Target Discount Bullseye or Miss?

By: Toni Matthews-El - December 22, 2013

Retailer Target is definitely looking as red-faced as its logo following a massive security breach affecting potentially tens of millions of customers. The handling of the matter has been less than stellar. The initial message to consumers regarding what happened was both inadequate in explanation and down right condescending in tone. After major backlash over the event and the company’s inability to be reached on the matter, Target is doing what it can in terms of damage control. The company announced a ten percent discount for all shoppers in hopes of getting back into the good graces of shoppers and encouraging customers to return to their stores following the breach.

Many Target customers have expressed a great deal of anger at the security breach happening and frustration at being unable to talk to anyone at the company. Target has tried to communicate via its Facebook page that it is aware of customer concern and anger:

“We’re in this together,” says company CEO Gregg Steinhafel in a video at the company’s website. “In that spirit, we are extending a 10 percent discount, the same amount our team members receive, to guests who shop in US stores on December 21 and 22.”

JP Morgan Chase isn’t taking any chances, limiting daily credit card spending on customers who shopped at Target. This step is meant to keep accounts secure until at-risk customers can be sent new cards. They may have to move fast as ABC News reports that the stolen numbers are being sold on the black market as fake credit cards. Unfortunately with the last days of shopping prior to Christmas upon us, it means that some last minute shoppers will be reaching for gift cards instead of pricier presents.

Whether or not the discount will be a hit or miss is unknown. Perhaps a bigger discount in the wake of events may have encouraged nervous customers to return to the stores. It could be that customers may feel moved to spend money on discounts elsewhere on future Black Fridays–and every day in between.

Image via Target Facebook Page

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  • customer

    so I am limited by my bank now on how much I can use my card everyday but everybody gets a discount sounds stupid to me thanks target for messing up my holiday shopping it will be remembered

  • Edward

    We shopped at Target yesterday the 21st and this morning the 22nd. Target Dumfries VA did not offer the 10% “me aculpa” discount as advertised by their very own CEO!

  • Tom

    Target just doesn’t get it. A transaction between a customer and Target is not a public “event”. It’s a private exchange between an individual and Target. Target breached that privacy and that confidence, perhaps via an outside attack that succeeded because of Target’s lack of security, but it was still Target’s responsibility. Now Target offers to sell some items, to affected customers, at a slightly less-than-normal rate of profit for Target? No thank you Target.

  • Lisa

    Its not that hard. I called my bank and reported my card lost. They closed and reissued me a new number and card. Problem solved. Those who have Chase cards that are being limited, its debit only, not credit cards, so go to the bank and take the money out to shop, like in old days. This could happen anywhere, its the chance you take using a card to pay. I went to Target yesterday and the lines were similar to black Friday, so I don’t think most people are too upset.

    • Shannon

      That’s what I thought, it may be a pain in the butt when you are use to just popping out your card, but all you have to do is draw the money you will need out of the bank and pay cash. In fact with all these threats of people copying the strip on your card with their cell phones, we are probably better off using cash. Just keep track of your purse/wallet so the cash isn’t stolen.

  • Joyce

    Band-aid on a gaping wound!

  • Matt

    Target could care less about the customers (guests). I used to work there, Target’s number one priority is to make money. They pay their employees garbage and sell overprices items not even made in America. The time to start supporting small businesses is NOW

    • Nick

      Isn’t any companies number 1 priority to make money? Who cares what they pay their employees.. There is obviously thousands of people willing to work there. If they are unhappy with the wage, they can work somewhere else!

  • anger customer

    what the f? is 10 percent, they should give 99% discount for all items to all customers… if they want to stay in business….

    • Katy

      Lol, and pay their team members nothing? Great idea!

  • Non-Customer

    Luckily, I don’t shop there. Just one more reason to stay away.

  • Kyra

    10%????? Big whoop! Just get your crap together and answer your phones and let me log into my redcard account. Then we’ll talk.
    The reason I’m not shopping there isn’t because of the breach (It could happen ANYWHERE. It just happened at Target this time)…it’s because I can’t log in to my Redcard account. When I called my local Target last night, they knew nothing about it. So, I Google the information, and, apparently, the employees at my local Target and I are the only ones that didn’t know there was this trouble. Way to keep your employees informed.

  • Vicky

    10% off? I just shopped there and I didn’t get a discount! My luck. It is frustrating to have your card limited at Christmas- the one time we may flood it with purchases.

  • Phil Mckinley

    Nice of Target to give 10% off to everyone. My bank shut my debit card down and ordered new. Now I have no debit card to use til probably Christmas eve. Nice to think about everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phil

    10% off for everyone! My bank shut down my debit card and has ordered new ones. No during the biggest time to shop, I will have no card until probably Christmas Eve. Thanks for thinking about those who were affected Target!!!!!!!

  • Caroline Hyndman

    A 10% discount for only two days? How about until the end of the year at least.