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The YouTube Space Spider That Just Returned To Earth Is Already Dead

A few days ago, we told you about the jumping spider that YouTube helped send to space. It was part of one of the winning projects from the YouTube Space Lab experiment launched last year. Google announced that the spider had returned safely home from the International Space Station, and was moving into its new home at the Smithsonian. Now, …

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YouTube Space Lab’s Space-Traveling Jumping Spider Is Back On Earth

Last year, YouTube and Lenovo kicked off the YouTube Space Lab experiment, inviting teenagers around the world to have an experiment performed in space. There were over 2,000 entries. Two experiments got to go to space. One of them, was designed to look at the effect of microgravity on the way a jumping spider catches its prey. The spider, Google …

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Bill Nye to Host ISS Live Stream Featuring YouTube Space Lab Experiments

Back in March, YouTube announced the winners of their Space Lab competition, which challenged high schoolers to design experiments that could be performed in space. After traveling through a panel of judges (including Stephen Hawking!), the two winning experiments featured spiders and bacteria. Dorothy and Sara from Troy, Michigan designed an experiment to test how common bacteria behaves in space, …

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