Teen Tweets about Stalker Days Before Her Suspected Murder

    August 28, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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It’s possible that a series of tweets could play a role in solving a brutal homicide in Gainesville, Georgia.

16-year-old Hannah Truelove was found dead last Friday (August 24th) in the woods next to her apartment. She had only been missing for a day. Police have yet to release autopsy results, but they are willing to say that her injuries “were indicative that she died from a violent death,” and that it points to homicide.

Truelove sent her last tweet on August 23rd, just a day before she was found dead. But it is a series of tweets made in the days leading up to her death that have piqued the interest of investigators.

This tweet, made on August 12th and mentioning a stalker, is now part of the investigation:

“We think at this point it’s not a random crime. We think that this was a crime that involved persons who knew each other. We have no indication it was random,” Maj. Woodrow Tripp of the Hall County Sheriff’s Office told WSBTV.

“We have to determine what she meant by stalker,” another officer told ABC News. “A stalker to a 16-year-old might not be a stalker to what may be Georgia code official. We’re trying to determine what she meant by that.”

Other tweets made just days prior to her death may also be relevant…

But of course, these tweets may only sound relevant in the context of her death. Police say they are definitely looking into the possible stalker, however. Friends and random people affected by the apparent tragedy have taken to using the hashtag #heartsforhannah.

  • Mark Silver

    This should send an alarm to all Americans. We can’t go about daily business when one of young women has been so brutally murdered. We should hold an on-line and in person (per township) public meting and vigil. There should be social and legislative change. I am more concerned how easy our culture could dismiss her life as newsprint.

    • Emmet

      Mark, I get ya, this is a terrible tragedy. But at the same time, you have to remember that dozens of kids die every day in rough neighborhoods in our nation’s cities through random shootings, muggings, and assault, and even less of a note is taken of their deaths. I agree that something should be done about the killings of kids, but this is a fairly isolated incident, unlike the plague of violence sweeping the nation’s urban areas.

      • sarah

        wow mark. there are people murdered every day. why should every town sit down and talk just because one teenage female is murdered? if she was scared about something she should’ve called the police. i have been stalked and i’ve called the police. i’ve been attacked and called the police. it didnt’ really do much good for me, but eventually the police were able to help. It is sad that she died and I know people may be missing her, but there are people murdered all the time and most people continue their lives go to work and do their own thing. where were you when those other people died?

  • http://www.maatwerk-isolatie.nl jaap

    it;s a shame things like this still happen

  • mindy

    She lived in a gated community … And it is a very good city! So this is very rare around here…