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YouTube Analytics Replaces YouTube Insight

YouTube announced the launch of YouTube Analytics, which replaces YouTube Insight. The company says it aims to make it easier for users to learn about their audiences. Features include: A Quick Overview: A new overview provides all of the information that you care about quickly, while also enabling you to easily access more detailed information. More Detailed Reports: Analytics now …

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How Much Data Do Content Owners Need?

Mm, I love the smell of data in the work vampire logo Introduced in March 2008, YouTube Insight data and stats on video usage. In May of that year, they added demographic data.

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YouTube Insight, Content ID Come Together

YouTube’s done a decent job of winning over content creators and rights holders, and its Content ID system, which lets them identify and profit from user-uploaded clips, has been a big part of that.  Content ID may become an even more popular feature, too, now that a quirk has been ironed out.

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Deeper Analytics for YouTube Videos

YouTube has released a few new features for YouTube Insight, the site’s video analytics offering. These are:

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White House Looks at YouTube Video Popularity by Region

An entry on the White House blog looks at where President Barack Obama’s YouTube videos are getting viewed the most. This of course varies from video to video, but it’s interesting to look at.

The White House references an article from Micah L. Sifry at techPresident, who looks at YouTube Insight data to see what regions some of the President’s speeches were most popular in.

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YouTube Makes Analytics Data Easier to Mess Around With

YouTube has continuously been improving its video analytics program YouTube Insight since its launch last year.

"Whether you want to know how old your audience is, how many times your most-viewed video was rated last week, or which minute of your clip is most engaging, YouTube Insight can give you the answer. As we add functionality, we’re careful to preserve YouTube Insight’s clean and easy-to-use look and feel," says YouTube.

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YouTube Shows You How Viewers Interact with Your Videos

YouTube contacted WebProNews this afternoon to tell us about a new analytics feature it has just launched for YouTube Insight. A spokesperson tells me the feature gets more into engagement metrics than YouTube Insight has in the past.

Until now, YouTube Insight has only dealt with information related to views. With this launch it  "will give uploaders information on how viewers interact with their videos," she says.

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YouTube HotSpots Show You Which Spots Are Hot

Earlier this year, YouTube rolled out YouTube Insight, an analytics program for videos that let users get a look into where and by whom videos were posted. They have launched a new feature of that service today, which allows you to actually pinpoint the specific parts of videos that get viewed the most. A post on the Official Google Blog explains:

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