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Giraffe Kiss Goodbye With Zoo Keeper Goes Viral

A dying man’s wish to see the animals he loved and worked with one last time took an unexpected and touching turn, one that is melting hearts across the internet. The former maintenance worker is known to many at the zoo as simply Mario. For about 25 years, he faithful cleaned the giraffe enclosure at the Rotterdam Zoo in the …

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Elephant Kills Zookeeper In Missouri

An elephant has reportedly showed its aggression and killed the zookeeper that was working with her, in a zoo in Missouri. Patience, an elephant that has a history of aggression toward handlers, attacked and crushed her keeper on Friday morning. The keeper was a veteran at the zoo, and died in an unavoidable incident, when Patience decided to charge at …

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Baby Elephant Cries After Being Rejected By Mother

A baby elephant was recently attacked and abandoned by his own mother at a zoo in China, causing him to cry for hours. Who knew that was even possible? No one is able to tell why, but it appears that the mother was trying to kill her baby, and the zookeepers were forced to keep it away from its mother. …

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Netflix Introduces Exhibitor, A Supervisor System For ZooKeeper

It was announced last week that Netflix would be open sourcing its “monkeys” so people could get a look at how they handle their cloud infrastructure. It’s invaluable information considering that Netflix is one of the major companies to do a great deal of their business from the cloud. Keeping up with the animal motif, the company’s coordination service is …

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