Take a Vacation: Why We Don’t Use Our Paid Holidays

By: Shawn Hess - April 4, 2012

Lets be honest folks, even if you love your job you need to take the occasional extra couple of days off. It’s just good for your soul. I call it a mental health holiday. Unfortunately, some people aren’t even taken their paid days off let alone taking any extra time just to soothe the savage beast inside.

This next infographic from Confused.com illustrates the number of paid holidays offered by employers by country, and also how many of those days employees actually take off. It’s quite shocking. Tough economic times, or a strong urge o be part of the micromanaging process is causing these folks to have anxiety about missing work. Perhaps others just can’t afford to take a holiday. whatever the reason, it’s unacceptable.

Do yourself a favor; leave work behind, get some well deserved relaxation, engage your mind in something different, and be free again for just a little while. When you do get back in the saddle, you’ll be well rested and just might have a better perspective on things.

Take a look at what people are doing with their vacation time:

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  • Patrick

    I would be interested to see the stats from Japan. I would guess they would take even less days than people in the US, using the ‘may be perceived negatively at work’ answer. I’ve never heard of a coworker in Japan taking more than a few days off a year.

  • Ted Rice

    Itake off every day I can get. After working for almost 50 years I am well aware you don’t get any brownie points for working your days off. When things are booming, they want you to work 24/7 rather than hiring adequate staff. When things get slow, it is “goodbye, Charlie”, no matter how much extra time you put in previously. Don’t be overly loyal to your company – they sure won’t be loyal to you!