT Act authorizes sharing of persons’ private Internet information (without a warrant) going beyond what is necessary to report a believed cyber threat. SECURE It Act fails to create a regulatory system at the Federal level to oversee cyber-security threats opening the door for persons’ and businesses’ confidential information to be misused and misappropriated by government agencies and private sector government certified cyber entities.

    Under CISPA: Government should be prohibited from using so-call (Certified Self Protected Cyber Entities, their Employees) and Elements to circumvent the Fourth Amendment; escape Public Freedom of Information Requests. CORRUPTED: Government Certified Self Protected Cyber Entities and Employees, U.S. Government Agencies, Contractors and Police too easily may use someone’s confidential Internet Information, e.g. transmitted files and private emails collected (without warrants) to extort Americans, corporations, politicians; for compensation, target a businesses’ competitor; or sell private information gleaned from warrant-less Internet Surveillance.

    If CISPA is passed allowing NO Warrant private self protected cyber entity spying, some Internet writers and political activists might be dead-meat under NDAA. Americans” who write on the Internet or verbally express an opinion against any entity of U.S. Government or its coalition partners—may under The Defense Authorization Act of 2012—be deemed by U.S. Government (someone likely to engage in, support or provoke violent acts or threaten National Security)— or (Belligerent) to order an American writer or activist’s indefinite prison detention.