Tebowing Prank Results In Suspensions At A New York High School

Suspensions are a little harsh, but seriously - get out of the way

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Tebowing Prank Results In Suspensions At A New York High School
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Everyone’s familiar with Tebowing, right? It’s kind of like planking, or owling, except a lot more ridiculous. Inspired by Denver Bronco quarterback and controversial sports figure Tim Tebow, Tebowing is described as “getting down on a knee and praying, even if everyone else around you in doing something completely different.

The Tebowing pose was taken from a impromptu celebration that Tebow made after a dramatic comeback win. You’ll see the pose at about the 4 second mark. The exercise, an obvious demonstration of prayer by the outspoken Christian athlete, has become a pop culture phenomenon, largely in part to the Tumblr blog the first celebrated the motion.

Now, it looks like we’ve had our first real Tebowing controversy as four New York teens have been suspended for striking the now-famous pose in the middle of their high school hallway.

The four students (all male, three of which are football players themselves) were suspended for one day after they orchestrated a Tebowing event that involved upwards of 40 other students.

While some people are quick to jump to the conclusion that this was an anti-Tebow or more generally anti-Christian move by the school, the Principal told ABC News that it was all about safety:

“They knelt down in the hallway in between periods and made it impossible to pass,” said Principal David Wicks. “They were causing a situation that could have been unsafe. God forbid there was an accident or a fire alarm. These students had been given prior warning about similar incidents. This was not anti-Tebow, or anti-Christian.”

Check it out for yourself. This smartphone video shows the incident in question –

Tim Tebow is most a controversial sports figure, to put it bluntly, because he’s very vocal about his religion. The former Heisman winner thrust religion in sports into the spotlight through various actions – Bible verse eye black, that anti-abortion ad that ran during the superbowl, etc. The “controversy” of Tim Tebow is only made more intense by the fact that there is an ongoing debate about his actual skill and ability to play football in the NFL. When you couple that with the religion stuff, it becomes irresistible to salivating execs at ESPN.

So Tim Tebow is a highly-discussed public figure these days – and it’s partway because of his outspoken Christianity. Do you think that these suspensions had anything to do with that? Or do you think that a bunch of young kids were just blocking up the halls during a class change and the administration went a little heavy handed with the punishment? Let us know what you think in the comments.

[Lead Image “Tebowarhol, from Tebowing.com]

Tebowing Prank Results In Suspensions At A New York High School
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  • mike

    Is there a smiley for throwing up?

  • http://www.PlacesToEatOkay.com Steve G

    I’m all for freedom of expression, but when it impedes upon the safety and rights of the public that’s not acceptable. What the kids in the video were doing was noble, but they were blocking traffic. I think these kids are smart enough for the schools not to have “freedom of expression” zones specifically created so students are aware of where their actions will not cause harm or block others from passing through.

  • Korky

    Did he read his own holy book? It specifically talks about public prayer.

    Christians need to realize that they can’t do stupid shit in the name of Jesus and start yelling about persecution when sane people react.

  • lary hassell

    Two kids are suspended “they blocked the hallway”….but there were 40 kids involved…..This smells….but the person who sanctioned the suspension will never admit their real reason…they never do…mabe they need a different religion…..STEINHOUSER

  • Josh

    Some people say suspensions were harsh. I think this goes beyond the act itself. The students were warned ahead of time not to do this. They did it anyway. Insubordination…. punishment… case closed.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Tattoo.Gypsy Tattoo Gypsy

    Funny I don’t recall all the liberals making such a fuss about how ‘unsafe’ it was when Muslim’s were blocking entire city streets to pray. Instead it was more along the line of leave them alone, they have a right to, bla, bla, bla. Either it is good enough for everyone, or no one, period.

  • http://www.politicalchristian.org/wordpress Larry Miller

    The principal’s explanation revealed the truth in the old concept that there are always two reasons for most everything. The one spoken and the real one. Individually, his explanation seems plausible on the surface, but taken in the context of public education’s hostility to every religion except Islam, it acquires an entirely different meaning.

  • Rick Carter

    I nor anyone can speak to what was on the heart of those kids. An increasing anti Christian attitude has been growing even before my wife passed 16 years ago. I have to agree with one of the comments that nothing is done with Muslims publicly praying nor should there be. It is made out to be profiling or racist or some other label so we can’t say anything but Christians and Republicans and John Kennedy being ordered around by the POPE 50 yrs ago? Catholics and Christians cramp our lifestyles – Wait til you see what the Muslim Faith cramps too! Oh they have the exact same God! … As far as the Tebow creating a problem I can’t believe if the fire bell went off it would interfere – overreaction by officials? I can’t speak to their heart either! I know that God would never allow or His son Jesus or the Holy Spirit would allow anything to hurt anyone glorifying God. I am a 100% positive on that!

    I have never been for bashing anything … not that I agree with many things but I always have learned and been willing to protect … At 62 I am still as gullible as I was at 6 and finally starting to be proud of it! Always start with the benefit of the doubt … Who know when you’ll need it?

  • http://DesignWise.net DesignWise

    Face it… schools are prisons and we cannot have the inmates laughing and enjoying themselves.

  • Freedom

    Political correctness and nanny speak gone wild. The idea that the kids presented a “safety hazard” is laughable. If they were warned about disrupting the hallway before and were disciplined for it, so be it, it’s high school, but don’t insult our intelligence by pretending it’s about some sort of fire drill hazard. Agreed – if Muslims wished to pray in the hallway the school would have shut down for the day. Tebow has to some extent invited public reaction to his religious beliefs, certainly, but he’s smart to more or less stay out of it. All said I think Tebow is a good man and a good example.

  • http://www.kennychronicles.com Garrett Williams

    So basically, they blocked the hallway for 40 seconds between classes and they were warned beforehand not to do that. Time between classes is short, and 40 seconds is a lot of time to lose in-transit. I’d recommend detention, although having prior warning does allow for a higher punishment if the punishment was mentioned in the warning.
    The fire alarm statement was pointless, since I’m sure they would have moved in that case. My concern is with people with not enough time to get to their class, especially if they needed to stop by the restroom.
    If they did that in a visible place that didn’t block the path during a normally hectic time, I think they would have been okay.

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